Stephen Zarlenga RIP. Obituary.Stephen passed away on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Very sad news indeed.

To: All Friends, Advisors, and Supporters of the American Monetary Institute (AMI).
FromAMI Trustees Lucienne Dewulf, Jesse De Groodt, and Robert Poteat.  
It is with profound sadness that we reach out to you. As Trustees, we are writing to let you know that AMI Founder and Director, Stephen Zarlenga, passed away on Tuesday, the 25th of April after a courageous fight with cancer.
Stephen was a true Renaissance man of deep integrity.  He was dearly beloved by all who knew him well. His extraordinary mind, breadth of knowledge, and special care for humanity made him a visionary in the field of monetary reform.
His life has been devoted to educating Americans about the need for monetary reform and to his passion for justice and the well-being of all. We know it was a great comfort to him that his work will be carried forward according to his wishes within the American Monetary Institute.
There are no words to express our gratitude for your ongoing support and unending efforts in spreading Stephen’s lifelong work and words embodied in his book, The Lost Science of Money.
We are sure he will be watching over us, nudging our minds should we stray from the path he created.  We will be in touch with details regarding Stephen’s memorial and the future plans for AMI.”


Some Books and Themes Informing a Cynical and not Timonist view of Neo-Liberal Fascism.

“A beastly ambition, which the gods grant thee t’

attain to! If thou wert the lion, the fox would

beguile thee; if thou wert the lamb, the fox would

eat three: if thou wert the fox, the lion would

suspect thee, when peradventure thou wert accused by

the ass: if thou wert the ass, thy dulness would

torment thee, and still thou livedst but as a

breakfast to the wolf: if thou wert the wolf, thy

greediness would afflict thee, and oft thou shouldst

hazard thy life for thy dinner: wert thou the

unicorn, pride and wrath would confound thee and

make thine own self the conquest of thy fury: wert

thou a bear, thou wouldst be killed by the horse:

wert thou a horse, thou wouldst be seized by the

leopard: wert thou a leopard, thou wert german to

the lion and the spots of thy kindred were jurors on

thy life: all thy safety were remotion and thy

defence absence. What beast couldst thou be, that

were not subject to a beast? and what a beast art

thou already, that seest not thy loss in


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Democratic Fault Line, Social Democracy Vs Neo Liberalism.

Back in 1986 Tony Benn and Roy Jenkin’s ran over the dividing line between the Right wing social democratic wing of the Labour party versus the Democratic socialist wing, the current fault line in British politics is the quarrel between social democracy and neo-liberalism.


The fault line runs across all political parties in Europe including the UK, it is painted as a Nationalism and populism against progressive internationalism But Globalisation is not internationalism it does not hold to any of the tenets of Social Democracy it is effectively anti-democratic.

the ugly sisters and mays slipper

Globalisation is the catch-all term for Neo-Liberal Corporate technocracy promoting the freedom of Big Capital and people as economic pawns, not citizens. We are allowed to participate in a periodic Karaoke event called a General election when we are asked to take our inspiration from the footwear or fashion sense and sound bite telegenic of vacuous ideologues chanting the same Mantra of TINA. Queen TINA she who must be obeyed.



Politics Idol,

When Making the tune your own
just isn´t enough anymore.


As one grows older one naturally becomes more circumspect, the old cliche was that one grew more conservative as one grew older. What are conservative values and who best represents them?
Neo-Liberalism is not Conservatism or indeed conservative it is a radical ideology which defines the centre ground of current political discourse. This centre ground is not a landscape that would easily be recognisable to the Post world war 2 generation. In this landscape left and right and indeed up and down do not exist. It is all, Right the top is fixed so as such there is no UP and all roads for those outside of the chosen Elite lead downwards, that is the Neo-Liberal Race to the Bottom.

