Ode to The 2016 Presidential Brawl. Manufacturing Consent and All of that Media Stuff.

Manufacturing Consent and All of that Media Stuff.

Ode to The 2016 Presidential Brawl.
The final Stretch to Curtain Call
A chance to vote near one and all
Calls to Mark patriotic expression
excepting Jim Crows voter suppresion.
Small Voices query the marked ill Temper
Between a wicked Witch and Orange emperor
as pungent odours assault every Nose
our inner child sees both have no clothes.
Where shall we? some truth to seek,
Citizen Journalists or Wiki Leak
whilst storied anchors salivate
A Chorus of Media Angels agitate. 

Shrill Alto´s harmonise & Yield to Plaintiff tones.
 The Soloists Look on waiting feared unknowns 
Allegations, accusations swinging blows
 ‘Until The Fat Lady Sings´´no-one Knows.

Roger G Lewis 2016

Thrown into the crucible of great office who will stand up to the tests and the temptations Best .
Lessons we may learn from the Magic Flute.

”In the opera the Queen of the Night persuades Prince Tamino to rescue her daughter Pamina from captivity under the high priest Sarastro; instead, he learns the high ideals of Sarastro’s community and seeks to join it. Separately, then together, Tamino and Pamina undergo severe trials of initiation, which end in triumph, with the Queen and her cohorts vanquished. The earthy Papageno, who accompanies Tamino on his quest, fails the trials completely but is rewarded anyway with the hand of his ideal female companion Papagena.”


I started writing something the other day along the lines of Trump as Poacher turned Gamekeeper.
I was thinking of St Augustine of Hippo and his Confession.

”BOOK THREE The story of his student days in Carthage, his discovery of Cicero’s Hortensius, the enkindling of his philosophical interest, his infatuation with the Manichean heresy, and his mother’s dream which foretold his eventual return to the true faith and to God. 

CHAPTER I 1. I came to Carthage, where a caldron of unholy loves was seething and bubbling all around me. I was not in love as yet, but I was in love with love; and, from a hidden hunger, I hated myself for not feeling more intensely a sense of hunger. I was looking for something to love, for I was in love with loving, and I hated security and a smooth way, free from snares. Within me I had a dearth of that inner food which is thyself, my God–although that dearth caused me no hunger. And I remained without any appetite for incorruptible food–not because I was already filled with it, but because the emptier I became the more I loathed it. Because of this my soul was unhealthy; and, full of sores, it exuded itself forth, itching to be scratched by scraping on the things of the senses”


I was also thinking of the excellent Biography of Joseph P Kennedy, Sins of the Father.


The Father of JFK, some people claim he (JFK) was the greatest of the US presidents.

”’ Don’t buy a single vote more than necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.”

 Joseph P. Kennedy

Anyone who doubts the Oligarchical nature of the United States and by turn of all the members of the Washington Consensus hasn´t done much independant reading outside of the set scripted narratives. 

My Point is not that Trump is not an Oligarch or even that Clinton and Her Husband are not On the bottom rungs of the Oligarchical Ladder. My point is who is more likely to put the Nation ahead of personal interests. The answer might well be that neither candidate is capable of it. I do not know and no one can know ahead of time it boils down to what Chomsky calls an Institutional Analysis of evidence when the evidence is gathered.

Chomsky vs Bolkestein : Dutch Debate on Manufacturing Consent.

What can be established A Priori regarding this years Presidential Brawl?
Bolkstein, poses the question in the video.

how we all know that the theory can never be established merely by examples
it can only be extended by some by showing some internal
inherent logic .
So who will achieve a conversion on the Road to Damascus to depart from the crass cares of rapacious financialised capitalism. Michael Moore advocates against a US Brexit FU moment, Joseph Kennedy may well have differed. In his address on leaving London where he had been US ambassador For three years ending with the Beginning of the Blitz on London. 
The British Public will fight against EU Fascisism as they endure the Blitz of the ´´Markets´´. Kennedy was skeptical about the UK and US involvement in the second World War, similar history covers the US and its ambivvalent position to the First World war. I tackle my own position on what I consider to be Moores procrustian analysis in this blog http://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/2016/10/michale-moore-in-trumpland-hanginchaddow.html

Why would the rest of the world be so interested in the US Election and what does it have to gain from a Trump rather than a Clinton presidency. For that we need to reference the Famous Quote from Senator Connally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Connally
to paraphrase ´Íts Your Currency , but its our Problem”

Shortly after taking the Treasury post, Connally famously told a group of European finance ministers worried about the export of American inflation that the dollar “is our currency, but your problem.”[25]

 Its been that way since the Nixon shock and until money and Wall Street is reformed and the Banking Trusts Broken up the world will look on with more than idle interest. Its Life and death for us too.

 Theres some trust busting to do, its been done before, looks to me like a Job for the Donald, Poacher truned Game Keeper, incidentally Joseph Kennedy was the consumate Poacher turned Gamekeeper,




Assange Live to COnference 26thOctober 2016.

Julian speaks to a computer conference in Argentinha Via Telephone.

Interesting comments on the efforts to neuter Freedom of the Press.

There is interference on the line for much of the talk but it is worth listening too.

Published on 27 Oct 2016
Julian Assange is back… internetless from the US demand on the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK.. but back in the fray of things!

He’s Alive 10/27: http://mts.yt/i/74G5zF

Standard You Tube

I made a copy and posted top my own You Tube channel to get the message out as wide as possible.

The Biggest FU, Jeremy Corbyn, for " Many Not The Few" adaptation of Blog From Oct 2016, Michael Moore In Trumpland, The **HanginChaddow*

The Biggest FU, Jeremy Corbyn, for ” Many Not The Few” adaptation of Blog From Oct 2016,  Michael Moore In Trumpland, The **HanginChaddow*

Our Democratic process is a peaceful and old one and I wish peace and happiness to all and advocate political and peaceful means for resolving all issues.
Michael Moore made a Speech before the US Election last year explaining why people would vote for Donald Trump. He could have made the same speech about Bernie Sanders but the Democrat Establishment wanted Hilary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has striking similarities to Theresa May, with a Long Track Record which is a Cupboard out of Which Skeletons continue to fall.
I did a Blog about that Speech, this Video is an adaptation of Michael Moores Words for the Story of Mr Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy the people’s Candidate for the Many and not the Few.


The Elites of the British Establishment have not managed to Keep Jeremy Corbyn away from our Ballot papers. You Know What to do.
For the Suits, I do not own the rights for Michale Moores footage, This is not for profit and for public information and Education.
Mr Corbyn’s First Question Time.


Mr Moores Talk.

Published on 24 Oct 2016
Michael Moore explains to us why TRUMP will win. He gets it. This is capitulation. Trump will win BIG LEAGUE! REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 8TH OF NOVEMBER !!

