Brexitosis – when the only outcome is that nobody wants nothing…..

Right then, Starter for 10 Federated Pound Stirling
Bonus 1. English Assembly Bonus.2 Save Union Scotland. Bonus 3, Introduce PR = permanent hung Parly. I.e needn’t worry about Jeremy Corbyn Govt @jeremycorbyn

When I was proposing the Grand cross-party Idea after the 2017 GE this was my prediction of how this would all get resolved, I still think it will play out this way. I am still agnostic on in or out as it makes no difference as long as the Neo-Cons have Trump by the short and curlies, which they seem to have.



To Avoid the same COG (Continuity of Governemnt) interference in UK Democracy as President Trump is suffering from in the US by his own Globalist COG Neo-Cons And Neo-Libs ( Voltaire’s bastards). Mr Corbyn needs to Hold his nose and push for a Grand Coalition along Churchill Atlee Lines of 1940. The EU and Neo-Liberal Financialised Corporate Capitalism already opposes Brexit, which the British People Want. The British People clearly in this election on June 8th endorsed Brexit if it is a Corbyn Social Democratic Brexit and Not a Mrs May Hard Right Race to the Bottom Neo-Liberal Austerity Brexit.

Harold Wilson used to refer to the Money Power as the Gnomes of Zurich, Hot Money in the late 60´s and 1970´s was not nearly the Terror Wing of the Neo-Liberal “Queen TINA”Elites that it is now, even then Harold Wilson Knew to be wary of it. Dennis Healy Callaghan’s Chancellor got into bed with it. Starting the UKs Seduction by Thatcher in 1979 and her Bastard Son Blair in 1997. 


The Slog.


…..but everyone who wants something is a dangerous extremist


The attempt by people ranging from Nick Boles and Olly Letwin to “take a No Deal Brexit off the table” has now been adopted formally by the Labour leadership as the “reason” why Jeremy Corbyn will not join Cross-Party talks about a Plan B for UK withdrawal from the EU.

The situation in our legislature is now profoundly bizarre. Taking No Deal off the table is the one thing that the vast majority of MPs agree they want. Indeed, the Daily Telegraph has been given a leaked phone conversation in which Philip Hammond specifically promises business leaders that the Government will ensure cross-Party talks remove said No Deal from said Table. But Corbyn says until he’s heard that from Theresa May’s lips, he won’t be joining in the bunfight.

So the leader of the Opposition won’t agree to take part…

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The Not So Noble Climate Lie. Climate Propaganda and Election Meddling.

This is absolutely fascinating John.
I am a regular reader of Watts up with that and a pesky Denier, strangely I am also a fully paid up tree hugger.
This is such a fantastic tracker for how propaganda works in the Twitteratti.
One obeservation Twitter as a whole whichever polarity is yelling at the other belong to a common group that place far too much emphasis on Twitter as an influencer out side of ingroup biases in my opinion.
I did some posts on how the polling for 2015, Brexit, Trump and 2017 elections had also now become affected by a Rovian Actors in History
Syndrome, If we say it it will be so.!/v/tonefreqhz/znusmmz2


Screenshot from 2019-01-17 16-43-39.png

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Intro by Carbon Brief…

Twitter has become a popular social media platform for discussing climate change. A wide range of people across the world now use Twitter — scientists, politicians, campaigners, journalists, etc — to converse about the topic.

But amid the sheer volume of chatter, it’s often hard to get a top-down sense of who the most influential users are on Twitter — and where they “sit” within the Twitter “universe” compared to other users.

So Carbon Brief has commissioned Right Relevance to start harvesting data from Twitter and use it to build maps periodically showing how the influencers within the climate change conversation shift over time.

Below, John Swain from Right Relevance explains the methodology and highlights some key findings from the first wave of analysis. In the coming months, Carbon Brief will publish updated maps created by Right Relevance, as well as expand the analysis to also look at the Twitter conversation about energy issues, such as nuclear power, wind farms, solar energy, shale gas and coal.

