Possibilist perspective on Post Growth, Sustainable Money and Sustainable Energy. Who’s Reality.

Hello Tim,
I have not commented for a while, I almost did on a recent blog in which you said that Electric Cars were no panacea, which of course they are not.
I know that that blog and this are looking for discussion and in this spirit offer this VPRO documentary which is in Dutch, subtitles are available in English.
I came across another interesting proposal for money creation the other day.
These questions of Circular Economy, Materials Passports, re-defining prosperity, Status questions, Distributive and re-distributive political economy all feedback into a question of *Whoś Reality’ are we seeking to cater for in our political Economy.
That is a fundamental question Who’s Reality?
Your perspective is grounded in abstracting reality to a balance sheet view albeit a balance sheet based on SEEDS energy metrics. My own perspectives are drawn from technological perspectives and these Cornucopian views of Cornucopian possibilities derived from circular manufacturing concepts lead me to be optimistic as a possibilist technologically speaking. The obstacles are and will remain political and geopolitical and here the Pigou Dalton principle regarding status and managing expectations becomes paramount.
I would be very interested to hear what you think of Thomas Rau’s ideas I find them compelling.
Best Wishes and A belated happy new year.
Why should we not include each in money creation?
All sovereign debt shall be financed with Shares of global fiat credit, that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, held in trust with local deposit banks, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries exclusively for secure sovereign investment at a fixed and sustainable rate, as part of an actual social contract
This is a great idea, getting the conversation started is quite a problem even with those with a long history of supporting Universal Basic Income. Stating a proposal this boldly is an excellent initiative as it invites people to sign up unless they have a sound objection. I see no objection and would happily sign up to this to get the show on the road.
Here is a Dialogue I had with Clive Lord Joint founder of the UK Green Party, I wish Clive could see the money creation question as clearly as you state it here Stephen.
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Clive Lord
Feb 25
‘Fiat’ money MUST be tied to eco-considerations, so must entail redistribution, and with a Basic Income taxes can reflect what is, or is not sustainable.
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Roger Glyndwr Lewis
Feb 26
Hello CLive,
I am really happy you have joined this discussion I think that Stephens distillation of the problem to his simple rule provides a very good starting point to understanding what money is and what it can be.
The problem of Re-distribution instead of Distribution is one of the politics of Status. The Pigou Dalton princple nailed this very well in the 1920’s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigou%E2%80%93Dalton_principle
Regarding sustainabiltity I think that Energy based metrics for money values is essential this is nothing to do with redistribution and evrything to do with being cognisant of what stuff there is and qwhere that stuff is. Dr Tim Morgan has doene some excellent work on the question recently on his Blog.
Tim Morgan in the last blöog of his I read a few weeks ago appeared to be getting frustrated and drawn into frustration and doubt as to the extebnt to which new energy technologies can really sustain the Human Family Hans Rausing used to call himself a possibilist and I think thats a great positibve view to have regarding Stephens simple rule I think we can all speak to our inner possibilist and see that he is on to something here.

The Distributed Web, Energy Based Economics , Trustless Value Transfer Systems.

Periodically, usually every 12-18 months I find that my reading and research loop back to a common point, All roads lead back to a central direction or a common vector. This past 3 months I have been immersed in the Hardware side of computing looking at and implementing my own Mining operation for Crypto Currencies. I Blogged about Ethereum during its first release into the wild at that point I bought a 10 MH/s mining contract from Genesis Mining and whilst I got a miner working on my old mac pro under the OSX operating system the 32 bit EFI in my 2006 Mac gave me all sorts of issues. I blogged about turning that machine into a 64 Bit GNU/Linux machine with 32 bit EFI booting in a post called Apple Hardware euthanasia.I have since got a 150 MH/S Rig Up and running and have all sorts of fun plans to build ever more elaborate and exciting confections of nerdiness. On Hardware euthanasia and planned obsolescence ( My last Blog post back in November), we come to the Full Circle part of my Post this VPRO documentary is one I watched when it first came out, and I have made a few posts and comments regarding the circular economy but this documentary and the interview with Thomas Rau is the most incisive and prescient of everything I watched and as is usual with the good stuff the Google algorithms have usually defeated me when I have wanted to link to this mind-blowing documentary interview.

If having watched that you then consider another big event which I had been interested in and mentioned in passing in the Blog, The DAO and the Ethereum Hard Fork and Slocket. We see a crossing of paths and a glimpse of potentials and just how disruptive the Blockchain enabled World of commerce will become, USE will eclipse ownership and money will become a much more directly mappable concept between use rights and exchanges rather than Ownership rights and trust based custodial hierarchies. I do not feel a need to elaborate on the connections here, they are potential and the film gives some interesting metaphors as well as real-world illustrations of its conception of one Possible Future World. Maria Abramovitch makes a cameo appearance somewhat less disturbing that the Spirit Cooking work of hers that has been in the non-corporate media. http://www.rau.eu/ This is a film I made about a trip to the Universeum back in 2013 Rau and Wingårdh would make a very interesting interview together I think.