All of you globalists, Wall Street criminals, CTR and Hillary shills stop spamming my video with those allegations that Moore is anti-trump. He’s clearly not. I will ban you if you harass anyone commenting in here. Please make sure to share on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!.
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted.”Fair Use” guidelines: http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html
News & Politics
Standard YouTube Licence

Jeremy Corbyn an Audience with Mr Trumps Voters.
Warning: I have remained faithful to Mr Moores Rhetoric in the Original Video, Including his Metaphor of a Human Hand Grenade, applied to the Pencil/Pen used to mark a cross on the Ballot paper.
I am aware of the sensitivities of the Recent Suicide bomber attack in Manchester Arena, And wish to say that my Sympathies and Prayers are with the Victims and their families and all those affected by That Callous wicked crime and the other Jihadi violence and political violence both in the Uk and Abroad both State , Unlawful-state sponsored and Un-Lawful.

”Yeah though I walk in the Chaddow of Doom , I will fear no evil”

Michael Moore’s film ´TrumpLand´ is, as all his films are, thought provoking. It is a film made in the style of ”an audience with’, where he performs a show variously comprising Stand Up, polemic and book readings. An engaging speaker and expert raconteur Moore is a consummate communicator aware of the buttons to press in his audience after probing them, teasing them and flattering them in turn.
Moore lays out his stall, fencing off the Hispanic Part of the Audience in the theatre’s Circle seats and Placing a Moslem section of the audience under drone surveillance. Both precautions he says to help the Trump supporters in his audience to relax. Pretty edgy comedic stuff in these politically correct days and Brave given the theatre is in a Small town that votes 90% in favour of the GOP and where Trump is also popular, one presumes.
Moore asks his audience permission to read something he had just written in the official Hotel recommended to acts appearing at the hosting theatre, he sits at a desk with his ring bound folder. A scholarly setting redolent of fireside chats beloved of broadcaster continuity over festive holidays. Suitably posed Moore reads his freshly penned polemic and it is this polemic which appears on the Internet. Top trending on Reddit and hurriedly ripped and pasted around the web the source of course missing. Rumours abound that it is not even Moore speaking these words. The words he speaks are powerful and cut through to the essence of the deep anger sadness and confusion of the American people. This righteous anger Moore concludes will lead to ´´The biggest Fu ever delivered´´. A Trump Victory in the presidential race of 2016.
Moore’s polemic is an extraordinarily powerful summation of the failure of the Establishment of the four Estates and nails the injustice and the inequality which the United States has come to be associated with in ´Awake ´circles, both in the US and abroad.
If Moores polemic ended where it did then Diogenes could happily have hung up his Lamp for indeed Mr Moore would have rediscovered the honest everyman within. Sadly Diogenes will continue to rub his belly, as surely as Mr Moore will cling to his masturbatory fantasies of Hilary Clinton His,” hot as hell shit kicking feminist babe´´ Moore again reaches his audience in the great Hollywood tear-jerking tradition. Hilary badly served and abused by the American people because our fellow Americans are dying 1 million in the 20 years since Hilary championed Medicaid universal health care. Moore’s rhetoric here is very powerful it does though slip into sophistry neglecting to connect the dots that Clinton´s husband brought NAFTA, the very agreement that has Killed many Mexicans rendering traditional scale farming obsolete and impossible in that country.
What struck me about the Universal health care arguments Mr Moore made, all of which I agree with and for which Mrs Clinton should rightly be given credit for wasn’t that Finding something nice to say about Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump was so hard to do but that somehow in the course of his powerful oratory he managed to pin the blame for the United States problems on the ordinary people of America, on his Audience some of who he had in Tears of Sadness. I was also struck by the complete lack of empathy for the victims of US wars, the geopolitical aspects of which are completely lost on the vast majority of US voters because people like Moore choose only to serve up the Narratives that impact only with and speak only to an insular American mindset that assumes everyone is either already American Like or wishes to be American Like. The Iraq war has killed 1 million Iraqis the Syrian Civil War has displaced over 6m Syrians, US foreign policy has wrought havoc in the Middle East, North Africa and in Turn Europe. It should not surprise anyone that a Political and Oligarchical Class that can not see the importance of and value of universal Health care should be so clueless on Foreign Policy and Geo-Politics. Or perhaps they are not clueless and are more damnably, Wholly indifferent.
Mr’s Clinton one audience member ventures is ´Super Smart´I agree with That. Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton are super Smart and the reason Mrs Clinton deserves to and perhaps even will inspire the Greatest FU in History is that someone as Super Smart as she is must be Indifferent to the suffering of all those people who are not ´Our Fellow Americans´´. When Mr Moore realises that Fellow Human beings are how Americans should see themselves and the other peoples of the world and where politicians who wish to serve the American people must also realise that those American People are Human Beings too, His sincerity can perhaps be trusted a little more.
I would urge everyone who can to watch Mr Moore’s Film and also watch his others too they are thoughtful and important social documentaries which are also entertaining. Mr Moore is though an entertainer and showman, no less than Mr Trump and as we all know, unlike The Super Smart Mrs Clinton. In TrumpLand Mr Moore does give both sides of the Trump Story he does not do that at all with Mrs Clinton. In giving Both Sides of the Trump Story he may have miscalculated that Rust Belt Polemic just resonates so powerfully. Moores attempt to pull back from the Wisdom of a Huge FU is predicated on the idea that the British people regret their Brexit Vote. MrMoore should, as much as anyone knows that you can not rely on ‘Facts’ gleaned from the mainstream media.

Hangin SCADS (Fake News Memory Hole Update) Listen to Aunty BBC Fake News Alerts

When Aunty calls it fake news we must pay attention.

This Story on BBC today I found Intriguing as only last week I came across a Site which gave me a dangerous un-secure message, I have not had one for ages, I have had more recently researching the Memory Hole aspects of Google Algorithms and Main Stream Media Narratives, Which I did my Chilcott Report where did it go what the F ##” post.
For my American Readers in the US, the Chilcott report was an investigation into Tony Blairs Government and the sexed up WMD dossier, lying to Parliament and the legality of the Iraq Invasion.

https://www.corbettreport.com/?powerpress_embed=6740-podcast&powerpress_player=mediaelement-videoSo this today caught my attention.

