Notes on an Old Fiddle. (For Johanna, I Love You.)

Notes on an Old Fiddle.
I wrote a Note, about the key, you needed the information so you could meet me at the pitch on time.
This was not the first wrong Note, it will not be the last, I did not know you didn’t read perhaps I should have told you instead.
it’s something about our communication, What is missing from our relationship, why do we not hear each other.
Perhaps we can solve this equation, seek some resolution why must I march when you are dancing.
Your Tangos sound like Dirges for me.
I might have seemed sharp to you, that joke I told fell flat in the wrong company. The symphony you sought was beyond the scope of the Duet I had planned.
If I were to Score that goal again, perhaps I would not repeat the same notes so often. Variations on a broken theme? Perhaps a fresh Page needs to be turned.
Your melody always haunts me as I hum that tune you used to sing in carefree moments and when you put the children to bed.

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I never seem to get it quite right , I will ask you to sing it again I wonder if it is wise to leave that message in another note?