The End of the "National Debt and a Larger Loaf of Bread". The Pentrich Uprising, Memory Hole Post. Fixing Money.

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The End of the “National Debt and a Larger Loaf of Bread”. The Pentrich Uprising,  Memory Hole Post. Fixing Money.

Often Times very popular videos disappear off the Internet. In the past 6 months many YouTube Channel  “content Providers” have had their channels de-monetized, Including yours truly.
This Video has over 60,000 views but is no longer on the Sustainable Human Channel, I assume due to Copyright strike warnings.

I Linked to it in this Post.

The Paper Aristocracy, From William 111 to the Present Day. William Cobbett against Gold! 

Billions of citizens around the world are suffering because of an “elaborate fiction” we all bought into… An interesting and practical solution is presented too:



“How Our Money System Creates Inequality (And What We Can Do About It)” uses humor to expose…


Using the Way Back machine and the Firefox App for capturing video content off the internet archive I have been able to upload the video to one of my You Tube channels but also the Bit Chute streaming site a distributed Web 3 Platform ( kind of).

using the IFrame embed code generator the BitChute video is embedded here.

The You Tube version is the code taken from ther embedd Tab on the usual drop down menu.

I Mention the number of views the Video had on the Sustainable Human Channel
I started reading the comments on You Tube Ruby.
62000 views and the comments are sadly run through with cynicism and pessimism.
The present system does not work, can the present system be redeemed?

The point the video makes which Is, one I think that escapes many peoples first intuition is that Debt and Money are but an idea. It is also an idea which has lots of Variable expressions and functions. Measuring by Monetary measures is a slippery concept placed upon the imaginary concept at the root of the question.

It would have been the 5th most popular post on the channel.

See here’s a screen cap of the most popular videos as of today and this video is no longer there.


its a great channel I enjoyed this recent Interview with Charles Eisenstien

From the Blog Paste The Paper Aristocracy, 

From William 111 to Present Day. William Cobbett against Gold!

All systems of political economy are idealistic constructs which are either, sold to the populace or imposed upon them. At the root again of this question is what are the choices and who is making them. This question is postulated by James Harrington in his Book the Commonwealth of Oceana from 1656
In Our own country, the Debate goes back to William the third and the establishment of the monopoly of the Bank of England.
I have been very deeply engrossed in the Pamphlets surrounding the issues raised by the Dissidents in the English Civil War and the later Luddite rebellion and what is called the last revolution in England the Pentrich Uprising.
I was offended by this statement in Wikipedia.
“” They were lightly armed with pikes, scythes and a few guns, which had been hidden in a quarry in Wingfield Park, and had a set of rather unfocused revolutionary demands, including the wiping out of the National Debt.[1]”
It is true they were lightly armed but it is not true that their grievances were “Unfocused, revolutionary demands”

The Bumper sticker of their demands was the End of the “National Debt and a Larger Loaf of Bread”.


Now that’s some Bumper Sticker, I am now going to bake our family bread for today, Seriously I do bake our own bread.

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