Sandy Hook to Trump: ‘Help us stop conspiracy theorists’

  • 5 hours ago
Sign at entrance to Sandy Hook


It was one of the worst school shootings in American history, but some people insist that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened. They post YouTube videos and spread rumours online, and their false theories have been repeated by a media mogul conspiracy theorist who has been linked to Donald Trump. Now, after years of harassment, the families of the victims are fighting back online.
Lenny Pozner clicks on a YouTube video showing his street and the outside of his home. The camera zooms in on his balcony, and his address and a route to his door flash up on the screen.
There’s no narration on the video – but there doesn’t need to be. The message is clear: “We know where you live.”
Because of videos like this one – there are dozens on YouTube, and more appear ever day – Pozner doesn’t want to disclose the city where he now lives. He’s had death threats and has moved several times in recent years.
Media captionNoah Pozner was one of the children killed in the massacre. His father is leading the fight against the conspiracy theorists


Lenny Pozner has been targeted because he’s fought back against trolls and conspiracy theorists who make sweeping and false allegations about the murder of his son.
“Noah was just a regular six-year-old child,” says Lenny. “I dropped him off that morning – it really was an ordinary day of getting the kids ready for school.
“Then an hour-and-a-half later it was just the worst nightmare. Worse than any nightmare I could have imagined.”
The nightmare began on 14 December 2012 when a young man named Adam Lanza killed his mother and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School. In a matter of minutes, he shot dead 20 children and six adults, before taking his own life.
Map showing location of Sandy Hook Elementary School


Even in a country where mass shootings are common, Sandy Hook stood out. The pupils were so young, and there were so many of them. Hundreds were traumatised – and many still are – after witnessing the carnage and its aftermath.
And yet despite extensive investigations and a report which determined that Lanza acted alone, conspiracy theorists have constructed a fake alternate reality in which the whole thing was an elaborate hoax, staged by the government to try to introduce strict gun control laws.
They seize on small inconsistencies between initial news reports from the chaotic scene and the facts. The more extreme among them have targeted the families of Sandy Hook victims. There have been at least two arrests linked to the hoax theories. On Wednesday, a warrant was issued for a Florida woman who is accused of harassing Lenny Pozner.
Media captionHannah D’Avino’s sister died in the Sandy Hook shootings


“We’re a luckier family,” says Hannah D’Avino, whose sister Rachel was a behavioural therapist at Sandy Hook Elementary School. “I personally will get about like three death threats a year because we don’t speak up that much.”
On a sunny, late winter’s day in New England, Hannah sits in the stately Newtown Public Library, down the road from where her sister was murdered. She recalls her sister’s spirit, her profound positive influence on her life, and her work with autistic children.
Her voice is subdued, but quivers with quiet determination.
“My sister was murdered 11 days before Christmas and I consider myself lucky because I don’t have a stalker,” she tells me. “That’s the situation I’m in right now.”
Some of the conspiracy theorists are regular visitors to this small hamlet in suburban Connecticut. In addition to the death threats and harassment directed at Lenny, Hannah and others, they’ve made videos of the school and local area and ask questions of locals and family members, and have posted the footage on YouTube.
And their theories have been picked up one of America’s most popular conspiracy theorists, a man who has been linked with President Donald Trump.
The online storm has prompted Lenny to form a volunteer network to track and take down the conspiracy theory videos and websites.
And other Sandy Hook residents are pleading with President Trump, asking him to speak out and help stop the madness.

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Wolfgang Halbig lives in a big yellow house in a sunny, lavishly landscaped gated community in Florida. He’s a retired school administrator and safety advisor, and he says that when he first heard news of the Sandy Hook shootings, he was sitting in a chair in his living room, drinking coffee.
Picture of conspiracy theorist Wolfgang Halbig
Image captionWolfgang Halbig is one of the chief conspiracy theorists who denies the massacre happened


“My hairs stood up,” he says. “Because they’re not protected in the elementary schools.”
Halbig donated money to the Sandy Hook families. But he soon became both obsessed with the tragedy – and, somehow, convinced that it never happened.
“I think 14 Dec 2012 is an event that was in planning for a long, long time,” he tells me. “I think it probably took them two, two-and-a-half years to write the scripts for all the participants that were invited to participate in that exercise – or drill as I will call it.”
Halbig has since devoted years of his life to “exposing” what he thinks is a government plot. He started a website. He’s revealed personal information about the victims of his attacks, including names, addresses, legal documents and financial information. And he’s personally travelled to Sandy Hook a number of times.
“I call it an illusion. The biggest government illusion that’s ever been pulled off by [the US Department of] Homeland Security.”
In his office, ghoulish blown-up pictures of the crime scene mingle with pictures of his family and his days as an American football player. His so-called evidence consists of a string of tiny details, small anomalies which are for the most part easily explained by the inchoate nature of a horrific breaking news event.
“I’ll be honest with you,” he says, “if I’m wrong, I need to be institutionalised.”


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Conspiracy theories are a perennial feature of American life. But now they can be picked up by extremists and spread virally through social media. And that process has been fuelled by America’s deeply partisan political environment.
Hundreds of videos online are pushing false Sandy Hook narratives. Collectively, they have millions of views. Falsehoods are repeated by Twitter accounts and on Facebook.
Still, the theories might have stayed quarantined in some of the darker corners of the internet, were they not picked up and amplified by one of America’s most popular conspiracy theorists.
Alex Jones of InfowarsImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionAlex Jones of Infowars


Alex Jones is a talk show host and the founder of the multimedia portal Infowars. Regular listeners and readers are used to his rants on everything from 9/11 to attacks across Europe. And on several broadcasts he embraced the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists. Less than two years after the attacks, he welcomed Halbig on his programme and talked about an Infowars story headlined “FBI says no one killed at Sandy Hook“.
“Internet sleuths immediately took to the web to stitch together clues indicating the shooting could be a carefully-scripted false flag event, similar to the 9/11 terror attacks, the central tenet being that the event would be used to galvanize future support for gun control legislation,” the story stated.
He returned to the theme several months later on his radio show: “I’ve had the investigators on, the state police have gone public, you name it – the whole thing is a giant hoax. And the problem is, how do you deal with a total hoax? How do you even convince the public something’s a total hoax?”
Later he said: “Sandy Hook is a synthetic, completely fake with actors, in my view, manufactured. I couldn’t believe it at first. I knew they had actors there clearly but I thought they killed some real kids, and it just shows how bold they are, that they clearly used actors.”
The liberal think tank Media Matters for America has listed other instances of Jones accusing the parents of murdered children being actors or casting doubt on the Sandy Hook investigation. Matt Gertz of Media Matters says that online and on air, Jones has an audience of about 8 million.
“It’s kind of remarkable, but believing that Sandy Hook was a hoax is actually fairly small ball for an Alex Jones conspiracy,” Gertz says. “He thinks that a set of global elites are planning to murder 80% of the world populace and enslave the rest of them. He has claimed that the federal government has a weather machine that they use to target tornado strikes on unfriendly populaces.
“He is sort of the nexus for what’s really a distributed network of conspiracy theorists who are on Facebook or on Twitter or using sites like Reddit or 4Chan or 8Chan.”
Jones along with former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone and journalist Jonathan Alter at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OhioImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionJones (left) along with former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone (centre) and journalist Jonathan Alter at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio


