Two Notes on the Psephology of the Euro-Elections. Sophistry, Psephology, BS and The Euro Elections. #Brinononono #Brexit #WTONow #TurnoutEU2019

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The result?  A third video by DjSadhu that according to Mr. Taylor is “a million times better and has correct physics.”  Mr. Sadhu’s associated blog post to accompany that video is here.  Here’s that video:

Mr. Taylor actually carried on a critical yet positive conversation with Mr. Sadhu – the ultimate intent towards a more accurate model.  He even developed his own version of the helical motion to show DjSadhu the correct motion and inclination:



An Excellent Thread analysing the ins and outs here By a Young Political Scientist at Oxford, definitely a name to watch.


also some collaborations on turnout declarations ahead of the vote.

And then some people have to have a go? see this blog for two ways of making authentic suggestions as opposed to Virtue signalling.


To put it crudely, Bull Shit is Like Farting everybody likes the smell of their own.

Elections Etc

by John Curtice, Patrick English, Stephen Fisher and Eilidh Macfarlane.

Even though the votes have yet to be counted, the Conservatives and Labour already seem to be undertaking their own post-mortems of what promises to be poor results for both of them in the European Parliamentary elections. Within the Conservative party there is a lively debate taking place about whether or not in the wake of the anticipated success of the Brexit Party, Tories could and should embrace at least the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal. Meanwhile, Labour, anticipating perhaps that the party has lost votes to others whom have adopted a clearer position on Brexit, looks as though it is about to consider the possibility of coming out more firmly in favour of some kind of public ballot.

Doubtless, all sides in this debate will look to the pattern of the results on Sunday…

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