Theresa Mays, Act of Treason. Selling Britain into EU Slavery and surrendering our defences to the EU Tyranny.





Duplicitous leaders

 This is a copy of the blog post on the Bruges Group website,  which has very quickly been taken down. I am hosting it here simply for visibility. I make no claims about its accuracy.

There is no doubt about the veracity of this account since documents have been seen.
On Monday July 9th 2018, several leading French, German and Dutch senior managers were called by EU officials to an urgent meeting.
The meeting was said to be private and those present were informed that Prime Minister May and Chancellor Merkel had reached an Agreement over Brexit. Knowledge of this was attained from the actual transcript of the meeting between May and Merkel.
1) The Agreement was couched in a way to ‘appease’ the Brexit voters.
2) The Agreement would enable May to get rid of those people in her party who were against progress and unity in the EU.
3) Both Merkel and May agreed that the likely course of events would be that UK would re-join the EU in full at some time after the next general election.
4) May agreed to keep as many EU laws and institutions as she could despite the current groundswell of ‘anti-EU hysteria’ in Britain (May’s own words, apparently.)
5) Merkel and May agreed that the only realistic future for the UK was within the EU.
The original Agreement draft was completed in May 2018 in Berlin and then sent to the UK Government Cabinet Office marked ‘Secret’.
NB This Agreement draft was authored in the German Chancellor’s private office.
The Cabinet returned the Agreement draft with suggestions, and there was some to-ing and fro-ing during June 5th 2018.
Private calls between the Prime Minister and Chancellor were made.
The Agreement’s final draft came out late in June 2018. The German Chancellor told Prime Minister May that this was a deal she would support, though there would need to be some more small concessions by the UK to keep the EU happy.
The Chancellor and Prime Minister met in Germany. Merkel had this meeting recorded as a ‘private meeting’ though the Prime Minister was probably unaware of that.
The Chancellor had the transcript of that meeting circulated secretly to EU and key German embassies.
Documents make it quite clear that Prime Minister May was negotiating with Germany, not the EU.
The transcript also makes it clear that the Prime Minister intended to keep all this secret from minsters, especially the Brexit group.
She wants to keep as many EU institutions in UK as intact as possible in order to facilitate an easy return to the EU after 2020.
Chancellor Merkel briefed May on tactics to force Cabinet approval.
The Prime Minister and senior civil servants were working with Germany to stop Brexit or water it down to prevent free trade and the ending of freedom of movement, but to keep cash flowing to the EU.
David Davis was kept in the dark while key EU premiers in France, Holland and Ireland were briefed in full.
Key EU heads were actually briefed in full the day before the Cabinet meeting at Chequers.

The new Kind Of Gore, Same old Yellow Snow Same old Cool Aid #WrongKindofGreen @COMPROMISEDNGOS #8THWAYTOTHINK #GREENPARTYUK #EXTINCTIONREBELLION @GRETATHUNBERG#CarbonCurrencyendgame


Mark Blythe had a lot of good things to say about Brexit and the Possible rise of trump predicated upon the jury coming back in on Neo Liberalism and finding its race to the bottom guilty as charged. Of Course that Race to the Bottom was cheerled by Clintons Wingman Al Gore who told Americans what a fine idea NAFTA would be and how it would be such a fine and dandy win win win.






Our only debt is to Nature and What Is.
Environmental Pragmatism Live and let live.

I decided to see what sort of things the hilariously caustic Scot was tweeting about at the moment and was intrigued to see he had recommended this Speech.


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So Senator Whitehouse is a Retread of Gore same old Yellow Snow . This blog has lots of Climate Science non of it supportive of the CO2 Control Knob Theory, The senator is singing from the Climate Communication PR handbook, gores Film an inconvienient Truth turned out to be Economic with the actualite so much so a High Court Judge in the Uk ruled that.

“The judge ruled that An Inconvenient Truth contained nine scientific errors and thus must be accompanied by an explanation of those errors before being shown to school children. The judge said that showing the film without the explanations of error would be a violation of education laws.”

 BBC News. October 11, 2007. Retrieved March 21, 2015



Frank Zappa also appeared at Gores first Strike.


While the wife of the Secretary of the Treasury recites “Gonna drive my love inside you” and Senator Gore’s wife talks about “Bondage!” and “oral sex at gunpoint” on the CBS Evening News, people in high places work on a tax bill that is so ridiculous, the only way to sneak it through is to keep the public’s mind on something else: “Porn rock”.

Is the basic issue morality? Is it mental health? Is it an issue at all? The PMRC has created a lot of confusion with improper comparisons between song lyrics, videos, record packaging, radio broadcasting, and live performances. These are all different mediums, and the people who work in them have the right to conduct their business without trade-restraining legislation, whipped up like an instant pudding by The Wives of Big Brother.

The establishment of a rating system, voluntary or otherwise, opens the door to an endless parade of Moral Quality Control Programs based on “Things Certain Christians Don’t Like”. What if the next bunch of Washington Wives demands a large yellow “J” on all material written or performed by Jews, in order to save helpless children from exposure to concealed Zionist doctrine?

Franks Advice.

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I appreciate Off guarding and it is a valued reading source in my newsfeeds, Moderation policies though are rather ironic in the context of the Complains of Guardian censored comments.

What “community standards” did this comment breach? #20

The following comments – sent in to us by a reader – were censored by The Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did they breach?

Removed comment, posted under the Politics live feed on Tuesday 5th of March:

Yesterday I had a comment removed on Project Syndicate.



I do not think my comment is in temperate or even ad hominem it is critical of Macron but does not name call etc.

Web censorship is very heavy one wonders what is coming down the pike?

I repeat

Blockchain is for life not just for Christmas, replicate important comments and censorship on a Blockchain Platform Like Steemit.

Also upload videos of content to Bitchute

also protect the freedo of speech even of those you dislike, they are family and community members too.


The genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe

Hi Francis, This Guy is the David Brent of SJW/Antifa Land, I must say he provokes a visceral repulsion in me which I really can not quite Explain even people I dislike or find unpleasant in different ways do not usually provoke the feeling this guy provokes he seems to totally mangle my love frequencies if that makes sense.


Happily he does not seem to attract a large viewership but of course exponentially his tripe is infecting the minds of many of our Youth through his NGO proxies.

Anyway just reaching out as I get a totally different Aura just being here writing this comment .


The hot potato of immigration – a perfectly reasonable debate for citizens of any country to have but one that many from all political persuasions are often unable to have without resorting to hysteria and polarisation.

Natural and sustainable immigration happens organically. Economic immigrants, whether legal or not, can’t be blamed or demonised for looking for a better quality of life. And genuine asylum seekers who escape war zones and civil wars created by any aggressor including western/Nato countries should expect our sympathy and help and be given refuge in the nearest safe country or countries as set out in international law.

But it isn’t that simple. Sadly there are political leaders and planners who seek to create and use mass immigration and the forced movement of people for their own nefarious purposes. Not many people have heard of the The Kalergi Pan European plan for Europe. In the 1920s…

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