Jones, who did not respond to repeated requests for an interview, has also been linked to President Trump. In late 2015, Trump appeared on Jones’s radio programme. At the end of a half-hour interview, the candidate told the host: “I just want to finish by saying your reputation’s amazing. I will not let you down, you will be very very impressed I hope.
“And I think we’ll be speaking a lot… a year into office, you’ll be saying ‘Wow, I remember that interview, he said he was going to do it, and he did a great job.’ You’ll be very proud of our country.”
Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone regularly appears on Jones’s show, and reportedly was the person who introduced the presidential candidate and the talk show host.
Trump has retweeted Infowars reporters and stories (for example here and here) and stories of dubious provenance that first appeared on the site have regularly shown up in Trump speeches and tweets.
To take just one example: in November 2016, Trump tweeted: “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”
The message repeated an allegation with scant basis in fact – a story that had appeared on Infowars earlier that month.
Trump has not endorsed the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, nor has he spoken about Jones’s claims that the massacre was a hoax. The White House did not respond to a number of requests for comment, including a series of questions about the relationship between the president and Jones.
Jones himself has tried to make the most of his connections to Trump. He claims the president called him shortly after winning the election and has spoken to him since, although the the New York Times reported that a Trump aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, “played down the frequency of their contact”.
“It is surreal to talk about issues here on air and then word-for-word hear Trump say it two days later,” Jones said on his radio show in August 2016. “It is amazing.”
Gertz, from Media Matters for America, says that there is evidence that Jones does talk with the president. But he cautions that both men have had a history of pushing conspiracy theories and presenting “alternative facts”.
“So trying to nail down for sure what their relationship is, based on the statements that they say about each other, is pretty dicey,” he says.
President TrumpImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES


Less than two weeks after the 2016 presidential election, Jones posted a videowhich he declared was his “final statement” on Sandy Hook. In it, he claimed he had been unfairly treated by the media.
“I’ve always said I’m not sure what really happened, but there’s a lot of anomalies and there has been a cover-up of what did happen there,” he said.
“There is some evidence that people died there,” he said. “I don’t know what the truth is, all I know is the official story of Sandy Hook has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.”
He then played a montage of news clips and material from his Sandy Hook programmes over the years, including footage of Wolfgang Halbig. He did not include his “Sandy Hook is a synthetic, completely fake with actors” quote. In signing off, he took another swipe at parents of murdered children who spoke to the media in the aftermath of the attacks.
“If children were lost in Sandy Hook, my heart goes out to each and every one of those parents and the people who say they’re parents that I see on the news. The only problem is, I’ve seen a lot of soap operas, and I’ve seen actors before, and I know when I’m watching a movie and when I’m watching something real. Let’s look into Sandy Hook.”


In front of his computer screen in his undisclosed location, Lenny Pozner is taking on the conspiracy theorists. He flicks through a YouTube page and points out a new video.
“Look – this was just posted,” he says. “It’s a hoaxer type video – it’s insulting, it has images of people who were connected to the tragedy.”
The thumbnail picture has a photo of his son Noah’s tombstone. There’s text on the picture which reads: “empty grave”. In the video, there’s a picture of Lenny himself.
“Here’s a photo of me taken two days after my child was killed and I’m being called a liar fraud and terrorist,” he says. “That’s how they vilify people.”
Lenny used to be a casual Infowars listener – he liked to listen to conspiracy theories as entertainment. That’s how he initially found out that his son’s murder was being denied by the conspiracy theorists.
At first he tried to engage with them through a Facebook group. But soon the mood among the hard-core hoaxers hardened.
“The only people that would come into the groups were trolls,” he says. “They were just coming in for their own amusement… after that I decided that the most important thing would be to start taking down content that’s spreading this information,” he says.
Every day, Lenny scrolls though reams of conspiracy minded content, complaining to social networks and attempting to get videos and posts taken down using network rules about copyright, decency and harassment.
Outside shot of Sandy Hook Elementary SchoolImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES


After four years of pain, compounded by the harassers and the conspiracy mongers, people in Sandy Hook are tired – and some of them are asking the president to step in.
I meet Eric Paradis, a local Democratic Party official, in a bar down the road from Sandy Hook. One of Paradis’s daughters was at Sandy Hook Elementary on the day of the shooting – she survived.
Although Alex Jones has not been involved in the harassment of the families, Paradis says the president could use his influence to push Jones and the conspiracy theorists to the fringes, and help stop the harassment of Sandy Hook victims.
“The town committee wanted to put a letter together asking the president to denounce these hoaxers and tell them look… these are real children who died,” he says.
His letter is still under consideration by local officials. It reads:
“[Jones] continues to spread hate and lies towards our town, towards the people and organizations who came to help us through those darkest days. Jones repeatedly tells his listeners and viewers that he has your ears and your respect. He brags about how you called him after your victory in November. Emboldened by your victory, he continues to hurt the memories of those lost, the ability of those left behind to heal.”
The letter goes on to ask Trump to “intervene and stop Jones and others hoaxers like him”. Paradis says he and other Democrats tried to avoid making the letter about Trump’s larger political agenda.
“I really do think he can help us put a stop to it, because he does have a unique position with these hoaxers,” he says. “If he can help us out then that’s fantastic and a Democrat [like me] would be very grateful if he could.”
Lenny Pozner continues to take action against the trolls. He’s filed a lawsuit against Halbig, alleging invasion of privacy. Halbig is fighting the suit, which is just getting underway, and says that if he loses, he’ll check himself into a mental institution.
Lenny turns back to his computer, where he spots more conspiracy theory videos. So will he ever stop trying to fight the hoaxers?
He takes a deep breath and a long pause.
“I don’t know,” he says. “I would like not to have to do this. I would like to just leave it alone and feel the memory of my child is sacred and other people are also treating it that way,” he says, “but as long as they’re not – I feel I need to defend that memory.”
Blog by Mike Wendling

With reporting by Sam Judah

Contrast this with.

This web site caused my browser to warn that it was insecure and I had to over ride security to take a look. I used to get many more of those sorts of warnings 10 years ago , censorship is very much oin the increase in Internet Land.