Mrs Mays Conservative party is no longer representative of Conservative values, neither was Mrs Thatchers. A power struggle was won by Neo-Liberal ideologues in the Old Conservative party which was fought through the 1970s, the same struggle took place in the Labour party and resulted in 1997 in Son of Thatcher, Tony Blair. This video from 1986 sees Roy Jenkins who set up the Social Democratic Party in the UK along with 3 other people who were known as the Gang of Four. They merged into the LIB DEMS WHO REPRISED IN 2010 the 1951 Tory-Liberal alliance that formed a Tory government in spite of Labour having won the popular vote.


Neoliberalism shifted the political debate into a new orbit where a core belief was
´´Free Markets´´ and a new economics voodoo was ushered in and given the status of received truth to which there was no alternative. ´´TINA´´. Queen Tina was to be worshipped and never questioned indeed TINA was and is She who must be obeyed. Unlike the Dionysian pair or Matrifocal societies TINA was not a feminine Deity but archly patriarchal, cold and a bitter vengeful god, TINAs Noble lie was the Lie of Austerity. A lie Mrs May espouses and which was espoused in 2015 by all 3 Neo-Liberal sects of the TINA religion.

Happily, for my own middle age, a new Conservative leader has emerged on the scene, Jeremy Corbyn has conservative values of maintaining a Free at the point of use National Health Service, Free Education for all, and a foreign policy that seeks diplomacy and not War as a default setting.
A return to the Post War consensus which allowed a Conservative Prime Minister Harold Mac Millan to declare “You Have never had it so good´´.

Mrs May could well coin the phrase today, ´ have never had it so bad´and to borrow from Tory Boy Blair, ´Things can only get worse´ under this broken neoliberal paradigm. He will never learn and should give a little more thought to and display some genuine humility about the Chilcott report which details his many war crimes against democracy and humanity. Mrs May, well she should go back to Conservative re-education classes.
There is one true Conservative in this election and its Jeremy Corbyn. #Corbyn4PM vote for Labour when there’s still something left to conserve.


The Welsh Incident , Smelling the Coffee? groaning to oneself on Sunday morning In Chapel, close before the second psalm.’ ‘What did the mayor do?’ ‘I was coming to that.’

One for all those urging a ‘Progressive Alliance’. This is the real face of Labour. They’d rather support the Tories to run a council than come to an understanding with the SNP (the largest party in Aberdeen). The total destruction and humiliation of Labour is, perhaps, the only way for them to learn their lessons. BTW – This isn’t the first time either.

Members in Aberdeen defied party orders not to strike deal with Conservatives.

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Ashley if Labour is totally humiliated what do you make of the prospects for the next 5 years for Welsh people who I presume Plaid wishes the best for? Mays Tories are very extreme Neo-Liberals, The Blairite neo-liberal wing of the Labour party has affected the perceptions of Labour under Corbyn so badly precisely because the Blairites wish to maintain Britan on a neo-liberal course and wished to be hitched to the Neo-Liberal EU gravy train. The SNP remain frustratingly silent still on the federated pound sterling idea of Gordon Brown, no one has yet provided a convincing argument indeed any argument why Wales or Scotland or Ireland should fare any better than Greece in the Broken EURO system and no sensible remedies have emerged from the EU commission on the question. With the Pound Sterling, a properly democratic socialist even Social democratic economic policy could be followed by the UK. That will never happen under the Arch neo-libs, the tories or Lib Dems. I am beginning to suspect that Plaid and the SNP are also part of the left elite neoliberal thought collective. 
Whatever the case of local parties, councils and local rivalries the larger picture in this election is for all people who value social democracy and want an end to austerity and failed Hayekian neo-liberal political economy needs to see non-neoliberal candidates returned in enough numbers to either deliver a hung parliament or a working coalition. I suspect it is possible and SNP, Labour supply and support arrangement if not a coalition is a possibility. The EU is headed over a cliff and so is the Uk under a May Government, as far as the UK goes Corbyn frankly is the best chance of a slightly less rough ride in my opinion meanwhile the Greens are all throwing hissy fits about the ´Progressive alliance the public deserves better, again only my opinion but I am sick of tribal party politics ignoring what is the obvious priority which is a restoration of the social contract and a workable welfare state and safety net. Massively partly Blair and Browns fault I know but seven years of the Tory neo-lib austerity and the incompetence of the ECB has Europes people on their knees stand up and represent them please PLAID, political education is the first step the BBC propaganda is every but as bad as in the Indie referendum, again only my opinion but the BBC ain’t going to give people the information they need to figure out their own best interests and the news is most political parties seem to prefer a blindly obedient electorate, that is unacceptable I think.

