It’s not Brexit but "Deutsche-it" you want to worry about

It’s not Brexit but “Deutsche-it” you want to worry about

Saving the Earth or Saving Capitalism? The Inconvenient Truth Behind Today’s Youth Climate Campaigns by Global Research News Hour via #soundcloud







I have just read an article by George Monbiot dismissing the Tragedy of the Commons because it is used to justify privatization. He has been misled by this specious use of the Tragedy. All Hardin actually proposes in his classic essay on the topic is ‘mutual coercion mutually agreed upon’, which is exactly what must happen.

Hi Clive,
Monbiot is controlled opposition, a gatekeeper.
The apparent infection in the Mainstream media by the plants of various Mockingbird initiatives dating back to the cold war is more prevalent now than they have ever been.
I happen to think that both the Tragedy of the commons and also the Significance of Anthropogenic Carbon emissions is overstated and as a distraction from the Environmental despoilation and Infinite growth paradigm on a finite planet.
WHilst I disagree with you on the details You and I are on the same side, whilst Monbiot might agree with some of our positions it is important to understand that he speaks for an unspoken un-propagandised agenda

That Agenda, Agenda 21, might well be one you and I are in opposing camps on.
As with most agendas, they have been corrupted over time,
Quilligans work I find most enlightening and the Brant report on which he worked is a solid and compelling piece of work,

This film by Grignon takes your position on CO2, whilst I think that part is falsified, to my own satisfaction but not that of others his other work on Money as debt is compelling

Regarding neo-CLassical neo-liberal economics and ideology ( it is fascism and fascism as we know it, Clive)
Here is some interesting work and discussion I am currently involved with.

I hope you are well I read your columns often but rarely comment, Today I reached out to let you know I am listening and take seriously what you say, even though I disagree with some of it.
Internet censorship is about to go warp speed Clive you should consider getting onto the Steemit platform

Never in the field of inhuman media have so many been fed so much bollocks by so few

Hi John,
Had a problem posting again earlier John.
WIth things being as they are I fully expect the Internet to start behaving all peculiar?
STeemit and BitCHute are the remedy to that ( Ditributed Web3.

The CHrome Browser which is very convienient in many ways chucks a lot of what I want to read on Wiki Spooks out for instance.
Hi Mike been down the memory hole again this guy we touched on a few years back just a recap.

Would be interested to know if these play in your browser They have trouble in Chrome with me OK in Firefox.

Chrome kills this link it will not let it open, always a good sign I find.
Agree with Off Guardian John but the gold standard is Thierry Meysand Outfit.
The front running of the Regime change ops is not so hard to see,
Ukraine, Syria, Libya , Now Venezuela again,
Heres VoltaireProject Kurt W Tidd, Stella Colloni and Thierry Meyssan. From as far back as February 2018!!!!

Dominic Raab Confirms changes in Chequers deal appeared after his signing off the draft? See from 2.11 mins
election who authorized that it’s not
clear to me I’ve asked that question as
a change made that if it wasn’t you and
you’re the
secretary paid to be the negotiator the
brexit said we can only have been the
Prime Minister well I don’t know I asked
that question in cabinet I haven’t had a
particular good answers it was described
as a drafting change but I think if you
look at it you’ve got it there in front
of you it is very clear that the future
relationship will be based on this
Steve Baker makes the same point in his detailed evidence to the Brexit committee.

On the Coming Censorship, Beating the Memory Hole and the Ban Stick!
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Sorry for the Long post Just trying to get our word out following hwat you posted yesterday

I propose that a Movement be created with the following objectives:

To demand SOVEREIGN exit from the European Union reducing EU control over British policy to 0%
To fire all those who attempt while in public to dilute that
To demand that a written Constitution be enacted and binding on all UK citizens in full within twelve months via a cross-Party committee subject to final approval by Referendum
To use targeted and disciplined electoral tactics to scare the political class into action on our behalf
To crowd-fund all and any funds dedicated to that outcome.

The Slog.


The black night of journalism


I bring good news; Greece ventured out onto the Sovereign debt markets earlier this week, and sold all €10billion worth at a stroke. Athens is saved. Let the bells ring out for our glorious European Union.

What, we wonder will Greece do with the money? In order to take a stab at that one, we must first of all recognise that Hellas is a protectorate of Brussels-am-Berlin, after being stabbed in the front by Mario Draghi, and then in the back by Yanis Stournaras….with a throat slitting coup de grace from infamous bullfighter Alexis Tsipras.

And there is more – this time from Standard & Poors, that ratings agency renowned for its ‘no limit’ approach to neoliberal objects inserted via the anus of collaboration: gdp definitions, grand pianos, ECB liquidity stats, US unemployment figures, Italian growth numbers….there’s always room for more down below, where…

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