By James F. Tracy

Major media and certain figures in the Sandy Hook fundraising and gun control cavalcade have recently highlighted prominent radio infowars-truthhost and filmmaker Alex Jones as a brash and indecisive observer of the Newtown school shooting event. A central reason for the attention of late is the fact that Jones has vigorously supported the Trump-Pence presidential campaign, with the president-elect responding in kind. Fortunately, Jones has issued one of his characteristically unambiguous video editorials to set the record straight.
As some observers will recall our “tip of the spear” alt-media broadcaster issued a very similar statement in January 2013.
Jones seems to have been given the unenviable task of convincing his audience to disbelieve or at least withhold judgement on what they’re already certain they’ve detected. This is illustrated in the classic Richard Pryor “lying eyes” monologue, where the comic explains to his significant other as she stumbles upon his philandering, “What you’re seeing here baby–you didn’t really see it. This ain’t goin’ on.”
While Jones has consistently claimed an agnostic view of Sandy Hook, we find his stance disingenuous and self-serving. Very early on in the controversy one may recall how Jones played a hostile gun rights advocate alongside CNN’s Piers Morgan on national television. This performance must be contrasted with his subsequent aversion to closer examination of the event itself.
Other alternative figures and outlets, including videographers such as Independent Media Solidarity and “Barry Soetoro,” and personalities like Wolfgang Halbig, Dr. EowynJim Fetzer and Jeff Rense, have been at the forefront of producing and disseminating some of the most compelling research on Sandy Hook.
Despite their relentless work on what remains a highly suspicious event that remains largely unexamined by truly competent and reliable authorities, Jones has chosen to sit on the sidelines. Despite his vast resources he has largely ignored such efforts and made at best marginal efforts to truly examine an incident that overall lies at the heart of a well-financed gun control movement he claims to so vehemently abhor.
We must point out that Infowars writers break some important stories, and this author once even defended Jones when colleagues at Project Censored targeted him with a tawdry hit piece. Yet from collaborating with Google to suppress news on Amazon.com’s blacklisting of Fetzer’s Nobody Died at Sandy Hook to downplaying bogus copyright infringement claims targeting his very enterprise, one might conclude that Jones has heretofore functioned as a key gatekeeper  Alex Jones’ “Final Statement on Sandy Hook” the entire Sandy Hook affair.
Perhaps Jones knows something the broader public doesn’t about a pending investigation under the new administration which, would of course be appropriate and welcome. For the interim, the present attempt to ingratiate himself in a movement that he’s repeatedly chosen to eschew should be recognized as exactly that.
This is the original Post I did on Lance De Havens Work on State Crimes against democracy, they do happen and do get memory-holed. I make no comment on Sandy Hook, The murder of innocents is tragic and as an Allegory of the sickness of the political disrepute and moral degeneration of the political class within the Washington Consensus both sides of the Atlantic, Sandy Hook is a charge sheet against the failure of institutions much more than a reflection of the people. A fish rots from the head and the Picture of Sandy Hook which-ever way one wishes to interpret it paints how rotten the Head of our polity has become.
Lance Dehaven calls Government Conspiracies when they are to be investigated State Crimes against democracy, Or SCADS.


Concept.png SCAD
Founder(s) Lance deHaven-Smith
State Crime against Democracy, (SCAD) is a term introduced by Professor Lance deHaven-Smith. He defined SCADs as “concerted actions or inactions by government insiders intended to manipulate democratic processes and undermine popular sovereignty.”


Lance deHaven-Smith coined the term “State Crimes Against Democracy” in a peer-reviewed article in the journal of the Public Administration Theory Network. He explains his motivation for studying them:
“Until recently, scholarly research on political criminality has given little attention to antidemocratic conspiracies in high office, focusing instead on graft, bribery, embezzlement, and other forms of government corruption where the aim is personal enrichment rather than social control, partisan advantage, or political power. However, SCADs are far more dangerous to democracy than these other, more mundane forms of political criminality because of their potential to subvert political institutions and entire governments or branches of government.”[1]


As examples, he cites “the Watergate break-ins and cover up; the secret wars in Laos and Cambodia; the illegal arms sales and covert operations in Iran-Contra; and the effort to discredit Joseph Wilson by revealing his wife’s status as an intelligence agent. Examples of suspected SCADs include the fabricated attacks on U.S. ships in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964; the “October Surprises” in the presidential elections of 1968 and 1980; the assassinations of John KennedyRobert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King; the attempted assassinations of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan; the election breakdowns in 2000 and 2004; the numerous defense failures on 9-11-2001; the anthrax mailings in October 2001; and the misrepresentation of intelligence to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq.”[1]

Related Documents

Title Type Publication date Author(s) Description
Beyond Conspiracy Theory paper February 2010 Lance deHaven-Smith The article posits a new framework for the analysis of Deep political events and Conspiracy Theories. The term SCAD (State crime against democracy) is explained and developed as a way of connecting the dots across multiple suspect events.
File:The Politics of Fear and SCADs.pdf paper February 2010 Kym Thorne
Alexander Kouzmin









Hanging Scads. (original Blog from Oct 2016)


In the 2000 presidential election, many votes were left uncounted in the critical Florida vote. Governor Jeb Bush and his election director, a Bush republican party activist, happily declared there was nothing to see here, Mr Bush´s Brother George had won fair and square. God Bless America and American Democracy. There is plenty of reportage from the time and Analysis after the event and I do not intend to give my own exposition. The 2000 election is a cause for concern at a minimum.

Other issues regarding second and third candidates and their ability to debate on the big national stage are also of concern to the democratic process. Suffice to say consent is manufactured with painstaking attention to petty fogging detail where it involves maintaining the two party monopoly on US power politics. Spin, an examination of the 1992 presidential election is another good starting point, from the satellite and not the Internet age the live satellite feeds being something akin to todays Wikileaks Podesta/Clinton email bonanza. And then there is Project Veritas.

On Project Veritas, if you have not heard of it you have just not been paying attention like the rest of the main stream media. Project Veritas is an echo of a constant theme my argument Hanging Chads point to SCADS. State Crimes Against Democracy.

Lance Dehaven who coined the term SCAD explains it thus

”I coined the term “State Crimes Against Democracy” in a peer-reviewed article published by Administrative Theory and Praxis, the journal of the Public Administration Theory Network.  SCADs are defined as “concerted actions or inactions by government insiders intended to manipulate democratic processes and undermine popular sovereignty.”  Until recently, scholarly research on political criminality has given little attention to antidemocratic conspiracies in high office, focusing instead on graft, bribery, embezzlement, and other forms of government corruption where the aim is personal enrichment rather than social control, partisan advantage, or political power.  However, SCADs are far more dangerous to democracy than these other, more mundane forms of political criminality because of their potential to subvert political institutions and entire governments or branches of government.”

Many may be familiar with the term Tammany Hall, a breed of politics replete with glorious back scratching. Baloo in Jungle book is a mental picture one could usefully adopt for the affectionate way political elites from both sides of the two party monopoly view the game of fooling the plebs.

Article 21 of the United Nation’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that

“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.

