Brexit is still not being seen for what it is the Post Globalisation tremors of the Paradigm shift in political economy.

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The Dawkins video on Channel 4 sums up the lack of thought still being applied to these questions. This is about De Globalisation or Post-Globalisation. Globalisation has failed and so has the neo-liberal EU. I have been reading thi this morning.

see article 28 regarding the ESCB and ECB and its sole responsibility for stable prices. One EURO one Vote, that is not democracy. Similarly one Pound Stirling one vote is no more democracy than 10e Euro one vote. I do wish people could separate out the separate questions regarding how best to pursue democracy. Neither the EU or Westminster are democratic. Here’s a whole book about the general malaise from the 1930´s By HG Wells just as a starter for ten.
in fact two

Their Lordships on Article 50.“Bring then above all ignorance, to which add confidence, audacity, and effrontery; as for diffidence, equity, moderation, and shame, you will please leave them at home; they are not merely needless, they are encumbrances.

Austerity, Enlargement and Monetary Union. The End of European Democracy. Not Waving But Drowning.

Engagement with European Parliamentary Elections
1.23 Turnout at European Parliamentary elections in the UK has been consistently lower than
the average turnout across Member States. Average turnout in European Parliamentary
elections across the EU has also steadily decreased since the first elections in 1979.
Figure 3: Turnout at European Parliamentary Elections (%)

UK Turnout Average EU Turnout
1979 1984 1989 1994 1999 2004 2009 2014
European Parliament, Results of the 2014 European Elections (2014). Available at: Source:, accessed on 22 Novermber 2014.
The Voting Franchise (Who Can Vote)

“We are monotonously told: ‘The British people have spoken.’
“No they haven’t!” – Richard Dawkins with our latest #Viewsnight
(** Watch this space for more views on #Brexit in the coming months **)


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