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So where is the Corporate Raid going to be, My guess Iran needs to Look out? Libya is a Sorbet after the Iraqi Starter a clearing of the pallette ahead of the Entre that is Iran.
This strangulation of the money supply By the Banks is fully Government backed, Ellen Brown is very persuasive in the Banking aspects of Libya, then take Pakistani policy and China Trade.

A journey around Connectivity and Is the BBC biased we’re All Anti Fragile Now!

Good Article. Robert Peston is a good egg in my book sadly hemmed in by the censorious excesses of the Beeb.
nef has been shining the light on monetary reform for some time now (see previous blogs on the topic) so it was gratifying to see Robert Peston opening last night’s BBC documentary on the banks examining this bigger picture question. Sadly, he d
Contrast With and so on Back to the elephant and eventualy busy fools ending up with the,
The BBC does seem to have undergone something of a face lift in the past few years its corporatisation is a very bad thing, the same thing has happened at Universities and most other institutions. He who pays the piper calls the tune has never had more resonance.
I worked for Shell UK in the mid 80’s when the Piper Alpha Disaster happened, I enjoyed my time there and made some lasting friendships in the bubble of the big corporation you do get a bit Stepford Wife about the whole thing and certainly do not get to see the whole picture far from it, and the dazzling cult of the corporate bosom certainly smothers much of a chance of getting an independent overview.
It does seem a strange way to answer a question with a question or accusation. The BBC is very bad on Libya and the Obama and Royal Wedding stuff was sycophantic. I am an ex pat living in Sweden now and hardly bother with the Today Program no question according to this adopted Viking the BBC has been nobbled.
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: The BBC’s Middle East Bureau Chief, Paul
: Danahar, shares senior editorial
: responsibility for ensuring balanced and
: impartial BBC News coverage from Israel and
: Palestine. Rather than provide substantive
: answers to the serious questions raised in
: our latest media alert, he apparently first
: requires a ‘mea culpa’ from David Cromwell
: making clear that DC ‘deeply regrets his
: actions, or lack of them’ in working for
: Shell in the Netherlands between 1989-1993.
: What could possibly justify such a slippery
: response from a senior BBC editor?
: There’s a lot that could be said about this.
: But the issue of supposed hypocrisy is a red
: herring based on a fundamental
: misunderstanding of our argument. Most of us
: work for corporations, most of us buy their
: products and services, and most of us pay
: taxes that feed the war machine. We all
: began life as infant narcissists. We are all
: still prone to the self-interested, greedy,
: egotistic, angry thoughts that are
: entrenched in our destructive society. We
: could all be doing more to make the world a
: better place. None of us is beyond blame.
: But then blame has never been the issue for
: us. The issue is that we should all be
: challenging each other – challenging,
: listening and changing – in order to make
: the world a saner, less destructive place.
: We have to because the world is rapidly
: going to hell in a handcart.
: We are not pretending that we are paragons
: of virtue and we are not saying that Paul
: Danahar is a ‘bad man’ for working at the
: BBC. We are saying that we believe that BBC
: News offers a biased version of events
: favouring the powerful on Israel-Palestine
: and many other key issues. And we’re
: offering solid and ample evidence, arguments
: and sources in support of our claims. We’re
: asking Paul Danahar and the BBC to respond
: rationally to our arguments so that people
: can make up their own minds on who is making
: most sense. Then it’s up to the public, and
: indeed BBC journalists, how they want to
: respond. We don’t ask the BBC or readers to
: respond on the basis that we are teetering
: on the edge of Enlightenment. We ask them to
: respond if they think our arguments are
: reasonable and important. Frankly, we could
: be complete moral reprobates. But if our
: arguments make sense, and if people think
: the oppression of Palestinians matters, then
: they should still think about how things
: might be improved to relieve suffering. It
: is the arguments that matter, and the
: suffering, not whether DC is a virtuous
: individual.
Contrast With,
Good Article. Robert Peston is a good egg in my book sadly hemmed in by the censorious excesses of the Beeb.
nef has been shining the light on monetary reform for some time now (see previous blogs on the topic) so it was gratifying to see Robert Peston opening last night’s BBC documentary on the banks examining this bigger picture question. Sadly, he d
Wonderful Term, “DEAD TREE AUTHORS”
Hey Alan, under what name was Harvat’s physics thesis written? — goethean 21:27, 30 January 2006 (UTC)
Hi Goethean. I’m not sure, I could probably find out, but I don’t think there is anything notable about the thesis.
I checked the nomination for deletion page and there are 4 delete votes so far – (3 for speedy), so i guess the article will be deleted. I’ll copy the latest version to the Integralwiki project so it won’t be lost. M Alan Kazlev 21:57, 30 January 2006 (UTC)
Well, if the thesis was published, that could be a reason to keep the article. Dead tree-published authors are usually considered inherently notable. Web-published authors, not so. Also, the article-for-deletion doesn’t work on a majoritarian basis; there must be consensus in order to delete. — goethean 16:25, 31 January 2006 (UTC)
M Alen Kazlev, some reading to do here for sure.
Found following a link fro the Positive Money Web Site.
by RogerGLewis » Wed 25th May, 2011 (10:44)
Uncertainty and Algorithms and other statistical devices are used to control our expectations and mould our perceptions ,
Banking is no less manipulative of its own narrative.
I did this brief blog which for me represents a video representation of the abstractions we accept as empirical.
by whaha » Tue 10th May, 2011 (05:34)
I have been searching for a some sort of Dutch Monetary Reform for a while now, but sadly enough I haven’t found one.
Therefore I’m conducting a research in to the possiblities of creating one.
Is there anyone here who would like to join me or can guide me in the right direction?
I’ll add more information to this topic when available.
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Rhetoric Propaganda" The Industrial Monetary Complex"