No one has any business stealing elections. Shutting down minority voices or voices of dissent by the main Stream media is another not so subtle way of vote rigging. Rigging of the mechanical process and arithmetical integrity of votes actually cast has happened in recent US elections, it happened on a huge scale in the New York and California Democratic primaries this year, in the suppresion of support for Bernie Sanders. If all is fair in love and war and if the republican Tammany machine were at the disposal of Mr Trump perhaps we could just enjoy the spectacle in World Wide Wrestlings best traditions of flouting the rules and blind siding the referree. Mr Trump does not have the Republican machine in his corner, so has no one to tag? thats not a fair fight even a fight where the unwritten rule is that the rules are supposed to be broken?

James Tracey was fired from his professorship for I would argue free speech and investigating a crime. Sandy Hook is a crime which ever way you look at it.

James Tracy (communication scholar)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Frederick Tracy (born October 12, 1965)[citation needed] is an American former professor.
Tracy holds a PhD degree, awarded by the University of Iowa[1] in 2002.[2] He was previously a professor of communications[3] at Florida Atlantic University[4] at Boca Raton.[5] He has espoused the view that some American mass shootings did not occur, but are hoaxes perpetrated by a conspiracy. He maintains that the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag operation perpetrated by the United States government[5] and espoused the view that the Sandy Hook massacre also did not occur[3][6] and was a hoax perpetrated by the United States government.[7] (There is a “Sandy Hook truther” movement to this effect.)[8][9][10][11]
This latter belief led Tracy to allegedly harass the parents of a Sandy Hook victim, demanding they give him proof of their son’s death.[3][4][7][12] This resulted in Florida Atlantic University initiating a procedure to dismiss Tracy (who had tenure) in December 2015.[13][14][3][4][6][12][15][16] In January 2016, he was dismissed.[14] On April 25, 2016, he filed suit for wrongful termination.[17]
My Borwser history on Sandy Hook.
Found 34 search results for ‘Sandy Hook’

Mar 29, 2017

Jan 13, 2017

The Power of Your Vote


can’t help about the shape I’m in
I can’t sing, I ain’t pretty and
my legs are thin
But don’t ask me what I think of you
I might
not give the answer that you want me to

Oh well

when I talked to God I knew he’d understand
He said, “Stick
by my side and I’ll be your guiding hand
But don’t ask me what I
think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to”


So they say you cant vote bout the shape your in

Its a Two Horse race and you just cant win

But dont ask what wethink of you

We won’t give the answer that you want us too
Now when I look  at the ballot I can Undertstand

Put your cross by Stien or your cross by Ryan

So please dont tell me what I gotta do

I wont give the answer that you want me too

Its black and white not red or Blue

Green for stien or Ryan for you

so dont do what they tell you to do

vote for liberty not war if you want to.

Why Trump?

Donald Trump has been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny and many serious charges have been laid at his door. Some will say he is condemned by his own words and of course it seems to be true that Mr Trump is less than the ideal of the Platonic Aristocrat, schooled in the pursuit of Arete, Virtuous Excellence.

Is it better for a figurehead and the executive power structures of which they are the Chief Executive to love the people of the citizenry or to Fear them, Turned around is it better for a Leader to be feared or to be loved. In a democracy and in the current diluted Democratic Brand a leader who would declare a wish to be loved over a wish to be feared would usually be called a populist. Populist is deployed in this conventional context as a perjoritive insult. A leader should be strong and no matter that they are to be feared they get things done. Mussolini got things done, the trains ran on time , that sort of thing. Your own view will depend on whether you think respect is earned or commanded, Love can not of course be either Bought or Commanded.

Donald Trump comes from a background of un imaginable privelidge for most, of course the US would say and he would say himself that what he represents is the American Dream. A story is told about a Soviet Politician who visited America during the 1960´s and was asked after touring many gleaming examples of US industrial superiority if he had any questions. The story goes that what he wanted to know was How it was possible to have all of the workers believe in something that was so obviously untrue. The something he referred to was the American Dream. To Have winners on a Trump scale there have to be many losers, for most the participation they can glean from those who live the dream, is but to cheer and of course to keep on dreaming.

Belief in the American Dream is a very dangerous thing for a politician akin to a belief in Father Christmas. If a parent believed in Father Christmas and trusted to their deep faith in the fairytale it would be but one Christmas long that the belief would endure? Coming down to the Christmas Tree the Children would find that the Milk and Buscuits set carefully on the kitchen table are left un disturbed and that beneath the tree there are no presents. The Children would quite rightly ask their parents when they look out of the window and see their freinds excitedly playing with new toys. ´´Why did Father Christmas not come to our House this year ” The American dream is like Father Christmas and has not visited the houses of many Americans ever, have sufficient Americans seen previously un-dissappointed children left off the list of adresses to where Santa , The American Dream , delivers. What is the Tipping point of exclusion from the vaunted ´´Middle Class´´

So who believes in the American Dream and will be more likely to leave the Main Street Christmas Tree naked of presents from the bounties of the American Dream. One side says Stronger together , the other side says Make America Great Again. I would argue that Stronger together is devoid of meaning and an empty slogan devoid of Logos, that is it is not grounded in any concrete reality and hangs there in the air trying to look important clever and sincere. Of the Other slogan, Again is the only bit I would quibble with. Making America Great seems to me to be a wholly noble endevour and that She should herself allow other nations to mould and guide their own greatness on their own terms and in accordance with their own cultural values also seems perfectly reasonable to expect as a prid pro quo.

Stein or Ryan would arguably and to my own political tastes make better presidents than either Clinton or Trump. We are likely to get either Clinton or Trump though. If you care to google you will fnd several films which detail Hilary Clintons record on Wars in which the USA has with her direction fallen foul of international law, describing The Clinton Position as anything other than Hawkish , and in turn that of Obama and before him Bush the second. Clinton the Second would be unlikely to reverse the degenerate trend in United States Foriegn Policy. Mrs Clinton does not , will not and has never listened so convinced is she of the American Dream and its efficacy. It has it must be said worked for Mrs Clinton and President Bill Clinton very well indeed.

Trump being from a privelidged background will be more likely to be disabused of the idea that the American Dream is one where each and every American can be a Billionaire. Mr Trump will never reject the lime light I am sure, He may though hear the echo of the American people who have as in the legend been wandering lonely glens unloved by their leaders , indeed feared by them. Perhaps unlike in Ovids tale our Narcissis Trump will return the peoples Love.

Ovid, Metamorposes Bk III:359-401 How Juno altered Echo’s speech

Scorned, she wanders in the woods and hides her face in shame among the leaves, and from that time on lives in lonely caves. But still her love endures, increased by the sadness of rejection. Her sleepless thoughts waste her sad form, and her body’s strength vanishes into the air. Only her bones and the sound of her voice are left. Her voice remains, her bones, they say, were changed to shapes of stone. She hides in the woods, no longer to be seen on the hills, but to be heard by everyone. It is sound that lives in her.”

