CIA Declassified Soviet Jokes

Could be about the EUssr or the Washington Consensus under Neo-Liberalism.

Intel Today

“The CIA made a lot of mistakes during the Cold War but keeping a list of Soviet jokes was not one of them.”

Dr Gene Zubovich  — University of California Berkeley historian

“The US Embassy in Moscow would send in a ‘jokes cable,’ usually annually, listing some of the better jokes that they had picked up. At the end of year, they would do kind of an annual round-up, kind of a holiday gift if you will.”

Peter Clement — Deputy assistant director of CIA for Europe and Eurasia

“The story of Soviet humour isn’t an Orwellian nightmare of social atomisation and the crushing of the individual. It’s a fundamentally human story of survival and community.”

Jon Waterlow — It’s Only a Joke, Comrade! Humour, Trust and Everyday Life under Stalin

Thank God, It is Sunday! The jokes were part of a 13-million-page release of declassified CIA documents. The CIA…

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Continuity of Government made real, an exponent of the Fusion Doctrine, Gladio Two and Atlantic Council Elf!
I think The Slog has smoked out the Oligarchies Man in the shadows here, That he has been brought into the light is very worying.
Iran, all eyes, stand by your beds.

The Slog.

methink2 Hot on the heels of a blatant technocratic takeover of the Brexit “negotiation”, it is apparent that one lifer senior security officer now holds the reins of both the Cabinet Office and the National Security Council. He has just accused senior rivals of the Prime Minister of criminal leaking of top secret discussions about the risks of employing Huawei on 5G. Why?


Those of you paying attention will probably have noticed that we have (as a United Kingdom) already blown 8% of our allotted time of 204 days before the Brussels Bombasts come back to us and ask, “So then….yes or no?”

That might not seem like a lot. But bear in mind three things:

  1. Only 5 days in 7 really count. Perish the thought that Whitehall or MPs might have to work over a weekend
  2. Andrea Leadboots has already announced that there will not be any Parliamentary…

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