Rhetoric Propaganda” The Industrial Monetary Complex”

Postby RogerGLewis » Wed 25th May, 2011 (05:58)
For the past Two years I have followed with increasing amazement the sheer un evenness of the Debate on Climate Change by any stretch for research science it is almost completely one sided. The money is backing the CO2 side of the debate and they have the PR budgets sewn up as well as most of the research money. I am an Environmentalist probably what some might even describe as being of a Tree Hugging bent I find the Notion of Carbon Trading highly suspect my preferred solution is to Tax the Polluter at source and provide disincentives to creating unnecessary demand. Typical chicken and egg stuff but consumerism is the invention of capitalism in my own world view( YMMV ) That wonderful internetism “Your Mileage May Vary”. is applicable to to all statements one might make of opinion or indeed apparent empirical notions.
So why is it relevant, well cue music. Sleepers Awake, J. S Bach, Black Beauty or Llyods TSB Theme Tune. To challenge the hugely profitable vested interests. That what is proposed challenges this, is just one example of the ingrained acceptance of their existence and safeness conditioned into all of our psyches they have the Right to be the custodians of their System which is for our benefit how dare we question.

The Economist is running discussion on whether Banking is now safe, This was posted in the discussion this morning.

Abraham Baeza • Yes it’s safe and will continue to do so for the next few years. Sure some banks will be sacrificed and millions of jobs, assets and money will be lost with new schemes and complex investments, but it’s naive to consider a world without banks or financial institutions. I’m pretty sure the banking system will remain stable as long as there’s need for capital and money supply.

I replied.

Roger Lewis • Abraham, No one in the preceding comments even hints at a world without Banks or Financial institutions. As for the notion of sacrificing some banks and blithe acceptance of new schemes and complex investments I wonder at which school of comic / tradgedy you took the unit on? Perhaps it was Ironic observational deconstructionism, taught by a certain M Freidman at Chicago. 
The banking system is a feral WMD and systemically unstable What Nassim N Taleb calls 
“epistemic arrogance” typifies the Arrogance of the System and this is not safe.


You can join in the discussion here.
http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view= … D_40191302

There are other examples of the well meaning Group Think that will be encountered there are evangelical believers in the Status quo and it is this army of footsoldiers who will be motivated into getting the Vote Out against the “Deniers” “Flat Earthers” ” Tin Foil Hatters” we may as well choose a perjorative we also find amusing right now and try and introduce it as the common coinage of phrase. Something that conjures up the idea of Profligate scroungers would be ideal maybe “the Rakes”. Anyway I think you can see where I’m going with this. Heres the communication strategy for the Climate Carbon Trading Lobby this is what we will be up against.
https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid= … 3&hl=en_US

Anyway I thought a communication/ PR strategy would be a sensible discussion to start.

All the Best

Heres a web site link to Futerra the PR/AD agency behind the Rules of the Game document. The Banks will have lots of Futerra’s


I used to employ PR, Advertising and Political lobbyist firms in my own Businesses. These guys lie for a living, can be reasonable fun at Lunch but quite honestly their far from the wildest creatures in the Zoo of commerce.