Is the Green Party of England and Wales Liberal?





Is the Green Party of England and Wales Liberal?
It is a lot of things one of which is incredibly naive. 
Richard Johnson
There’s gap in the political market place for a real radical Left alternative and now would be a very good time to start talking about a genuine eco-socialist party because neither the Green Party or the Labour Party qualify.
The Green Party is a radical liberal party that won’t touch class politics with a barge pole despite the fact that the elites support and participate in a culture of massive over consumption, politically they support the hydro carbon economy and their militarism is highly destructive. If the Green Party is going to achieve its objectives their power MUST be broken.
The cynical and well orchestrated destruction of Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation by the media and the Labour Party political elites proves yet again that the Labour Party is a grave yard for any kind of politics that is not totally safe for the establishment and if, as seems likely, Labour lose the next election we are faced with the total marginalisation of radical progressive politics at a time when the living world needs massive change from our species.
Being in my mid fifties I’ve seen all this before. Surely there has to be a better way than this constant cycle of defeat for the radical Left? and if we believe that only far reaching revolutionary change is going to stabilise our relationships with ourselves and the rest of the living world then we need to find that way.
Personally I don’t believe that today’s radical Left are the worthy representatives of a vital body of political ideas. We need much greater self belief and with that confidence will come a capacity for critical introspection. Only the best is good enough for the hugely difficult task of transforming society and we now need to go through a process of development in order find our best form, establishing our own political space is an obvious starting point.



Gav Electrofried

Gav Electrofried to what end?

There’s the alliance for green socialism which sounds like what you’re after, but they’re in no danger of getting anyone elected to anything any time soon.

Donnachadh McCarthy
Donnachadh McCarthy ROFL are you a troll?
Sure destroy the only effective voice for ecological sanity and the corporations and oiligarchies will love you…
Such a destructive posting. Divide and conquer…
I am with Occupy – the 99% need to unite to tackle the huge destructive power of the 1% and create a 100%.
Even if you were right, in an electoral system that makes it near impossible for the Green Party to get even one MP, such an approach would ensure Brexit Ukip Tories remain in power ad infinitum.
Peter Barlow
Peter Barlow The Scottish Greens do address class issues but are careful not to allow their opponents to accuse them of obsessing with spite and ‘loony-left’ policies.
In order for a Left party to get votes it must find a way to avoid the wrath of the Neoliberal media.

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Andy Sweeney

Andy Sweeney It is essential that we achieve greater unity and are willing to make compromises if we want to achieve changes fuelled by a green-driven left wing agenda.

This isn’t going to happen with even more splintering and the birth of yet another political party. We already have the framework in place in established parties, but we need less partisan attitudes, less intransigence on the minority issues when agreement can be made about the majority.

When you get thousands (if not millions) of people together, coming to a consensus is virtually impossible. The worst thing people can do when the party does not follow their exact agenda is to leave and try to “go it alone” with like minded individuals.

The whole reason the Tory party are so successful, despite all of their dismal failures and environmental/economic shortsightedness, is because they unify under the tribalism of conservatism when it comes down to it.

More left wing parties aren’t going to solve this particular problem.

Stíofán Carthaigh
Stíofán Carthaigh It’s the fools gold of Corbyn’s Labour, that is the main reason, the bourgeois elements in the Greens are growing in confidence again. The left had control of that party, and then run to Labour. What Corbyn is offering is nationalist Labourism, which is neither green nor left.
Neil Wagstaff
Neil Wagstaff If Green Left were a political party, I’d join that in preference to the Green Party any day! There is a class issue in GPEW, which came to the fore during the referendum. There was no way I could campaign to stay in the neoliberal, capitalist EU, and favoured Jenny Jones’s position, not Lucas, nor anyone else. In fact, when I mentioned this on Shahrar Ali’s Timeline he deleted my post.
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Bob Waugh

Bob Waugh A few weeks ago I came across an old copy of “Beyond the Fragments” . Read it the other day. It’s an interesting historical document, not least as it springs form the issue feminists faced in their interface with the “revolutionary” (and not so revolutSee More

Philip Leicester

Philip Leicester In our political system there are no gaps for any radical political party. The real fight is to secure our democracy before a permanent neoliberal lock-in occurs (and yeah whilst I’m at it, if you think exiting a neoliberal EU, handing total power to the extreme fundamentalist neoliberal Tory/UKIP alliance in the absence of any real democracy has done the British Working Class any favours, Neil then yeah please form another party.)

