Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility for All Recessions. Some Observations.

http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/federal-reserve-causes-all-recessions/#comment-4301629840 Zero Hedge posted this article today so I took a look, I left a few comments which the writer of the blog obviously did not want, SO I am reproducing them here. Its an interesting piece and puts out some good motives and so forth for the fed doing some of the stuff which … Continue reading Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility for All Recessions. Some Observations.

Coin Market Cap and The Fed Balance sheet. Debt Based Fiat money in Context!

https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/eth/forum/USD jaslong 5 hours ago Can someone explain why we are so low at the moment? I cant identify or find a single cause? Trump? its January? News? any thoughts? rogerglewis13 1 min ago any significant movement through major adoption will show up here https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/us-index/bitcoin.html for now the BTC whales including financial players from Central … Continue reading Coin Market Cap and The Fed Balance sheet. Debt Based Fiat money in Context!

BREXIT….The one specific outcome of this afternoon’s woffle session in the Commons: GENERAL ELECTION NOW

The reformation puppet show at the beginning and then this.


Spot on John,
The Sweep of events at the beginning is key to seeing the Emergent realities of Brexit of part of an overriding process. The revelations of EU Military unification are blood curdling one wonder what https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Walker_(British_Army_officer)
General Sir Walter Walker would have made of it all. ( He worried about Harold Wilson and so forth, the enemy within is somewhat more familiar to his Class rather like Kim Philby or SIr Anthony Blunt.)
COG and Gladio, Daniel Ganser bears reading.

David Malones Documentary Icon Earth Made in 1995 is an early warning on Neo Liberalism, Its one of his personal favourites and heavily memory holed.
David was dragged over the coals by the Big Cheeses at the Beeb at the time and narrowly avoided the sack for making it.

Its watchable in this embedded Tweet.


It never survives You Tube copyright strikes and heavy flack from the beebs suits every time I have tried, this russian streaming site is where the twitter link goes to.
I am putting it up on the Dtube site and have a Blog on Steemit, you should try it there John
it is literally uncensorable but obviously old web NSA browsers mean searchability is not there, but thats the big news ( sarcasm) shadow banning is very severe and has been cranked up like a spanish inquisitors thumb screws to unbearable levels since the fake news fuss.

The Slog.

methink2On a point of order, I think Mrs May was out of order by pitching up at the House of Commons this afternoon in contempt of a demand by said House that she must come up with a Plan B on Brexit within three days of Plan A being rejected by the wafer-thin majority of 230 votes in the aforesaid House. 


She lost the vote on Tuesday 15th. Weekends don’t count as working days for our lucky MPs, but she breezed into the Commons today with nothing.

First Prize in spotting this goes to largely unsung but devastatingly sexy Tory MP for South Cambs, Heidi Allen.

However, I must be even-handed and also mention Labour Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves, who was the one and only person in the Chamber of Horrors to mention the term Canada + Deal, which is (as loyal Sloggers already know) by far my…

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Quotes From International Bankers. Jekyll Island The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve ( 2013)

  https://web.archive.org/web/20180518160349/https://prof77.wordpress.com/the-20/the-international-bankers-famous-quotes-about-international-bankers/ The International Bankers–famous quotes about international bankers The International Bankers Just by reading through these quotes, you will have a very clear picture of what happened to America and how we got in this fix in the first place. [Quotes arranged in approximate chronological order.] . “The bank hath benefit of interest on all … Continue reading Quotes From International Bankers. Jekyll Island The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve ( 2013)

Beyond Probability, Actors in History.

https://rwer.wordpress.com/2019/01/22/beyond-probabilism/   Beyond probabilism January 22, 2019Lars SyllLeave a commentGo to comments from Lars Syll “Getting philosophical” is not about articulating rarified concepts divorced from statistical practice. It is to provide tools to avoid obfuscating the terms and issues being bandied about …           Hi Lars, I Like Hans Rosling's Possibilism, the … Continue reading Beyond Probability, Actors in History.