Collective creation of own Reality Dispel the Capitalist Narrative mythology.

Reality is what the collective conscious will of the people All of the people will tolerate when properly informed of choices collective society will choose in its own best interests a narrow interpretation based upon the cheapest possible consumer goods ultimately acts against the common good it is a vicious circle where as we can create a Virtuos one. 

´Large on Nietzsche’s overall agenda is the need for humans to own up to their reality-forming capacity, and to do it explicitly. It especially urgent to do so, he said, in light of the fact that previous meaning structures are crumbling (“God is dead”) and a “meaning apocalypse” is near. “We must urgently create our own meaning,” cried Nietzsche in the second half of the 19th century.” (1)

In the above quote for God read ”Corporate Global Capitalism” The Global experiment has failed everyone badly in 40 short years we have arrived at the limits inherent in the capitalist model. Monopolistic practices have even run democratic choice out of town. 
Original discussion in which I posted this comment
The 99% need to urgently consider their own preferred version of reality that serves their wider best interests another small chain of Music Stores failing is bad news very bad news but it is not inevitable or necessary starting with Monetary reform ( Google State Bank of Nebraska) the electoral reform ( Stop the Revolving door of Corporate Government between Washington and Wall Street). 
Real wealth and wealth creation lies in Creativity and symbiotic co existence not marginalisation monopilisation and systematic complete control its up to us all as individuals to draw a line in the sand This far and no further!


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