”By chance, the boy, separated from his faithful band of followers, had called out ‘Is anyone here?’ and ‘Here’ Echo replied. He is astonished, and glances everywhere, and shouts in a loud voice ‘Come to me!’ She calls as he calls. He looks back, and no one appearing behind, asks ‘Why do you run from me?’ and receives the same words as he speaks. He stands still, and deceived by the likeness to an answering voice, says ‘Here, let us meet together’. And, never answering to another sound more gladly, Echo replies ‘Together’, and to assist her words comes out of the woods to put her arms around his neck, in longing. He runs from her, and running cries ‘Away with these encircling hands! May I die before what’s mine is yours.’ She answers, only ‘What’s mine is yours!’”

”As he sees all this reflected in the dissolving waves, he can bear it no longer, but as yellow wax melts in a light flame, as morning frost thaws in the sun, so he is weakened and melted by love, and worn away little by little by the hidden fire. He no longer retains his colour, the white mingled with red, no longer has life and strength, and that form so pleasing to look at, nor has he that body which Echo loved. Still, when she saw this, though angered and remembering, she pitied him, and as often as the poor boy said ‘Alas!’ she repeated with her echoing voice ‘Alas!’ and when his hands strike at his shoulders, she returns the same sounds of pain. His last words as he looked into the familiar pool were ‘Alas, in vain, beloved boy!’ and the place echoed every word, and when he said ‘Goodbye!’ Echo also said ‘Goodbye!’”

It Occured to me in the British General Election of 2015 , that the despised UKIP and its Charasmatic leader Mr Farage , (equally despised by British and European Elites as Mr Trump is by those in the US and in Europe). Had more in Common with the British Green Party than most Green party supporters would ever wish to admit. Both Parties Manifestos were strikingly similar to me. Your writer dear Reader is an un apologetic Leftist in your American Terms. I am familiar with and sympathetic to the political economy and critique of capitalism found in Karl Marx´s Das Kapital, I am also well read in the works of Bakunin, Kropotkin and Proudhon. I stand with Proudhon against Bastiat and with Bakunin against Marx and I am happy to self identify as a Socialist. I find that in the US presidential election that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have much more in common than Mr sanders has with Ms Rodham Clinton. Jesse Ventura pointed this out in a recent interview he did with Cenq Ungar of TYT network. So full Circle to answer the Titlular question posed here.
Why Trump?

This is an exchange with a comitted Marxist freind regarding this very question.
My Marxist Freind.
”The only option, but mobilise, educate fight, once elected the Clinton administration should be made responsible to the people, but they have to work for the changes needed.”

I understand the basis of this argument and yet I am not convinced that Clinton respond to it any more than Trump would. It is arguable that Trump would be more responsive to a challenge to the status quo than Clinton. As CLinton is the Establishment pick so clearly I personally think that Trump is the better bet particularly with the Clinton record of Hawkish Zionism.http://www.globalresearch.ca/war-between-us-and…/5551581
My Marxist freind.

I personally cannot take the baggage that comes with Trump’s challenge to the status quo, especially the ramped up racism. I detest Clinton and her kind. But until the population of the US mobilises nothing will change. Read Jack Barnes on the lesser of two evils, there isn’t one, only when all the american working and middle class unite and fight back will there be change. Until then we have small pickings of pragmatism.

”The personal shortcomings of both of these deeply flawed candidates is not in question what is in question is how the reform of the deeply flawed system of Political Economy in the Untied States can be reformed and the infection that it has communicated to the rest of the world can be treated.´I see no evidence at all that Clinton and the Two Party monoply on power will be reformed with her at the Titualr healm? We already had the false Dawn of Obama, it is to me breath taking that the same false dawn is being re enacted with Clinton , this time its Female Gender and not Skin Colour we are supose to see as progress. I just do not buy it.”

”The point isn´t whether trump would stand in their way it is whether the leadership from that symbolic position of president ,would acknowledge a manifesto from the people along the lines of Sanders suggestion or whether it would be crushed or otherwise side lined. I suspect in Clintons case Crushing and sidelining in equal measure. For trump perhaps it would be one or the other, one or the other is likely to be more effective to the cause of the people than a bit of both as in the long run either a push back or an assisting shove in the right direction at least gives feed back. The certainty of more of the same seems inescapable to me with Clinton. On Trump I am less certain, I am reluctant to fall back on the Your Enemies enemy is your friend argument but that the Establishment is so All in with Clinton just as it is all in against Jeremy Corbyn suggests that both of them are likely to be rejecting the status quo and established structures of power and control. All politicians are fallable just like the rest of us and all are capable of discovering common humanity within themselves which of Clinton and Trump is more likely to discover their own humanity and some humility and empathy or which is more likely to fail in derailment of any social movement for real change to the existing order of things? of course we can not know the answer, Clinton has real form and if she performs according to form thats not good news, for me in that case I would back the novice runner with no form, Trump in this case.”

Roger Lewis ‘’Americans are being offered, by this nation’s aristocracy, a choice between a marginally competent and deeply evil psychopath Hillary Clinton, versus an incompetent but far less evil psychopath Donald Trump, and the nation’s press are reporting instead a choice between two candidates of whom one (the actually evil Clinton) is presented as being far preferable to the other (the actually incompetent Trump), and possibly as being someone who might improve this nation if not the world. Virtually none of America’s Establishment is willing to report the truth: that the nation’s rotting will get worse under either person as President, but that only under Trump might this nation (and the world) stand a reasonable likelihood of surviving at all (i.e., nuclear war with Russia being averted).’’http://www.globalresearch.ca/whether-to-go-to-war…/5551589 I do not think that Clinton is any less racist than Trump Joseph, they are both products of the US elitist aristocracy that is deeply institutionally racist.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRUmB_zY7EI As I say In my own opinion Clinton will almost certainly ignore Bernie Sanders and any movement that coalesces behind his Manifesto for change, Trump may be a little more persuadable.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis The point isn´t whether trump would stand in their way it is whether the leadership from that symbolic position of president ,would acknowledge a manifesto from the people along the lines of Sanders suggestion or whether it would be crushed or otherwise side lined. I suspect in Clintons case Crushing and sidelining in equal measure. For trump perhaps it would be one or the other, one or the other is likely to be more effective to the cause of the people than a bit of both as in the long run either a push back or an assisting shove in the right direction at least gives feed back. The certainty of more of the same seems inescapable to me with Clinton. On Trump I am less certain, I am reluctant to fall back on the Your Enemies enemy is your friend argument but that the Establishment is so All in with Clinton just as it is all in against Jeremy Corbyn suggests that both of them are likely to be rejecting the status quo and established structures of power and control. All politicians are fallable just like the rest of us and all are capable of discovering common humanity within themselves which of Clinton and Trump is more likely to discover their own humanity and some humility and empathy or which is more likely to fail in derailment of any social movement for real change to the existing order of things? of course we can not know the answer, Clinton has real form and if she performs according to form thats not good news, for me in that case I would back the novice runner with no form, Trump in this case.

Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper Roger I detest Clinton and her pandering to the wants of Wall Street but I also deeply detest where Trump’s ideas and projections lay. Is anti status quo stance has more to do with personal business grievances and his similar view of the world to David Duke than any semblance of interest in the common good for the general population of the United States.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Duke is a fully paid up Anti Semitic White supremacist Joseph, I suspect he would happily wear the admission as a badge of honour. That Trump has garnered Dukes Support is of course deeply troubling. Hilary Clinton herself has long standing ties to an See More

Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper The deep state is one party Roger and this is angels dancing on the heads of pins stuff. The whole thing is rancid to the core. Any elected leader of the USA will have been bought and paid for prior to election. You know my views on Sanders he is helpfSee More

Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper Know what to expect if you campaign for indigenous peoples rights

DiCaprio to co-operate in probe into Malaysia’s 1MDB scandalSee More

MUSO MUSINGS On Fatherhood Theory and STuff: Hyper normalisation & Social Constructionism. Adam Curtis, Foucault or Chomsky? Let History be the judge.

MUSO MUSINGS On Fatherhood Theory and STuff: Hyper normalisation & Social Constructionism. Adam Curtis, Foucault or Chomsky? Let History be the judge.

Hyper normalisation & Social Constructionism. Adam Curtis, Foucault or Chomsky? Let History be the judge.

Adam Curtis’s new film Hyper-normalisation takes its starting point at 1975, with the New York Bond issue and Austerity imposed by the Wall Street Bankers on that City; this, contrasted with Assad in Syria and his perceived betrayal by Henry Kissinger and US foreign policy in the Middle East. This Interview with Foucault contrasts well with and provides an alternative starting point for Adam Curtis´s argument that Self-referential infotainment is fed on-line to pacify the egotistical narcissistic angst of theBourgeoisiee. The starting point at 1968 perhaps gives the lie that all protest and resistance is futile and neutered.
Curtis’s Film is limited by its isolation of the limited historicity of its time reference, This interview and also Curtis’s other films, Centruy of Self The Mayfair Set and Bitter Lake are essential viewing to give the necessary historical context to Curtis´s latest work.
My short critique of Hyper Normalisation.
I found it all rather bourgoise. Not one of his better efforts. The chattering classes will be outraged and enchanted by it in equal measure an ironic reflection of curtis´s central point that Media content presented through Googles algorithms tailors content to a viewers predelictictions. The Bourgoise bit is Curtis´s condescension that the power of the powerful is all encompassing and all fall before it realising their impotence. Worth watching although with highly skeptical and critical alerts fully operational. The antedote is of course discussion and seeking alternative viewpoints. Curtiss´s genius may be that, he provokes thought in many of us who have perhaps forgotten how that feels.
heres a link for a download for those who do not have i player or can not access it for anty reason.
Transmission or U Torrent are good torrent clients for those who do not use torrents.
Try All our Globalisation Shit.

Mario Savio ‘The Machine Speech’ on The Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1965 from Mathew Vickery on Vimeo.


Graphing the history of Philosophy

A break from writing and researching my Current Novel to bring this old You Tube post. from 13 Apr 2014


This Video is a personal reaction to a wonderful resource created by
SImon Raper and posted on his blog ´Drunks and Lampposts´Graphing the history of philosophy
http://drunks-and-lampposts.com/2012/06/13/graphing-the-history-of-philosophy/ ( This link no longer works )

The Graph takes information tagged in the Wikipedia philosophy portal and graphs it to produce a map of philosophers the broad school they are identified with and the quantum of their influence is denoted by the size of their node point.

It really is a wonderful piece of work.

There are anomalies which produce surprises for instance the weighting of influence reflects clearly the fashion for philosophy in libertarian circles recently and their adeptness at on line media communication Stefan Molleneaux appearing is an example of this and to a lesser extent Murray Rothbard, thats not a slight on either of them but an observation as to why they appear significantly in this presentation.

I played some of Holsts planets suite performed by the US airforce band in the back ground for some of my browsing the graph this is from a wonderful free and open source music site which is well worth book marking.and signing up to.









































Some of the names I mentioned or was looking for in the graph.

The Last link is to Professor Daniel Robinson to who I owe my basic grounding in history of philosophy and his excellent series of videos.


Various articles appeared in and around the web and in the dead tree media back in 2012 when this graph was first published. Anyone looking for the answer, or the universal answer or the key to Knowledge might like to reflect that schools of thought often compete for prominence and even power and many become corrupted by that Lust for power. Thoughts become suppressed and censorship is the first resort of a closing mind.
This is the discussion on Linked in that prompted this post which is not unrelated to the research currently for my Novel.https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4011660/4011660-6174312788740038659

  • @ Carlo ((. ”today is importatont having the copyright of the truth for one day”. (So I moved to theoretical physics.).))The copyright on the truth has to be one of the best lines ever. An aphorism for my Grandchildren no less. On Kants Genius, or anyone elses for that matter I think one has to seperate the ideas from the man, Genius is a projection that we make on others or collectively onto individuals as such it is a metric of EGO. We are all fallable and Montaigne pricks the bubble of pomposity so well with. ””Les rois et philosophes merde-et ainsi de faire des dames.” I have not read every philosopher, that is not possible. Kant is one of the philosophers who I have read more of than most and irt is fair to say there is rather more Kant than some of the others. Kant is also delivered by his own hand in his own words and from relatively modern times in modern language which is not the case for Socrates for instance. (cont..)Show less

  • Roger Lewis

  • Roger Lewis

  • Roger Lewis

    Roger Lewis Posting seems problematical today? is it the Linked in servers?

  • Sonnet V

    Those hours, that with gentle work did frame
    The lovely gaze where every eye doth dwell,
    Will play the tyrants to the very same
    And that unfair which fairly doth excel;
    For never-resting time leads summer on
    To hideous winter, and confounds him there;
    Sap checked with frost, and lusty leaves quite gone,
    Beauty o’er-snowed and bareness every where:
    Then were not summer’s distillation left,
    A liquid prisoner pent in walls of glass,
    Beauty’s effect with beauty were bereft,
    Nor it, nor no remembrance what it was:
       But flowers distilled, though they with winter meet,
       Leese but their show; their substance still lives sweet.


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