The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

An excellent Article , found this by responding to Energy Industry Gatekeepers on the Watts up with that Blog. They may just be repeaters or Paid trolls often hard to distinguish anyhow glad to have found this.

American Intelligence Media

First, this article might make you mad as hell.

Then some of you might feel stupid, betrayed, gullible, used, sorrowful.

The Anonymous Patriots ask that you face the LIES you have been told your entire life about energy, wars, banking, and life in general. Then educate yourself on the amazing solutions that we could begin to use immediately to bring, literally, a free energy revolution to the world.

Believe 2

As we emerge out of the sea of lies, let’s BELIEVE that we can change the world. Please take your time reading this article, then share this insight with everyone you know in a way that they can best understand the message. Patriots, let’s break out of this prison planet.

The big oil and petrochemical industry has perpetrated LIES to enslave humanity to oil consumption by making us believe that it is the preferred and best energy source…

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