OUT: Outrageously Unacceptable Talk



https://twitter.com/PMotels/status/1088806696837894145 I love the Sign that Nicola Sturgeon is holding Louis CK wants to identify as a Location etc. Made me laugh too. This compromise of Malthouse( is anyone still taking this pantomime seriously? its as absurd by now as Skripal.



alex and donald

The Slog.


In the first of what I hope will become a long-runner, The Slog targets all the syntax, hypocrisy and assumptive drivel of contemporary life….with the gloves entirely removed.


I went to bed last Saturday night with a gentle question coursing through my mind: what the blithering fuck does ‘alternative arrangements’ mean? Sir Graham Brady, the slowly inflating chair of the 1922 Committee that represents Cro-Magnon Tory MPs, wants to see the Irish backstop replaced by what he calls “alternative arrangements to avoid a hard border”. His proposed amendment to the Withdrawal Bill is gaining widespread support in the House, and as of yesterday has the Government’s backing.

But I have yet to see what these alternative arrangements are. 

Next year will see the 300th anniversary of the maddest Stock Exchange rush of all time, The South Sea Bubble. People paid good money to buy shares in a company whose mission…

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