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Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake There is no larger picture if the individual pieces of the jigsaw don’t fit. Plaid, the SNP and the Greens are prepared to work together, and with Labour, to halt May in her tracks. Labour aren’t. Simple as that. They deserve all that’s coming to them.

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis “They deserve all that’s coming to them.”? Ashley, what about the constituents? that some constituents disagree with Plaid and the greens is quite normal, your political goals and theirs may well differ and yet still not be found within those of Mays neo – liberal tories.
The SNP is of course much more relevant than either Plaid or The Greens both of which are also rans in simple vote number measures. I personally favour Proportional Representation, the AV referendum demonstrated though, the inability of the Greens and Lib Dems to communicate with ordinary voters, how the present voting system does not promote their individual or indeed community interests.
Failings of local political representation through fraud or corruption and through cross tribal rivalries does not remove the question of the whole picture which is that if the SNP and Labour or Labour alone are not able to form a coalition or minority government in a hung parliament in June then the May Government will wreak considerable damage on institutions such as the National Health service and probably undermine the devolved governments as well.( The fact is what democracy we have is not safe under even the EU or A May Government, you will, of course, be aware of this weeks ECJ judgement regarding national votes on trade deals, just by way of example)
I can certainly testify to considerable muddled thinking and conflation of party ambitions and individual ambition with the interests of Voters in the Green Party. The muddled thinking results with some thinking what is good in their own minds must be good for the generality, this sort of muddled thinking prevents such ideologues from seeing the world as it really is even when the evidence is in the plain light of day and full view.
The evidence is quite plain a May Government will be a very bad thing for the people of Wales, A Corbyn Government would be a good thing, Corbyn is clearly a subsidiaritist and participative government type both of these things are quite different to the modus operandi of both EU and Whitehall Government for the past 40 years, with the exception of the devolution to the Scots Parliament and Irish and Welsh assemblies.
I hope there are people in Plaid Ashley that have a better appreciation of the bigger picture than you seem to have when you make a statement such as 
“They deserve all that’s coming to them.” Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and whilst you might consider a crushing labour defeat apt revenge for any real or imagined slights it will be a non-discriminate punishment on everyone else especially the innocent non-complicit people who really wish for nothing more than a decent life unmolested by the petty rivalries self-seeking ambitions and status craving which is the motivation of most if not all political people who make progress past the first minor roles of chair stacking and tea making of student union politics.

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Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake Roger – Corbyn won’t win, simple as, and Welsh Labour MPs will support moves to oust him by mid-June. I also suggest you do more research on Corbyn’s actions regarding Scotland and Wales since becoming leader (i.e. the Wales Bill). He has done nothing to support or enhance devolution so your comments don’t ring true. Whilst I really fear for society after May wins her landslide, and would clearly rather it not happen, I’m also realistic (and experienced) enough to be able to smell the political coffee.

