Prime Minister Johnson & the rocky road back to democratic reality.


Gesture without motion from the hollow men in the bubble, and a free simple idea to improve things a lot which could be implemented in one day (Part I)

Mistah Kurtz—he dead.

A penny for the Old Guy

We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men

Leaning together


The Hollow Men II: Some reflections on Westminster and Whitehall dysfunction

C) Government institutions (national and international) within which they operate, and which select people for senior positions, tend to have reliably poor performance compared with what we know humans are capable of doing. Westminster and Whitehall train people to fail, predictably and repeatedly. The EU and UN do not have the effectiveness or legitimacy we need for international cooperation.

In The Hollow Men I, I set out a long view of the failure of British elite decision-making since the 1860s. In 2014, it is particularly appropriate to consider the fact that during the entire period of 1906-1914, the British Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, and the senior military leaders had one proper meeting (23 August 1911) to discuss the interaction of foreign and military policy, and in particular what Britain would do in various scenarios involving a German invasion of France via Belgium, and the unresolved issues from this meeting were left hanging until disaster struck in July 1914.


‘Standin’ by the window, where the light is strong’: de-extinction, machine intelligence, the search for extra-solar life, autonomous drone swarms bombing Parliament, genetics & IQ, science & politics, and much more @ SciFoo 2014

‘SciFoo’ 8-10 August 2014, the Googleplex, Silicon Valley, California.

On Friday 8 August, I woke up in Big Sur (the coast of Northern California), looked out over the waves breaking on the wild empty coastline, munched a delicious Mexican breakfast at Deetjen’s, then drove north on Highway 1 towards Palo Alto where a few hours later I found myself looking through the windows of Google’s HQ at a glittering sunset in Silicon Valley.

Man at the centre of Brexit TV drama is a political strategist like no other, says its writer

Dominic Cummings, left, and him portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch
 Dominic Cummings, left, and as played by Benedict Cumberbatch in Channel 4’s Brexit: The Uncivil War. Composite: Channel 4

When Dominic Cummings found out he was to be the central character in a high-profile TV thriller about the Brexit campaign, he was suspicious. James Graham, the playwright behind the Channel 4 drama, said he “understandably had to persuade him it wasn’t a stitch-up job.”


so yeah how did Dominic coming this
house for knowledge of this how did he
completely avoid the YouTube trap so the
guys got a double first ask me from
where they opted oh okay beach or
something yeah and the first thing he
did after graduating
heads up to Chaffers.

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The Slog.

metoday I am all for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Not because he is the long-sought Messiah, but because he just might wind up causing an organised resistance to the very things that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would represent. The British disease needs to get worse before it stands any chance of getting better.


Freddie Gray (a bloke with whom I briefly worked in the Naughties, and like) opined at The Spectator this morning that, given the commanding lead Boris Johnson has after the first Conservative leadership ballot, the Party should stop faffing about and just give him the job.

I couldn’t agree less. This, of all moments in our recent history, is now the time to see democratic justice being done: Boris should keep pounding on until he has beaten every last ruse to stop him, then go on and get seven times the votes of any other candidate…

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