Heretics of Science, Full Series From 1994. @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby #NeverMindTheBollocks @wiki_ballot


Jacques Benveniste – Homeopathy
Air date

Jul 05, 1994

Focuses on the immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who in the late 1980’s claimed he had scientific proof of the principles of homoeopathy. There was an investigation into his findings, and the conclusions were that his findings were flawed, if not fraudulent. His colleagues disowned him and he was even accused of disgracing his country.
Linus Pauling – Vitamin C
Air date

Jul 12, 1994

The heresy of Linus Pauling was that he claimed a range of diseases could be cured by taking large amounts of vitamin C. He was condemned until a few years ago when other scientists began to have second thoughts.
Rupert Sheldrake – Morphogenetic Fields
Air date

Jul 19, 1994

Documentary on Rupert Sheldrake, a Cambridge biologist who was condemned as a heretic for challenging the principle that life can be explained in terms of DNA. He proposed a new theory called Formative Causation, the idea of which was that all life depends on morphic fields.
Hans Eysenck – Genetics & IQ
Air date

Jul 26, 1994

Portrait of the psychologist who is considered beyond the pale by all except a small band of devotees.
Robert Jahn – Psychokinesis
Air date

Aug 02, 1994

Portrait of the man forced to resign as Dean of Engineering at Princetown University, because of his unorthodox views on psychokinesis.
Eric Laithwaite – Anti-Gravity
Air date

Aug 09, 1994

Portrait of the unorthodox scientist who has been shunned for the last 20 years because of his belief in an “anti-gravity” machine.

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