SRI LANKA BOMBINGS: the sensational political background that most reporters have missed

Re-Blogging and Tweeting, The Comments John are all showing an astuteness and subtlety unbeloved of our Lords Masters and Oligarchicalwould be Gods.
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The Slog.

me1511172Who looked the other way in Sri Lanka, and why? The Easter Sunday attacks are emerging as an inside job with international backers, and a thinly veiled attempt to oust a Western-facing Prime Minister. Both the security forces and the President are objects of deep suspicion.


There is a rapidly developing outbreak of Truth in Sri Lanka that represents a refreshing change in atrocity coverage….and is in stark contrast to the lachrymose bollocks that typified its predecessor in New Zealand.

Blair-taught Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dutifully poured thick brown molasses over any clarity as to the perpetrators of the horror there, preferring her irritating Peacenik clichés in New Zealand’s hour of shock to any thought-through analysis of why on Earth its tiny Muslim population should have been targeted.

But the Sri Lankan authorities (or rather, various élites within it) have by contrast engaged in public breast-baring that is asking…

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