I don’t think the GP is averse to doing class politics; our good intention is reflected in many of our policies, particularly on trade union/workers rights, workplace democracy, pay, taxation and welfare.

The real problem is we’re all floundering, even Labour is floundering. We do not know how to listen to the concerns of working people, and no idea how to communicate our politics or argue why the new and old right right have no solutions to their concerns, but we do. And, as far as being of and for the working class we’re clearly miles away.

We know that the working class have never acted in isolation; the roles of middle and upper class activists, academics, cultural theorists etc who are allies in the emancipation of the working class is as relevant today as it ever was. Now is not the time to fragment, but to pull together.

Neil Wagstaff
Neil Wagstaff Perhaps, we have a party already in Left Unity? In the Netherlands, the Green Party there joined forces with other leftist parties and formed Groenlinks (trans. “Green Left”), which is now doing quite well in the Dutch polls. I read the Left Unity 2015 election manifesto and it was almost identical to the GPEW one, so perhaps Left Unity should merge with the Green Party and become Green Left?
Philip Leicester

Philip Leicester Context is everything; the Netherlands has one of the most proportional election systems in Europe. Which is why I begun “In our political system . . . ”

The left has to prioritise democracy. And the left which does not get democracy needs to be flagged up as the obstacle they truly are, including large swathes of the Labour Party.

Philip Leicester
Philip Leicester Agree, but I’m becoming more frustrated with the left; as Richard says many times, “we are losing”. But we are not taking seriously the threats to democracy which will set us back decades; remember, the Labour representation committee was established tSee More


Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Bit of a stream of conciousness coming up Agree with the OP but urge praxis and pedagodgy.

This book is intended for normal, mainstream, secular, modern, disaffected and alienated intellectuals; those who are complicit in political correctness (as are all intellectuals) but who are (when not distracted, drugged or dreaming) in a state of despair.
This book will, I hope, help such people to understand their condition, and present the likely choices. It will not help them to save their world (too late for that) but it may help them to save their souls.

Note: Why I use the term Political Correctness, instead of Liberalism or Socialism?
The reasons include:
1. The confusion over what ‘liberalism’ means – to some a free marketeer, to others a socialist. My definition of political correctness is broad and includes most mainstream conservatives, libertarians and anarchists; who are nowadays all significantly PC.

Thus, the major output of the modern international Mass Media consists of only four categories:
1. Good presented as bad
2. Bad presented as Good
(That is to say simple inversion)
3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason
4. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason
(That is to say explanatory inversion)
These four categories, which can be summarized as either simple or explanatory inversion, account for all sustained and high impact modern major Mass Media stories without any exceptions.…

If you look at Carolines members interests donations you will see there is no doubt that the GPEW leadership is deeply Liberal.

I’ve just signed a petition to close the #DarkMoneyLoophole in campaign finance – pls join me…/reveal-the-secret-donors… … via @38_degrees

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Saw this the other day posted on Green Left I think.

The problem is that Political education and discourse are so poorly communicated. Read Pedagogy of the Oppressed and what will become apparent is Political liberation is a Praxis and not a party. Freedom is something you live and do not something you join.


World Premiere Performance of Bourgeois resolution. A poem in Three Voices for added 4th part Harmony. 
World Premiere Performance of Bourgeois resolution. A poem in Three Voices for added 4th part Harmony. 
It all started from this mans speech to the Oxford Union , ”poets the unacknowledged legislators of the world´´ Shelly.

Purple Haze. Nigel Kennedy.



