Gladios Back, CRASH 2, COVID19, & VIRAL MEDIA NEUROSIS: Are they connected? #GladiosBack #Gladio #Gladio2 #WilderFury2 #FuryWilder #GypsyKing @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes #BreadandCircuses #FeintandPunch #WizardofOz #Courage #JohnFury #TysonFury

Gladios back,

The Bread and Circuses and the polarised narratives.

John Fury and his words in this press conference from 2015 have always remained at the back of my mind.

I’m looking at today be real people
change your lives now stop being a yes-man
stop being plastic God gives you your own
mind use it
be yourself be real and you’ll be a
better person inside and you can look in
the mirror and sleep at night

The Slog


Our main news stories at the minute offer thinking people a chance to decide for themselves whether the Buddhists were right, in that everything is connected. The Slog analyses investment meltdown, COVID19 and the Unelected State’s role in media hysteria.

There are signs from New York and elsewhere that the longest and most corrupt Help Yourselves Bulls**t run in history is about to have its final Wily Coyote moment. Trump appointee Jerome Powell at The US Federal Reserve was quietly telling the Dimons and Cohns of this world mid last week that this time, Wall Street has been found out by enough opinion leaders to make the free money Repo Loans scam’s continuation impossible.

In the light of this, HSBC three days ago announced a cut of 35,000 jobs over the next three years. Until that one, Deutsche’s plan to cut 18,000 the year before…

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9 thoughts on “Gladios Back, CRASH 2, COVID19, & VIRAL MEDIA NEUROSIS: Are they connected? #GladiosBack #Gladio #Gladio2 #WilderFury2 #FuryWilder #GypsyKing @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes #BreadandCircuses #FeintandPunch #WizardofOz #Courage #JohnFury #TysonFury

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