Brexitosis – when the only outcome is that nobody wants nothing…..

Right then, Starter for 10 Federated Pound Stirling
Bonus 1. English Assembly Bonus.2 Save Union Scotland. Bonus 3, Introduce PR = permanent hung Parly. I.e needn’t worry about Jeremy Corbyn Govt @jeremycorbyn

When I was proposing the Grand cross-party Idea after the 2017 GE this was my prediction of how this would all get resolved, I still think it will play out this way. I am still agnostic on in or out as it makes no difference as long as the Neo-Cons have Trump by the short and curlies, which they seem to have.



To Avoid the same COG (Continuity of Governemnt) interference in UK Democracy as President Trump is suffering from in the US by his own Globalist COG Neo-Cons And Neo-Libs ( Voltaire’s bastards). Mr Corbyn needs to Hold his nose and push for a Grand Coalition along Churchill Atlee Lines of 1940. The EU and Neo-Liberal Financialised Corporate Capitalism already opposes Brexit, which the British People Want. The British People clearly in this election on June 8th endorsed Brexit if it is a Corbyn Social Democratic Brexit and Not a Mrs May Hard Right Race to the Bottom Neo-Liberal Austerity Brexit.

Harold Wilson used to refer to the Money Power as the Gnomes of Zurich, Hot Money in the late 60´s and 1970´s was not nearly the Terror Wing of the Neo-Liberal “Queen TINA”Elites that it is now, even then Harold Wilson Knew to be wary of it. Dennis Healy Callaghan’s Chancellor got into bed with it. Starting the UKs Seduction by Thatcher in 1979 and her Bastard Son Blair in 1997. 


The Slog.


…..but everyone who wants something is a dangerous extremist


The attempt by people ranging from Nick Boles and Olly Letwin to “take a No Deal Brexit off the table” has now been adopted formally by the Labour leadership as the “reason” why Jeremy Corbyn will not join Cross-Party talks about a Plan B for UK withdrawal from the EU.

The situation in our legislature is now profoundly bizarre. Taking No Deal off the table is the one thing that the vast majority of MPs agree they want. Indeed, the Daily Telegraph has been given a leaked phone conversation in which Philip Hammond specifically promises business leaders that the Government will ensure cross-Party talks remove said No Deal from said Table. But Corbyn says until he’s heard that from Theresa May’s lips, he won’t be joining in the bunfight.

So the leader of the Opposition won’t agree to take part…

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The Not So Noble Climate Lie. Climate Propaganda and Election Meddling.

This is absolutely fascinating John. I am a regular reader of Watts up with that and a pesky Denier, strangely I am also a fully paid up tree hugger. This is such a fantastic tracker for how propaganda works in the Twitteratti. One obeservation Twitter as a whole whichever polarity is yelling at the other … Continue reading The Not So Noble Climate Lie. Climate Propaganda and Election Meddling.