At the End of the Day. Mrs May Junkers Mol Flanders #Brino #BrexituptheArse

Ah, dear Moll, now where are those oranges
[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

Ah, dear Moll, now where are those oranges

May Inspired By Mols devices
Feints a Brino for Junkers Vices
All Agreed as Brexit was Ill-defined
Junker had spunked her from behind.

The Slog.

mesmile2 Oh dear, another five days pour down the Brexit brain-drain as May and Juncker are “locked in deadlock” in Brussels. She’ll be back home again tomorrow – a Friday. Then we shall have a weekend. Then some form of St Valentine’s Day love-in will take place. Then the half-term recess. In this manner is Brexit wished away.

‘Locked in deadlock’ could well be interpreted as two thespians agreeing violently for the enjoyment of the audience. Part of me thinks that – but a larger slice of my now really terribly bored brain somehow knows that (as I posted last night) the Brussels strategy was always to delay, to give Britain homework to delay further, to stonewall, to find an issue that would be insoluble, and then to play Lady Bountiful by granting an extension to Article 50. The strategy of these appalling people never changes: it is…

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