But we begin with analysis of the full month of March 2016…




Re visited this for a comment on Watts Up With That.In The Uk we have a guy Called Prof Brian Cox, he pulls the same schtick. He was the one in the Aussie debunking show debunking here. With his #Graff”


rogerglewis 9:49 am on September 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply | Edit | Follow Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works Re visited this for a comment on Watts Up With That.In The Uk we have a guy Called Prof Brian Cox, he pulls the same schtick. He was the one in the Aussie debunking show debunking here. With his #Graff” CLimate science propaganda has become about signalling belief and testing faith even in the most ridiculous concepts this article elaborates on the point vis, General Political propaganda.




Listening to Brexit

Brexit — Remain v Leave, PR on Twitter
Go to the profile of John Swain
John Swain
May 23, 2016
In a previous article we looked at the Twitter conversation about Brexit during the week ending 21 May.

Here is a map of the overall conversation with two accounts highlighted.



Listening to Brexit

I have been listening to Brexit and it has been unedifying. My lasting impressions is that there was very little actual listening going on. It was largely just an eruption of bile and bigotry.  The British body politic emptying itself from both ends at once. Everyone offended by the actions of the others, seemingly pleased with the smell of their own…opinion.


roger July 10, 2016 at 9:33 am #
I am doing some work on this internet traffic analysis done by John Swain a data scientist, the map shows nodes of heavier traffic between media outlets and key figures in the campaigns, it is possible to see visually who was most effective in leveraging their Message through networking to media outlets.

I am looking to contrast The study by Prof John Robinson of the Scots indie referendum Which caused quite a stir when it was released.

To me it seems clear that the establishment wished to remain in the EU and the Establishment wished to preserve the Union with Scotland . the post result coverage and fallout following Brexit will be an interesting thing to analyse and perhaps I will get time to look at the media coverage post the Irish Danish and French referenda that went against the wishes of the Establishment.


The Media is a powerful tool we all of us who fetch up at Blogs like this one have probably cottoned on to how subtly it directs thoughts in common currency. The Greek experience post their Austerity referendum will tell us quite a lot and Obamas continued interjections are telling to me as is the CIA accent detectable in much of the Meme posting in social media. Professional trolls exist, that is an easily verifiable fact, for recent examples of state of the art political trolling just search Hilary Clintons paid trolls and you can see how a false mood can be induced into main stream media which is very different to the experiences we all have as individuals. Its a variation on Hans Christian Andersons The Emperors New clothes.

I think Davids piece here does apply to the General case from the particular slant in the New Statesman piece he analyses.

David covers the wider case in Re-Branding Dissent.
Choose wisely

‘Choose wisely’ is a good first step in neutering democracy. It is easy to sell, appears wise, benevolent even, and who could advocate the opposite? But being admonished to ‘choose wisely’ is quite different to being forced to do so by having ‘experts’ pre-choose your range of choices for you and having your representatives forced to follow the pre-narrowed ‘wise’ choice or choices handed to them by paid-for lobbyists and seconded experts. However I think the Over Class knows ‘Choose wisely’ and Professionalized Governance are not going to be enough on their own – given the scale of unpleasantness which will have to be imposed and maintained on voters if the current structures of power and privilege are to be maintained.´´

For the Considered case for Brexit I like this movie Lexit the movie it is highly preferable to Brexit the movie which figures in John Swains maps if you look at them.


Golem XIV July 10, 2016 at 9:43 am #
Hello Roger,
I will be fascinated to her any conclusions you draw from your analysis. Please let us know here if you care to.


Phil July 10, 2016 at 4:22 pm #
Some great insights. Thanks Roger.


