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“and hearing a Court case that says we already left the EU last March 29th.”,

This could prove interesting.

Gina Millers Case could bite the Remainiacs squarely on the arse.


Chomsky booed: State ‘not ready’ for Socialism, Dems ‘deluded’

Noam Chomsky was booed at the 2019 California Democratic Party Convention for saying the state is “not ready” for “revolutionary Socialism.”

“In a situation of manipulation, the Left is almost always tempted by a “quick return to power,” forgets the necessity of joining with the oppressed to forge an organization, and strays into an impossible “dialogue” with the dominant elites. It ends by being manipulated by these elites, and not infrequently itself falls in an elitist game, which it calls “realism.”

Manipulation, like the conquest whose objectives it serves, attempts to anesthetize the people so they will not think. For if the people join to their presence in the historical process critical thinking about that process, the threat of their emergence materializes in revolution…One of the methods of manipulation is to inoculate individuals with the bourgeois appetite for personal success. This manipulation is sometimes carried out directly by the elites and sometimes indirectly, through populist leaders.”
― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed


Roger Lewis
Owen Jones has let himself go.


The Slog.

mesmile2  A quarter of the Brexit extension has already been used up. The House of Commons remains 80% occupied by MPs who want to remain tied in one form or another to the SS Eutanic. Without a General Election, nothing will move forward. Yet again, the myth-merchants are winning by pretending their science is settled.


One of the many fault lines separating Western citizens in 2019 is the one opening up beneath the feet of two groups of media consumers. These I would describe as the Headshakers and the Blotting Papers. The first group look at the provenance of a media statement, give it a bias score, compare the content to common sense and their own experience, look up some alternative views, and then act accordingly. The second lot see who made the comment, and then support or deny its veracity based entirely on whether the observation came from…

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6 THOUGHTS ON “END OF THE PETRO DOLLAR AND THE FAILURE OF THE CARBON CURRENCY END GAME.” Re-Arranging the Sock Drawer of Cognitive Dissonance. S0 Many Sock Puppets.So many Odd Socks.




  1. Cheers Stevie, like all of us I keep scratching around for the pieces to the puzzle. It’s like trying to pair socks much of the time, the matching colour seems always to hide in the most unlikely place.


  2. I keep intending to throw all my old socks out in order to replace them with a couple of packs of the same colour & type, so it doesn’t matter how they come out of the washing machine.

    Achieving cognitive rather than sock consonance is perhaps impossible as there is always going to be another coloured sock of dissonance turning up which constantly has to be reconciled or simply lived with in order to avoid a closed supposedly all knowing, self justifying mind.

    At least we are scratching around unlike many, which is illustrated by some of those commenting today on the Ukraine in the Guardian. The fact that they seem to believe that the West & it’s leaders still possess the high moral ground, despite the enormous evidence to the contrary speaks volumes. It does however seem that more people are realising that the sock drawer is a multi-colour tangle of odd socks rather than a neat & orderly pile separated into stacks of black & white.

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  3. The Global Warming religion is a precursor to a Carbon Currency end game and a Technocratic dictatorship.
    According to the Late. Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D IS A CARBON CURRENCY THE ENDGAME?
    PART 2 By. Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D and Kristie Pelletier

    Some other articles on this theory.

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