True Colours: a sober analysis of the potential for longterm political freedom in Britain

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Keep Calm and Carry on.


The Slog.

Yesterday’s Part 1 Slogpost concluded by suggesting that the task for those Brits with their brains, hearts and souls still intact ‘is to assemble a very cold and harsh analysis of the governing class, and decide which side the main institutions, key players and hopefuls are on: that of citizen liberty, or taking liberties at the expense of the citizen’. This Part 2 below looks at each in turn.



In many ways, this first is the most depressing part of the analysis. But in others, it illustrates just how shakey those organs of the State and society are… and how there is – genuinely – no case for resorting to violent revolution: their structure and fabric is so rotten, concerted action at constituency and ballot booth would be more than enough to blow them down. Even if division and stupidity stops that process, peaceful resistance can quickly restore…

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