Blairs D Notices, Mays Lost Files, The Dickinson Dossier and Friends in High Places. Drain the Westminster Swamp.

    I was raped at the aged of 4 by Scots Tory MP

    SUSIE Henderson, who has waived her right to anonymity, claims she suffered appalling abuse at the hands of Sir Nicholas Fairbairn.


    WHEN Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children and a teacher in a school gymnasium in March 1996, it seemed to the world like a spontaneous and inexplicable act of


    Clarence Mitchell is a PR consultant who has acted as spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann since 2007 and stood as Conservative Party candidate for Brighton Pavilion in the May 2015 UK General Election, but was defeated by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party.


    Non-English speaker may get help by Google Website translation. Translate to every language, like Portuguese, German or even Japanese:


    This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

    Dr Fiona Payne GP on the UK Health System via @YouTube

    24 October 2016, Dr Fiona Payne GP, Editorial Board member…

    Madeleine McCann’s parents lose libel case appeal in Portugal

    Portugal’s supreme court throws out libel case against an ex-detective who implicated couple in their daughter’s disappearance

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