Someone elses Paradigm, Not mine – YouTube

Someone elses Paradigm, Not mine – YouTube

Another use of the word paradigm is in the sense of “worldview“. For example, in social science, the term is used to describe the set of experiences, beliefs and values that affect the way an individual perceives reality and responds to that perception. Social scientists have adopted the Kuhnian phrase “paradigm shift” to denote a change in how a given society goes about organizing and understanding reality. A “dominant paradigm” refers to the values, or system of thought, in a society that are most standard and widely held at a given time. Dominant paradigms are shaped both by the community’s cultural background and by the context of the historical moment. The following are conditions that facilitate a system of thought to become an accepted dominant paradigm:

  • Professional organizations that give legitimacy to the paradigm
  • Dynamic leaders who introduce and purport the paradigm
  • Journals and editors who write about the system of thought. They both disseminate the information essential to the paradigm and give the paradigm legitimacy
  • Government agencies who give credence to the paradigm
  • Educators who propagate the paradigm’s ideas by teaching it to students
  • Conferences conducted that are devoted to discussing ideas central to the paradigm
  • Media coverage
  • Lay groups, or groups based around the concerns of lay persons, that embrace the beliefs central to the paradigm
  • Sources of funding to further research on the paradigm


    Roger Lewis – YouTube

    Roger Lewis – YouTube

    5 years of posting practice log to You Tube.

    I have enjoyed you tube both for watching and discovering new Music but also as an amazing source of lecture material on lots of things I have wanted to study in a little more depth.

    You Tube is a wonderful community resource if used that way.

    Hooray for You Tube!

    Why are we bailing out the banks? Part two. Theory, Ideology and Failure. | Golem XIV – Thoughts

    Join the discussion, ask your freingds and neighbours why are our leaders bailing out the banks with our Education and health service.

    Why are we bailing out the banks? Part two. Theory, Ideology and Failure. | Golem XIV – Thoughts:

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    well worth a read and linking on to contacts family and friends.. Our main fear should be of our own ignorance. As for our rulers, they wish for our ignorance and work to make it so.