Getting undergraduates and amateurs into the business of re-editing our cultural heritage for a digital world
This is a fantastic piece of exhilarating prescience.
Would you mind if I reblogged it on my Grub Street Journal Blog,
I found word-hoard today and got it working on my Linux machine with the Java bells and whistles sounding their disapproval,(
I am working on an In-browser publishing platform for Multi-Media Grey Space Jockeys, What does one call them. I loved your point on the orality of Homer. Exegesis’ of religious texts would do well to remember the same.
There is a lot on my Blog about #GrubStreetJournal and #HypatiasEyeBrowser also Ted Nelsons Xanadu,
I left a comment on Blau Blog the other day, I am considerably more excited about what I have just read here.
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Scalable Reading

The Chicago section of today’s New York Times has an article with the title “Volunteers at Planetarium Excel where machines lag.” The gist of the article is in these paragraphs:

The Adler has become a leader in “citizen science,” a growing trend in astronomy research. As the lead institution of the Citizen Science Alliance, which includes Oxford and Johns Hopkins Universities, it has registered more than 350,000 non-experts to help classify the many thousands of pictures of galaxies taken by powerful telescopes.

The images can help researchers better identify the shapes of galaxies, observe the formation of stars and follow the movement of asteroids. Astronomers often use computers to help analyze photos of outer space, but computers can miss anomalies and patterns that the human eye is particularly equipped to catch, said Joshua Frieman, a researcher at FermiLab and a professor at the University of Chicago.

“You don’t need a…

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Not Reading but Drowning. Big Data, Wordhoard. Scalable reading and human intelligent understanding. #Xanadocs #Alexandria #HypathiasEyebrowser @TheTedNelson @kramermj @DrAdrianBlau @JillanaEnteen @TheAtlantic @enkiv2

This post is another notebook post when using my analytical programming mindset I find writing prose virtually impossible. Poetry being more abstract in my own case at least is not impacted in the same way although to write poetry I have to be in a meditative reflective state and Programming and data crunching is not … Continue reading Not Reading but Drowning. Big Data, Wordhoard. Scalable reading and human intelligent understanding. #Xanadocs #Alexandria #HypathiasEyebrowser @TheTedNelson @kramermj @DrAdrianBlau @JillanaEnteen @TheAtlantic @enkiv2

Twitter Ban, Forensics. @ReElect20 @PMotels @WikBallot @Ian56789 @PeterWolfffff @Lars9596 @VillredBill @YorkshireLady3 @Rufus_Hooves @rileyvert @O_Jyotish @javaidShaikh @ChristinaNCarr1 @RickSacrop @joswinson @wiki_ballot @wikispooks @wikileaks #GrubSTreetJournal #Censorship This is my holding post/Bench note for a deeper forensic analysis of the Ban still in force of the @PMotels Twitter account. As part of my Grub Street Journal development, I have been building hyperlinks across platforms and analysing traffic and reverse linkages. The Importance of cross-referenced links is quite clear in the Paper … Continue reading Twitter Ban, Forensics. @ReElect20 @PMotels @WikBallot @Ian56789 @PeterWolfffff @Lars9596 @VillredBill @YorkshireLady3 @Rufus_Hooves @rileyvert @O_Jyotish @javaidShaikh @ChristinaNCarr1 @RickSacrop @joswinson @wiki_ballot @wikispooks @wikileaks #GrubSTreetJournal #Censorship

Top Ten Posts Today and This Month. SEPT 2018, A Year is a long time in Hyperland. ( Or is it?)#GrubSTreetJornal #Wiki_Ballot

Top Posts & Pages The Real Boris Johnson (C.U.N.T) The rise of the robots Versatran Series F!. UBI its Black and White. Complots Of Mischief, Charles Pidgen. Conspiracy Snobbery. "There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find", William Blake meets Thomas Paine. Dramatisation Of the Play. In Lambeth. Gatekeepers , Foundations … Continue reading Top Ten Posts Today and This Month. SEPT 2018, A Year is a long time in Hyperland. ( Or is it?)#GrubSTreetJornal #Wiki_Ballot

