Textual Analysis Climate Debate of the decade.

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Three Main Actors Moon of Alabama branded them FUKUS ( Very Droll ) In Order of the Acronym
France ( Macron )

US ( Trump )
All are leaders with a questionable Mandate, Trumps is strongest arguably but May and Macron remain Establishment Choices. May the DUP supported Own goal Merchant and Macron the Man from Nowhere who the Slog cruelly characterises as a Mother Fucker.

Trump is talking about re looking at TPP, May is obviously Back Tracking on Brexit and Macron is facing challenges to his *Liberalisation reforms )

May and Trump are facing electoral tests Mid Terms in US and Local Elections for MAy.

In Short, all have challenging domestic agendas.

The biggies are not domestic agendas but International Ones.

If the Security Council meeting the main advocates supporting the action were The Netherlands, and Sweden both have been pushing the Syria Bashing.

Sweden has the oldest Central Bank and The Netherlands is, of Course, the beginnings of the modern worlds Capitalist system. The Colonialö/Imperialist International Banking Project runs strongly through this whole thing.

Israel has been fairly quiet I have news feeds from Jewish Chronicle and Haaretz the Israeli News Paper they have been observing keenly but apart from the Domestic Anti Semitism Schtick in Uk and of course the Israeli Strikes on Iranian Targets, Israel has a very Low profile here, in fact barely garner a mention? Staying in Shadows pulling Strings, BiBi is a class operator in the black arts of arm Twisting, he was as a younger man much more dashing and charming he has morphed into a rather unattractive slimeball but I must admit I found the Younger Netanyahu very convincing, not so now.
He has his hand up Trumps back though, all public appearances of the two together show this to be so.

We can usefully distinguish between events, and Characters as well as Domestic and International Dynamics.

Russia, Turkey, Saudi, Iran.

Here is Gets Very Complicated indeed.

3 players are steeped in the intrigues of Petro Dollar Hegemony and Turkey was a key creation of the Post WW1 treaties which brought in the age of Oil and FIAT/GoldStandard and the Fed (The Gold Standard was a FIAT system under the shining exterior, I will not go into that here But Zarlenga’s Lost Science of Money goes into it in depth)

Gas PipeLines Involve all of them.and in that respect we have to bring Ukraine into the Picture as well.

Israel is also a player with the Gas question in respect of the Leviathan fields and other fields in the Eastern Medetaranian this also brings Egypt into the picture. Of Course, Libya and Iraq come into the question from PetroDollar and Energy aspects of the question and lead back to General Wesley Walker.


As of April 2014, German mainstream media continue to ignore the peaceful weekly Monday demonstrations in now over 34 German cities – defaming them ludicrously as “new right-wing movement”,

Not The Grub Street Journal

The first rule of debating climate Change is, Don’t debate Climate change, and as what happens at fight club stays at Fight club, what Happens in the Scientific Academy must not trouble the Simple stories which Climate Communicators use to break it down for the Flock.

The idea is that in matters as difficult as this we need to trust the experts. We need to accept what we are told and submit to the Arguments from Authority which they hand down to us.

On Experts, I suggest the work of Tetlock and his criticisms of the Dismal Science of Economics and the seeming unimportance of their predictions ever being right.

Tetlock’s research program over the last four decades has explored five themes:

  1. the concept of good judgment (with special emphasis on the usefulness of forecasting tournaments in assessing one key component of good judgment: accuracy);
  2. the impact of accountability on…

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