French letter

Following Perplexity towards complexity.
President Macron mentioned in Dispatches from the Ex-Pat Brexit Front Line.
Anyone of a certain age will remember the Book a Year in Provence. written in 1989.
How times have changed.

The Slog.

mesmile2  Despite a flurry of confident leaks from various Tories as elevated as Oliver Letwin – and the obvious willingness of Theresa May to accept any Labour demand to drag her Merkel Diktat over the line – the general opinion this evening is that Corbyn Labour is not taking the bait.

Rather than indulge in examining the tactics and entrails of these Cross-Party talks, The Slog now opts to update readers on the latest hard evidence of approaching continental anarchy. EU co-founder France is in a fiscal, cultural and political mess that demonstrates precisely why the federalists are doomed.


I have a strong sense about something, and I am going to risk a prediction based on it: when the external pressure upon (and internal illogic of) first the Eurozone and the EU finally lead to chaos, repression and collapse, there will not be a single British person who voted…

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