Analytics Youtube, Word press, Twitter. Burning Books, Immutable Hypertext and Links. #OIP #Alexandria #Flo #GrubStreetJournal #HypatiasEyeBrowser

The Journey Begins  rogerglewis  Uncategorized  September 21, 2018 0 Minutes Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM by Emmanuel Goldstein. “Translators – are false horses of enlightenment” (Pushkin)  rogerglewis  Uncategorized  June 24, 2019 51 Minutes   “A fiction that elevates my soul is dearer to … Continue reading Analytics Youtube, Word press, Twitter. Burning Books, Immutable Hypertext and Links. #OIP #Alexandria #Flo #GrubStreetJournal #HypatiasEyeBrowser

Extended meaning and understanding in the history of ideas. @TheTedNelson #OIP #Flo #Alexandria #GrubStreetJournal #HypatiasEyeBrowser” @DrAdrianBlau


This is a wonderful starter for ten on Hermeneutics and Exegesis In the Multi-Media Age.
Ted Nelsons Hypertext portends and is prescient on the HTTP/URL world of the Internet and interweb. Ted distinguishes the two, The Internet is an ocean and The Web, bound and limited to flaky old URLs Is a Boat whose bilge pumps, eject out mere electronic media making its imitation of print on paper.
With Xanudocs and Transclusion, the provenance of Ideas in electronic documents provide the Timelines with both, forward; from the present date of any extant document, and also backwards into the mists of provenance. There are a plethora of terminology in the Xanadu world which Douglas Adams called hyper land in his excellent documentary of the same name Hyperland, Sideways and all manner of other exotic dimensions previously unimagined are catered for.
David Bowie in an interview with Jeremy Paxman back in 1999 described the Internet Audience, Reader, Listener and watcher as a participant in the flow of ideas a meeting of the Regarding mind with the grey space of the internet emittances completing the picture Regardeur de Tableaux,
And here we meet This Blog and its look at meaning and context and the motivation behind the Intended meaning of Historians.
Of Course, Kubla khan decreed his pleasure dome and Coleridge offered it up as a Fragment.
Or, a vision in a dream. A Fragment.
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man



Many historians focus primarily on authors’ “intended meanings.” Yet all textual interpreters, including historians, need a second kind of meaning. I call this idea “extended meaning,” a new name for an old idea: “P means Q” is the same as “P logically implies Q.” Extended and intended meaning involve different kinds of understanding: even if we grasp exactly what authors meant, we miss something important if we overlook their errors, for example. Crucially, extended and intended meaning are not alternatives: just as some parts of texts cannot be understood without historical analysis, so too some parts of texts cannot be understood without philosophical analysis. Indeed, some historians are adept at using extended meanings to recover intended meanings. But the failure to make this explicit has led many historians to undervalue philosophical analysis. This article thus applies the idea of extended meaning to three practical questions: whether we can deviate from authors’ intended meanings, whether we can use anachronisms, and how we can use extended meanings to recover intended meanings. The idea of extended meaning thus strengthens our theoretical foundations and offers valuable practical tools.


In 1969, Quentin Skinner wrote a seminal essay on ‘Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas’. Fifty years later, in the same journal (History andTheory), I have published an article expanding his account.

meaningunderstandingSkinner, writing as a historian, focused on ‘intended meaning’ – what authors meant by what they wrote. I focus on ‘extended meaning’ – the implications of what authors wrote, whether intended or not.

Intended meaning has dominated our methodological literature, and philosophy of language more generally; many historians of political thought seem to see it as the only kind of meaning and understanding. But extended meaning, and the kind of understanding it furnishes, is not only a worthy goal of research but even helps scholars whose main focus is intended meaning.

