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ONE-PAGE SUMMARY OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM The post-WW2 international system revolves around the depopulation/globalization axis and has the United




Kevin Galalae

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Born 23 November 1965
Exposed Surveillance and censorship program
Interests • Surveillance State
• Depopulation
Kevin Galalae worked as a writer and consultant in the fields of education, art and NGOs. His life changed when in 2009, studying at a UK university he discovered evidence of a government sponsored covert surveillance and censorship program which he published on the internet. He has frequently employed the tactic of the hunger strike, with mixed results.
Kevin Galalae is a naturalized Canadian born in Romania. Galalae successfully employed a hunger strike to encourage the Canadian government to regularise his status. While studying in the UK he stumbled across the government’s Surveillance and censorship program, and determined to publicise it, gaining him notoriety and (arguably) tacit support from academia[1][2] possibly preventing the programme’s Europe-wide expansion as the Stockholm Programme. Galalae subsequently challenged the ideological overtones of CONTEST, a UK Government “counter-radicalization” measure.
His efforts to compel the Council of Europe to condemn SAC and force UK to compensate all students wronged by the spy program remained unheeded despite a 30-day hunger strike and the legal case he brought against the UK in 2011 at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). His mental health has been questioned by the Canadian government and in February 2012 he fled Canada for the United States, from where he continues his activism and is petitioning governments for political asylum.[3] He
In 2014, Galalae carried out a 46 day hunger strike outside the Vatican City to protest depopulation.[4][5]

An introductory interview with Kevin Galalae
by Adam Bierman, from 2011-11-23.
Galalae was born in Constanta, Romania, son of Dr. Costel Galalae, a physician and political dissident[6] who was convicted to five years in prison for challenging Caucescu’s government. His mother, Georgeta-Maria Galalae (née Vişan), is a retired school teacher. Costel and Maria have four children and Kevin is their third.
In 1981, Galalae, his twin sister (Irina), his mother, and his older brother (Razvan) traveled to France, from where they sought political asylum in Germany, settling in Hamburg. Galalae’s younger brother (Daniel) and his father were held back by the communist government for 2 and 6 years respectively before they could be reunited with the family in Germany.
Kevin Galalae immigrated to Canada in 1985, aged 19, became a naturalized Canadian in 1991, and received a scholarship from St. Jerome’s High School in Kitchener, Ontario, where he graduated with the distinction Ontario Scholar in 1986. In the summer of 1987, Galalae engaged in a hunger strike for seven days in Victoria, to encourage the Canadian government to process his application for landed immigrant status so he could begin his university studies and not have to pay triple tuition fees as a foreign student.
He received a Bachelor of Arts in art history and German studies from the University of Victoria in British Columbia in 1991 and fulfilled all course requirements for a Master of Arts in architectural history at McGill University in 1992. Funding for his research in Italy was withdrawn due to government cuts in higher education and in protest Galalae refused to hand in his thesis on Venetian 15th century architecture. In the summer of 1989, Galalae studied art and architectural history in Venice on a scholarship awarded by Queen’s University.

Exposure of covert Surveillance and censorship program

Full article: Surveillance and censorship program
While studying political science at Oxford and Leicester universities, Galalae found the academic environment in the UK unsettling. He describes it as being “covertly controlled”. His experience at Oxford led him to create “Freedom in Education”, a fledgling organization concerned with safeguarding freedom of expression and thought in education and with the de-politicization of intellectual discourse. He has so far unsuccessfully tried to establish an admission by the UK authorities of the surveillance and censorship program which he claims was in force in UK.

European Court of Human Rights

On the 1st of March, 2011, Galalae flew to Strasbourg, France, and presented his pleading to the European Court of Human Rights in person. The case file was designated as application No. 13386/11.

Hunger Strike

P1010650.JPG P1010614.JPG P1010626-2.JPG
Kevin Galalae in Strasbourg on day 21 of his hunger strike
On Monday 11 April 2011 Kevin began a 30 day hunger strike in front of the Council of Europe administrative Building in Strasbourg, in an unsuccessful bid to secure a declaration from the Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr T Hammarberg, that the operation of the SAC system in universities is contrary to the European declaration of Human rights .

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