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Ashley, I am well aware of the plans for the PLP to oust Corbyn, the Media and other parties are also it seems of a similar mind, it is for no other reason than he opposes Neo-Liberal Globalism, that is the whole theme of the narrative which is of course dressed up in so many trivial conversions.
Frankly Ashley the political coffee you are smelling is the elite VIP Elitist sort in the executive restaurant. 
Wishing as you seem to see Labour get all they deserve, shows a scant care for the ordinary folk outside of your own Plaid Bubble. I support the aims of Plaid and the SNP but sadly the whats in it for me side of political action, the vested interests and grubby little alliances that go on lead to a huge degree of mendacity and self-delusion.
You are correct that it would be something of a surprise if A Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership with a non-neo liberal focus emerges the other side of Election even intact let alone in power.
Macron in France is the direction of travel is Plaid, a Technocratic or a Democratic party Ashley or rather what would you rather it was? Is The EU a technocracy or a Democracy Ashley? some pretty fundamental issues of democracy come out in all of this and it is not the coffee I am smelling but mendacity, self-justification and manipulation. That is the Tory Game under May, that is the EU game from Junker.
I think that is the Lib Dem Game and also the Green Game, I also suspect that there is a neo-liberal element of the SNP certainly on Salmond’s side, with Sturgeon I am not so sure, certainly Marie Black is Solidly with the people and democracy and I am a very great admirer of hers. Leanne Wood I admired very much in the 2015 campaign she was one of only two people that mentioned neo-liberalism in all the debates, the other was Nicola Sturgeon.
Make no mistake Ashley if your Political sense of smell is as acute as you claim you should be smelling Neo-Liberal. GMO bull shit right now, your hair-splitting regarding supposed Labour trecheries in Scotland and Wales really ignores the plain fact that within the European Oligarchy its different degrees of dress up democracy and the further from Brussels one sees the play the less convincing the costume.

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Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake Roger – last year you were active on social media supporting the Greens, and regularly proclaiming ‘Drain the Swamp’ as part of the anti-Hilary rhetoric of Trump, as well as calling Obama a fascist. Now you are pro-Corbyn soley because he’s pro-Brexit and anti-neo liberal, even though his party clearly isn’t and will dump his policies as quickly as they dump him in June. If anyone needs to check their political sense of smell I suggest it isn’t me.

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Ashley, The Oligarchical nature of the Establishment and its struggle with what has always been a nascent democracy is at a critical juncture. Your Political Sense of smell is very acute I do not dispute that it is the speed with which you position your arguments upwind of the stench in hopes of being on the right side of the spoils I am challenging.
The 2015 Green manifesto had much to recommend it it was resolutely anti neo-liberal and also argued for an EU referendum, it also has substantial monetary reform proposals. The 2015 Labour Manifesto under Milliband was Troy light austerity, uncle tom cobbly and all. My allegiances are to what I think is best for the people and the country not for the Oligarchy and the Haute Bourgeoisie Elite, of which I consider myself to be one.
The present system is faulty by design, and I remain committed as an anarchist to support all political parties and their members who support democratic ideals. The Labour Party in this election is, in my opinion, the best hope of moving towards that.
Your analysis of the post 2017 election is Ashley purely speculative, it is true that the PLP Blairite wing would drop the new manifesto as fast as they could but the process of electing a leader is what it is and the membership of the Labour Party is now wise to the neo-liberal , distinctly undemocratic and un socialist even social democratic tendencies of that part of the party elite.
The 2015 election and 2016 as well as 2017 council elections and also Brexit need to be factored into any serious analysis as indeed do the Brexit vote, Junkers shenanigans have not gone unnoticed.
I would just like to report Ashley to those of you standing up wind that down here in the stench a peg on the nose is a very real requirement.

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Dai Suter
Dai Suter Labour’s appalling Unionism/British Nationalism infects left, right and centre of the party.

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Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake To my knowledge, Labour have done the same in several Scottish councils (Stirling and Falkirk to name two) and delivered austerity WITH the Tories rather than run a council with the SNP and challenge and mitigate austerity. The old adage of ‘do what I say, not do what I do’, comes to mind as far as Labour is concerned. Actions speak louder than words and Labour is found seriously wanting outside of their cosy metropolitan ghettos.

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Gaj Williams
Gaj Williams I thought that Plaid Cymru and the Tories had been in coalition in Denbighshire until last month?

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Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake Was there a potential for a Plaid/Lab administration?

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Gaj Williams
Gaj Williams Yes, Labour had the greatest number of elected members,

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Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake Can Mabon Ap Gwynfor shed light on this?

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Gaj Williams
Gaj Williams Ashley Drake Efallai bod yr un trefniant cadarn, call a ddidwyll ar fin ddigwydd eto?

Ashley Drake perhaps the same arrangement mighty, call and ddidwyll are about to happen again?

Automatically Translated

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