Bellew V Haye , The Rematch, The 2018 Local Elections. Bread and Circuses , Spin and Metaphor. #JoshuavRuiz #HugeHeavyWeightUpset #Brinononono #BrexitParty

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Bellew V Haye, The Rematch, 
The 2018 Local Elections.
Bread and Circuses, Spin and Metaphor.


Tony Bellew Last night gave us all a lesson in Substance over Spin and Hype, a superlative Boxer showed how the sweet science will always demand that the empirical evidence gives notice when only the Gloves are left to do the talking.

Bellew fought an impeccable match, His footwork, timing and head and body movement was an exhibition of a truly great boxer a lighter faster man defying the Leviathan of David Haye.
Make no Mistake David Haye is and has been a superb athletic Fighter, no ifs and buts, Two World Class fighters Graced the Ring in the O2 Arena Last night and the better man on the night won.

As a metaphor for the Local Elections and last Junes Snap election the Bellew Hay Fights are an almost perfect Analogy. I say almost as the Analogy only holds true with respect to pre-fight Hype, Upsets and the Cold hard microscope of Empirical Sweet Science. That is Theresa May is in way out of her depth.

In the contest of Mrs May and Mr Corbyn, the Hype castes May as Haye always sure to win and not only win but by a country Mile. Corbyn, not fit to step into the ring with the TINA Champion of the Heavyweight division. Mrs May like Haye was found out in June the 8th’s snap election, some sort of technical mal-function surely. Haye injured his Achilles during the fight, Mrs May didn’t really turn up.

The Spin machine quickly poured cold water on the First Bellew victory, Haye fought the last five rounds dragging his injured foot behind him, before the Ref stopped the fight. Last Night the excuses were all turned to dust When Bellew gave us all a Boxing Lesson and a lesson in a; clinical, brutal, accurate and assassin-like destruction of his opponent.

Bellew explained how he could see Hayes punches coming, quick for a heavyweight but not quick for the Natural Cruiserweight, Bellew. Bellew Stood behind a solid Jab at a range and stepped in always denying the middle range for Haye to Tee up his big bombing Left Hook. On the Inside where the technicalities of manoeuvre in limited space demand great skills, courage and presence of mind. Here at close quarters, the brilliant Bellew was superlative. In that department, Bellew was in a class of his own his shining star will burn ever bright in our minds and be a chapter in Boxing histories coaching manual.

They say that Corbyn is a good campaigner and little else, the naysayers confuse his Style of Leadership for a lack of effectiveness. Bellew modestly said it was his style that un-did Haye, who he generously spoke of even after the second victory as a greater fighter and legend of the sport.
Bellew an indefatigable and self-described “Fat Mouthy Scouser”, is a rare sort of Person in this age of soundbites and hype. He spoke of his Brother-in-law who passed away last September, How he missed his wife in the purdah that is a Boxing training camp, He spoke movingly of how he asked the ref to stop the fight at the end of the Third as he knew Haye was out on his feet and in great danger. In the final Flurry just before the stoppage in the 5th you can see Bellew hold back a fully loaded Right hand that if loosed would have done serious damage, a lesser man than Bellew would have carried through with that punch, such was Bellew’s awareness, control and sheer world class ability, he was able to unwind the punch turn away as the ref stepped in and retire to his own corner to acknowledge his team and the empty seat in the front row he had reserved for his mourned Brother in law.

I do not know what the politics of Bellew or Haye are, and the direction one can take this metaphor are many. I choose to just say this. Bellew gave us all a lesson in Life last last night, not just boxing he was gracious in Victory as David Haye was Gracious in Defeat.

In the May, Corbyn Re-match the Spin and hype will surely be found out, the truth of the Corbyn May match up is that it is a mismatch. May is simply not world class and Corbyn is both world class and has the style to defeat even a world-class opponent. The teenaged scribblers and shadow opponents sniping from his own back-benches are living in an “Ought to”, and not an “is”, World labouring under the false delusions of Being Rovian Actors in history. When the Re-match comes expect to see an outclassed May or a hastily arranged substitute opponent

I have been down this sporting analogy route before. This from last 14th June.
Hat Tip To Dek Childs.

A Freind Made this Analogy I think it is a good one of Why Corbyn Will be rightfully pleased.
Politics, it’s funny old game.
Here’s a different take on what’s going on at the moment.
Football is our national game and lots of people are passionate about it.So I’ll use those terms I’ve seen a lot of people who are confused about people being up on a Labour loss.
Labour have not had a good showing in elections for years, so this election where it was very close,(3%, closer than Brexit) is akin to a 3rd division side getting promotion and getting to the cup final and putting a scare into say Chelsea or Man Utd. Not a win but a fantastic result.Everyone cheering on the team and the manager. what a great job.
On the other hand the Conservatives did very badly. Imagine being top of the league, in the cup, looking to have a strong showing in Europe and then mid-season, the manager changes tactics, the team has a string of defeats, out of the cup, out of Europe and in danger of relegation, now reliant on other teams to stay up. If that was your team, as supporters, you would be furious, rightfully so and calling for the manager’s sacking and immediate replacement.
So, that being said, where are all the furious Tory voters baying for the sacking of the PM?
And this in the Awful Neo-Liberal Guardian.
This reminds me of Two under-performing former Goal Scorers Disputing and claiming the Goal that drew the match when Clearly the Arsenal Centre Forward clearly stuck the ball in the back of the net.


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