More Tory Election Fraud. Inside the Secretive Tory Election Call Centre.

Thanet is still in question from 2015,
There is also the Voter ID scam being cooked up by them at the moment.
This alone should be enough to force Mrs May to Resign, and possibly for a vote of no confidence in the Government, There are a lot of Scandals and questions over DUP being used to channel anonymous funds into the Brexit Remain Campaign. We will see if there is a vote of no confidence in the coming few months, the BBC Narrative is to demonise and marginalise the usual targets and put Jeremy Corbyn in media Purdha, they have effectively sent him to Coventry in a very BBC way.

We still have the hospital pass of Brexit to deal with. Brexit can and will be a success for the UK under Labours Social Democratic anti-Austerity policies, the Banking and finance sector is hostile to the Anti-Austerity view of Political Economy. This si why I favour Jeremy Corbyn leading a coalition including the Tories for a fixed term Article 50 Brexit Parliament. The 2 year queens speech is a weak and anti-democratic effort by the Tories to do something of the sort.
The EU is hostile to Labour 2017 manifesto as It remains deeply neoliberal. The ECB, Schoebel and the rest all want to punish the UK for wanting Social democracy, their weapons are though financial and related to the #MagicMoneyTree meme of Money creation. Google Richard Murphy to get up to speed on what that means if you have not come across it before.
This is interesting that it is coming from Channel 4, Jon Snow and Channel 4 seem keen to overthrow Mrs May, why is that? I do not know and would be interested to hear what other think it might be.

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