This poem is about pedagogy of the oppressed it represents all that I have come to understand about representative democracy and the disjoint between Power, Power relations and Political Power. Politicians claiming Democratic objectives in the interests of the Constituents of the communities they represent but actually patronize. This is the Tension between Elites from Grande Bourgeois to Petit Bourgeoise and their aversion too all forms of popular expressions of solidarity by the working Class. Anything outside the boundaries set by the Bourgeoisie sensibilities and aesthetic mores of the Political and Chattering classes is deemed vulgar and viscous in the Vice full sense.
As with the revolution the resolution will be Live.
We interrupt your discord to bring you this resolution
from popular consciousness.
A trailer to the Three Voice Poem
Bourgeois resolution.
A poem in Three Voices for added 4th part Harmony.

Inspired by The society of spectacle by Guy De Bord and the updated version linked.

Cricket Appleseed
Published on 15 Apr 2016



Epic Poem, 1 year old today 566 reads.Tragedy and Hope

Roger Lewis shared a memory.
7 mins · 

A year since I Finished this Poem which took me 3 months to write.The notes are due a  re-read as this poem covers the 12th century to modern times mostly, whereas the Conquest of Dough covers the period from 10,000 years BC to the present day, people say the World is a small place and that Human history is a Blink of an eye, what? 12 seconds of twenty-four hours. If you consider that we barely know the reality of what happened and was reported on the 6 o´clock news last night. The World is a very large Place and very diverse and Human History is a very long time and the subject of the craziest game of Chinese whispers ever.

We know very little, understand even less and it is a toss up whether we care more about the truth or justification, what is clear is that all our Institutions have nothing to do with truth and everything to do with Justification.
MUSO MUSINGS On Fatherhood Theory and STuff: Usury Hells Fuel and Mans oppressor. via @RogerGLewis

Blogging the new Grub Street. This from Wikipedia, “Taste is like philosophy. It belongs to a very small…

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Roger Lewis It has been read 566 times on my blog and appears in my downloadable collection of poetry on Amazon and Lulu. I wrote the poem as a response to a long discourse on monetary theory and political economy on David Malones Golem XIV Blog.

Roger January 8, 2016 at 1:35 pm #
An interesting discussion Wesley and John boiling down the technical arguments from the political seems to have evaded you both it must surely be possible absent moral/political judgements to discern how the existing system operates in The Uk and The US and elsewhere, after all the systems exist? A favourite dialogue of mine is the one between Proudhon and Bastiat summarised here. I share Proudhons view regarding Interest and see the charging of Interest as the biggest problem of the monetary system. Jeremy Benthams in defence of Usury is in the Bastiat Camp albeit a dialogue between Bentham and Adam Smith ( interestingly one sided reminiscent of Sam Harris engaging Noam Chomsky, Smith did not respond at all though.) The question about issuing money is surely that when Money is created out of thin air it should be spent into existence without interest and that if Interest is thought to be a good idea then the Interest Component should be created at the same time. This is the fundamental question ( Bentham misses it completely and so does Bastiat in my recollection of the debate. I personally have philosophical, moral and religious objections to the charging of Interest, all Interest charges for me are usurious, My own political views actually reject Capitalism as well I do not think it works. We do have the system we have though and as JohnG says MMT is supposed to describe how the system we have works. Steve Keen is very good on endogenous money creation and bears very close attention I find. . Regardless of Political views it is the interest element that causes the damage when money is created as debt. This is the insight at the heart of the social credit movement.

Re-branding Dissent – Golem XIV – Thoughts


Roger Lewis Just now  ·  Daily Mail Online  ·  This is an interesting Article. I have encountered other repor…

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This is an interesting Article. I have encountered other reports from both the United States and the United Kingdom which discuss the Moslem Brotherhood.
One way of looking at the Moslem Brotherhood is as a Political Think Tank not dissimilar to other Globalist Think Tanks whose aims are to promote Globalism and neo-liberal economic goals.
Although called the Moslem Brotherhood and broadly positioned as Islamic it is more precisely Islamist in a political sense and not a reli

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The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a ‘parallel social structure’ in Sweden with the help of ‘political elites’ who foster a culture of silence, a damning government report has…