The global assault on jobs

golden rule

“The only alternative” Alway quibble with anyone touting “The Only Alternative” or claiming “Offer Ends soon” etc this is the rhetoric of snake oil salesmen.

The current system is, of course, working exactly as it should, no surprises this is not how it is advertised.

Henry George, Major Douglas, Proudhon, GK Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc all proposed perfectly workable solutions which do not fall in the left-right or Centreground narratives of the current dumbed down discourse.


Distributism favours the dissolution of the current private bank system, or more specifically its profit-making basis in charging interest. Dorothy Day, for example, suggested [36] abolishing legal enforcement of interest-rate contracts (usury). It would not entail nationalization but could involve government involvement of some sort. Distributists look favourably on credit unions as a preferable alternative to banks.

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

It’s left, its right, in or out is best, leaves the meat of the whole subject unbothered by any serious questioning.

1. The Military Industrial Complex


2. The Money Power

two sides

3. The Corporate revolving door


4. United States Dollar hegemony ( Peanac)

download (5)

5. Oceana or Eurasia


6. Brave New World for the 3%


7. 1984 for the 97%


If the great and powerful had the beneficence and wisdom of Gods, then all this would have been well: if with a greater knowledge of what is good for the people, they had as great a care for their interest as they have themselves, if they were seated above the world, sympathizing with the welfare, but not feeling the passions of men, receiving neither good nor hurt from them, but bestowing their benefits as free gifts on them, they might then rule over them like another Providence. But this is not the case”.


The New Dark Age

5 June 2019 — WSWS

The Australian telecom giant Telstra announced Tuesday that it would eliminate the jobs of 10,000 contract workers over the next two years, after having laid off 5,000 contractors last year.

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