Phil July 10, 2016 at 4:29 pm #
What do you think the CIA accent sounds like?


roger July 11, 2016 at 7:21 am #
Hi Phil there are a couple of links in the comments above to Vice an online video magazine. It has a distinctly CIA accent and has been prominent in social Media propaganda vis Russian ´ Aggression´in Ukraine . Vice is but one example of a kind of subtle media that by following the ordering and psychological prioritisation described by John Robinson in his Scots indie referendum research seek to steer the debate. There are two types of Agency active at the boundaries we are mediated to stay within. These two agencies are Gatekeepers and controlled opposition both sides are very effective of employing useful idiots to do their bidding Phil. Vice were the people who delivered the stick up video of Jeremy Corbyn, this is what prompted me to dig a little deeper, other agencies are organisations like Amnesty, War on Want who do some good work but essentially are Establishment gatekeepers or controlled opposition at their best.
Anyone who thinks the Maiden type of CIA operation or the Brolly´s in HongKong, the Impeachment of Rouseff in Brazil, attempted venezeulan coups. ( I found the Allende in Chile comments in one of Davids Argentina pieces from a few years back interesting( I was re reading them the other day and linked to one of the pieces) given the Brazilian events of recent weeks).

We often refer to Balkanisation regarding geo politics in the European sphere and also the Near Middle East, actually one could say these days we are entering a sort of extended Monroe Doctorine where US meddling goes back a long way and is a very dirty tale indeed. The CIA set up the European Union after WWII ample official evidence is available should you wish to read it, if you wish to but do not have time to find it let me know if you would like some links to reliable sources.

The CIA accent is further compounded for me with the US ambassadors interjections and Obamas comments and Kerrys visits recently, I also worry a great deal About FS Hammonds comments regarding containing Russian Aggression.

I could go on at great length Phil but here is not the place. I think there is a considerable power struggle going on in the various factions of the Oligarchy at present they have various proxy´s through which they wield their respective tactical power bases, Europe and the Middle East , East Coast West Coast USA and have economic as well as symbolic and cultural prizes which are prized as medals in the ´´Great Game´´ these meglomaniacs play.


Phil July 11, 2016 at 2:27 pm #
Thanks very much Roger. Will check all that out with interest.



Run Down the Brexit Clock

Run Down the Brexit Clock



The terrifying prospect of a no-deal Brexit on March 29 remains in play after the British Parliament emphatically rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with the EU. Although it is tempting to reset the clock and give negotiations more time, that instinct must be resisted.

ATHENS – The overwhelming defeat that Britain’s Parliament inflicted upon Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan was fresh confirmation that there is no substitute for democracy. Members of Parliament deserve congratulations for keeping their cool in the face of a made-up deadline. That deadline is the reason why Brexit is proving so hard and potentially so damaging. To resolve Brexit, that artificial deadline must be removed altogether, not merely re-set.

Leaving the European Union is painful by design. The process any member state must follow to exit the EU is governed by Article 50 of the bloc’s Lisbon Treaty, which, ironically, was authored by a British diplomat keen to deter exits from the EU. That is why Article 50 sets a two-year negotiation period ending with an ominous deadline: If negotiations have not produced a divorce agreement within the prescribed period – March 29, 2019, in Britain’s case – the member state suddenly finds itself outside the EU, facing disproportionate hardships overnight.


So very little has changed since 2016, I think the prelim or predicate in the article by Yannis nails the reasons why.” The process any member state must follow to exit the EU is governed by Article 50 of the bloc’s Lisbon Treaty, which, ironically, was authored by a British diplomat keen to deter exits from the EU. ”

The EU has hardened its stance on Federalism of a very curious sort More Brussels and less Europe federalism with an ECB and Commission that simply does not allow subsidiarity in questions of monetary policy which is causing the French and Italian problems going on at the moment for which Mr Macron and Mssrs Tusk and Junker seem so blissfully in denial of. Karl Bildt was prescient in these pages here on these questions more generally.
The importance of Subsidiarity and the competencies of the commission are highlighted in this blog.

Another problem is the question of EU military unification a process which has continued under the radar of the Brexit Fuss.

So its as we were. Democracy Unfolded Emergent Reality of Brexit. (a poem)!/v/tonefreqhz/s1spzamx!/tonefreqhz/s1spzamx


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