So, these two types of meaning and understanding are not alternatives. Just as political theorists and philosophers must address intended meaning, so…

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The 21st century First World:#NufSaid #Scads #Complotsofmischief #GrubStreetJournal #Wiki_Ballot tragedies of process. #BOURSEFANTASIES #BREXITBOLLOCKS #GEORGEOSBORNE #GOLDPRICE #MANIPULATION #JEREMYCORBYN #OIL GEOPOLITICS #IABATO #911Truth




As ever a joy to read on the Slog.
A slam dunk I say.
The date is of course 9/11 John and it was mentioned in the comments the other day, Sunday essay I think it was anyhow when we are talking about Fairy Tales here’s one from James Corbett.— RogerGLewis (@PMotels) September 11, 2019 #Scads #Complotsofmischief #GrubStreetJournal #Wiki_Ballot— RogerGLewis (@PMotels) September 11, 2019— RogerGLewis (@PMotels) September 11, 2019




The Slog.

DSCN0256 For the best part of 56 years, the major national players of the West have been in the hands of Pretenders….in every sense of the word. They’re not up to the job, they claim something is when it isn’t, and they rewrite history when something they said would happen doesn’t. It isn’t good enough to shrug and say “Twas ever thus”. It wasn’t. There are four huge differences between 1963 and 2019: governing power has shifted from political legislatures to unelected corporacrats, bargaining power has shifted from labour to capital, capitalism has been perverted by financialised currency exploitation, and electorates have embraced conformity as a replacement for risk. You can, today, fool almost all the people pretty much all of the time.


Unless you are a European finance minister or a bond salesman, the range of varietal econo-fiscal data popping up on the radar at the minute are…

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Xanadu meets the Docuverse. No42. @TheTedNelson #OIP #Flo #Alexandria #GrubStreetJournal #HypatiasEyeBrowser Get Up I Feel Like Being a Text Machine James Brown – The Godfather Fellas, I’m ready to get up and do my thing I wanna get into it, man, you know Like a, like a Text machine, man, Movin’, doin’ it, you know Porting Stellarium into a Xanadoc implementation. #OIP #Flo #Alexandria #GrubStreetJournal @TheTedNelson

A MESS OF DIVISION LOBBIES & RADICAL RETICENCE. Xanadu search linking to 3 degrees of separation. @JoeBlob20 @DavidGolemXIV @PMotels @financialeyes @joezl @GwynneSteve DOUBLE STANDARDS ALWAYS SUPPORT DOUBLE HELPINGS SKETCH: BRITAIN…..A MESS OF DIVISION LOBBIES & RADICAL RETICENCE Date: May 14, 2019Author: John Ward29 Comments A headline backed up by four facts that the British People refuse to face. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ This week is Death Awareness Week. Fittingly, Doris Day kicked it off by dying at the age of 97 – followed … Continue reading A MESS OF DIVISION LOBBIES & RADICAL RETICENCE. Xanadu search linking to 3 degrees of separation. @JoeBlob20 @DavidGolemXIV @PMotels @financialeyes @joezl @GwynneSteve

HOW TO PREVENT DEBATE WHILE CLAIMING TO BE IN FAVOUR OF IT. #TheSlog @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @Albion_Rover @briangukc @mikeukc @2013Boodicca @Ian_Fraser @financialeyes #ConquestofDough #GolemXIV @DavidGolemXIV @financialeyes

Saluti please find the unroll here: Thread by @wiki_ballot: "@PMotels @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @Albion_Rover @briangukc @mikeukc @2013Boodicca @Ian_Fraser @DavidGolemXIV HOW TO PRE […]" #PDC #TheSlog Have a good day. 🤖 — Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp) September 10, 2019 123 along (10) assumptions (41) believe (9) blog (12) book (9) brexit (11) claiming (16) com (18) comes (9) david (13) debate (53) democracy (14) different (10) enough (13) eu (12) european (10) … Continue reading HOW TO PREVENT DEBATE WHILE CLAIMING TO BE IN FAVOUR OF IT. #TheSlog @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @Albion_Rover @briangukc @mikeukc @2013Boodicca @Ian_Fraser @financialeyes #ConquestofDough #GolemXIV @DavidGolemXIV @financialeyes