THE DAVOS OUTPUT: World Economic Forum searches for global chaos culprits, fails to look in mirror

I exchanged opinions with CLive Lord the founder of the Green Party of England and Wales just yesterday.
He Blogged lamenting being ignored by George Monbiot.
I dislike Mintbiot and said this to Clive
Hi Clive,
Monbiot is controlled opposition, a gatekeeper.
The apparent infection in the Mainstream media by the plants of various Mockingbird initiatives dating back to the cold war is more prevalent now than they have ever been.
I happen to think that both the Tragedy of the commons and also the Significance of Anthropogenic Carbon emissions is overstated and as a distraction from the Environmental despoilation and Infinite growth paradigm on a finite planet.
WHilst I disagree with you on the details You and I are on the same side, whilst Monbiot might agree with some of our positions it is important to understand that he speaks for an unspoken un-propagandised agenda

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Hi Clive,
Could you tell me what you consider your main thrust to be?

I think we are basically on the same side regarding UBI of course and the infinite growth on a finite planet axiom is so clearly demonstrated by Bartlett and of course others.

I do wonder why this young lady was not Embraced as enthusiastically by the Oligarchs as Greta.

Victoria Grant from Marc Armstrong on Vimeo.

On Ostrum here is my blog of our discussion,

Al Gore is a total prick and his film The inconvenient truth is very very dumb.

I prepared this PDF in frustration at the very overblown claims made for a CO2 Anthropogenic control knob. King Canute is alive and well and living in IPCC land.

The Slog.

me11 The senior members of the annual Davos skiing jolly (aka World Economic Forum) have published a damning indictment of those in charge of shaping the future for life on Earth. I could more easily accept that verdict if the Klosters crowd was in turn willing to accept some level of blame for it. 


It’s hard not to sigh with a thin smile on reading the WEF’s image of itself:

‘The World Economic Forum is an independent and impartial International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. Its objective is to improve the state of the world. It does not promote any political, commercial or personal interests’ 

It says it is ‘the only yearly gathering that brings together leaders of global society’, thus opening with the acceptance that there is such a thing as global society, which there quite obviously isn’t. About the the most daring thing it does at Davos is…

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