Brexit, Oceana or Eurasia The true choice all along? And still the Distractions, cod pieces and all.


Tom v Tommy II: incompetence, hypocrisy and cover-up on cultural immigration issues.


  1. @ rogerglewis

    I suppose Tommy could say that He Has no interest in Likudnik politics and that He only has a purely technical interest in IDF weapons when He is pictured holding an uzi and sitting on a tank near the occupied territories?
    And it does get even more confusing when…
    The aforementioned Netanyah is pictured bring grapes in to the bedside of ISIS leaders being treated in Tel Aviv Hospitals. He just cares about people, yes?
    I am a simple man, I judge a tree by its fruits and I call a spade a spade. I never look a gift horse in the mouth or question Gods motives…
    I leave those tasks to smart guys who wiser than all of us.

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  2. I have massive respect for John Ward, for publishing the videos that rogerglewis posted at the start of this thread, because I know that they conflict with John Ward’s long held opinions.

    I don’t know if he has in any way changed his mind, but for allowing views that completely conflict with long held opinions, demonstrates several exceedingly good human qualities, rarely displayed.

    As regards Tommy Robinson, whilst I may respect some of his actions and opinions, This quite clearly displays who he is really working for, and I am not impressed.

    I am a fan of real independent journalists, like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett, who have far more courage than him, and don’t work for The BBC, Guardian nor The British Government nor Intelligence Services. They simply go there and report the facts.


    Tommy is not anti-migration…
    Tommy IS anti-Islam…
    While, I am by no means pro-Islam I question Tommy’s motives, purpose and backers.
    He has worked for Rebel Media in Canada, a wholly zionist outfit affiliated with Alex Jones. Tommy is a convicted fraudster with several aliases.


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How is it that Tommy Robinson has a police officer guarding his home?

This was re-tweeted by a Left Wing Freind of mine, I spent many hours working on an interview series with him about a book he had been writing.

My Response is I think perfectly sensible and how anyone that believes in the rule of Law would not deduce this for themselves is beyond me.

Because of multiple Osmond Warnings Thats when Credible threats of Violence are known to be imminent from Police Intelligence. If you believe in the rule of Law and freedom of speech why are you even asking the question?

The Cognitive Dissonance of Caroline Lucas is mentioned in another comment here and I think it must have something to do with it and the constant hit pieces on Tommy Robinson.

I posted this on Tommy’s Bitchute Earlier.

Of Course visiting anywhere under the protection of an occupying Power is fraught with problems regarding verification. Personally I think this sort of Mission creep is not helpful for Britain’s own issues, it is true that the Palestinian Mandate and creation of the State of Israel is a British Political Construct as was the creation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Anyway Just on Zionism, There is Not One Jew, One Judaism and One Zionism Just as There are not Singular Christians or Moslems. Tommy, beware Mission creep mate , nice Keepy uppy skills though.

I dislike Netanyahu and i am no apologist for Israeli War Crimes. I also think the Labour Anti Semitism Narrative is totally manufactured, If you have not watched the Israel Lobby Al Jazeera series for UK and USA then you should.

My Ex WIfe was the PArtner in a West end Jewish Law firm whos Senior Partner was Chief Rabbi SacKs Cousin. Sacks is I think a poor spokesman for the Jewish Community although he no doubts speaks for a section of it. My own views are rather more orthodox than the Chief Rabbis and Rabbi Shapiro is much more where my own views on both Orthodox Faith including my own and also Views on Israel and the Diaspora lie.

I am a huge admirer of Norman Finkelstein and it is the likes of Ezra Levant and Alan Dershowitz who are clearly funding part of Tommy’s campaign as in Shillman when I saw that Tommy was awarded a Shillman fellowship I did cringe.

I blogged on the Chabloz antisemitism case and the Nazi Pug case and called state overreach when Tommy was arrested in Leeds. I speak as I find. I do think Chabloz is Anti Semitic, but my view is so what she will hoist her self on her own petard. I also suggest that Chabloz would not have got half as out of the reservation as she did had various zealous witchfinders of the Holocaustianity school of Atheistic Zionism not done their level best to put her in Penury, getting her sacked from her cruise ship gigs for instance.

I abhor Political Correctness and I am an Unashamed Leftist Anarchist of the Bachunin/Prouhdon/Kropotkin Variety. I am actually very conservative, I much prefer Burke to Bentham, although Bentham against the US Declaration of independence
and also Against COlonies appended to In defence of Usury
From this statement, if the foregoing observation be just,
the following deductions will come to be made.
are very good reads.
I prefer Chesterton and Belloc ( Distributism) and, Henry George to any form of Free Market Classical Liberalism or indeed Capitalism. Above all, though I can not stand one rule for the Posh and another for the not posh. Legal Snobbery or placing so-called Elites above the Law.

Meanwhile Cox fiddles with his cod piece whilst Rome Burns, or does it.

Brexit is beginning to show that Brexit all along has just been factions of the Oligarchy choosing between Oceana or Eurasia.

May Wants Eurasia and the others want Oceana.