Why is Theresa May still Prime Minister? Ask Who Rules America first its a Uni, BI, LGBTQ+++ Thing. Trans(Globalism,Nationalism,Internationalism,Corporatism,Populism)

Why is Theresa May still Prime Minister?

Kit Knightly

Join me in a brief hypothetical. Imagine that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party had won the 2017 General Election.

Such a reality was within our grasp, after all. A few hundred votes here and there and we’re living under a Labour government. The specifics of the alternate universe don’t really matter – just that Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister.

Its All about Oligarchy.

Starter for 10 Federated Pound Stirling
https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/a-fedearated-pound-striling-and-a-federated-euro-subsidiartity-and-complementary-currencies/ …
Bonus 1. English Assembly
Bonus.2 Save Union Scotland.
Bonus 3, Introduce PR = permanent hung Parly. I.e needn’t worry about Jeremy Corbyn Govt @jeremycorbyn

When I was proposing the Grand cross-party Idea after the 2017 GE this was my prediction of how this would all get resolved, I still think it will play out this way. I am still agnostic on in or out as it makes no difference as long as the Neo-Cons have Trump by the short and curlies, which they seem to have.

Iron Law of Oligarchy.


Gnomes of Zurich ( Wilson,

Its a broader Game than Just EU Membership.




Screenshot from 2019-01-18 06-12-09.png

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