THE SATURDAY ESSAY: why Personal Destiny Control (PDC) is now a global phenomenon from which liberty can benefit

Get up Stand up, Standup for your rights. Canton Model Direct Democracy
tonefreqhz (34) in canton • 8 hours ago

Steemit is a Blogging Platform on Web3, (TheFreelomWeb) (LibertyWeb) (PeoplePowerWeb)

Zero Hedge the Huff Post for Armchair AnarchoCapitalist Preppers.
tonefreqhz (34) in corbettreport • 7 hours ago
It strikes me as odd that one has to register and go through a selective screening process to be allowed to post in the comments there, I am also suspicious that all my previous efforts to post there have been un-successful. Are there Thought Criminals in the Zero Hedge World? One wonders.

Great Essay John,
Personal Destiny Control to major tom Switch on Afterburner Boosters on,
Planet earth is blue and there’s something we can do.

The Slog

win_20190127_120025 The pointless referendum that led to a pointed betrayal of Brexit has been, for most voters, a painful exercise in anger and tedium. But the learning experience mustn’t be wasted. In particular, it’s time to start seeing it as nothing more than one symptom along one dimension of a massive global trend: the multivariate attempts of positively anti-State groups to evade the attentions of (and build alternatives to) increasingly remote institutions and services that have been bought by the 3%. In this essay, The Slog examines the prospects for genuine Citizen Power.


In the swirling and incessantly noisy maelstrom of what one might call 21st century ‘News peak’ (join the words up and you get the Orwellian term for spin, Newspeak) quality in terms of accuracy and astute analysis has been abandoned in favour of 24/7 quantity. Never in the long history of the United Kingdom has this…

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