Six Ways to Sunday. Trump Sells out and why the Left still shoots wide of the target!


Readers who have been following the Six Ways to Sunday theme of the last two posts here
May have been interested in What I made of the Suggested Reading from my Interlocutor, Angus
I read the UNHCR report again read it before when it came out, the more interesting report was the second one.

Angus Quoted from both documents thus.
Some reading:

Where you will see that Sweden has always had a control over asylum claims unlike, say, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon or Turkey, where they come flying across the borders and in quantities far outweighing the asylum claims Sweden receives. For example:
Turkey: 1.6 Million compared to Sweden: 169,500.
and given that the top ten hosting countries are all considered to be developing countries, where the refugee population are having a huge effect on the countries finances, the issue’s in Sweden again pale into white people bitching about long cues for kebabs irrelevance….…/Alex-P.-Schmid-Links-between…

“Migration control for the control of terrorism is a widely used instrument. However, it might hurt bona fide migrants and legal foreign residents more than mala fide terrorists. It fosters xenophobia and deprives host countries, where and when it has the effect of reducing migration and hospitality to foreigners, of the many positive contributions (some types of) migrants can make to a society. There is the additional danger that instruments of migration control for counter-terrorism are, further down the line, also used for controlling native citizens [this last point should set off some alarms in you as an anarchist no?].” p5

The second quote is from the Executive summary of a 60 page report the rest of the report has much that argues against Angus´s case. Angus seems to make the case, ..that The Main problem of the European Migrant Crisis is that there is only a problem in the minds of the Fascist populations of European Countries who have nothing to complain about.

I, despite living in Europe, have little sympathy, as I think internationally and from an internationalist perspective, what is happening in Europe is not a crisis if you compare it to what is happening in the rest of the world, it is an inconvenience that the most privileged population are having to deal with because they made some pledge sixty years ago after some dick killed six million Jews and nobody gave them asylum… ”

I think Angus´s analysis comes up way short of the problem as it stands which is actually a multi level problem

1. one of Economic Migration within the EU.

2. Economic Migration from liberalised economies in North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa

3. Refugee Migration due to Regime Change wars led by NatoNations in the Washington Consensus.

4. The EU establishment has undermined democracy and also imposed Austerity, effectively they have over-egged their control freak pudding.

I examine this in this blog here.

EU enlargement and The monetary union had already become a bridge too far for many British Voters by the time of the Maastricht treaty. Lisbon was a bridge too far. to mix a metaphor, The straw that broke the camels back. The Irish The Danes, The Swedes, The Dutch pretty much most populations consulted have not given the EU zealots the right answer the first time around and the EU elite simply refused to see the point and have now simply adopted the expediency of not asking.

Two pieces of folk wisdom spring to mind.

´´Quit while you’re ahead´´anon.

´´If you love something, set it free; if it comes backs it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was ´´.

Richard Bach.

Having achieved the ultimate power through the ECB it seems that the EU Technocrats simply did not understand that they had already become the house, if they got out more instead of indulging in mutual backslapping, they would know that the house always wins in Casino Capitalism. What this paper will seek to do is show how the EU, in failing to quit while it was ahead, has proceeded with the inevitable process of being hoisted on its own petard of hubris and Elitist Know all know bestedness.

What follows is the proof that The ECB rules Europe with all the power of financialised capitalist Alchemy, the ECB and The Commission further choose to sacrifice national Governments to Market discipline and certain ruin at the hands of Private Bankers with the power to create money secured against the commonwealth and commons of its own Citizens. With National Governments forced to borrow in open markets without any legal recourse to the ECB as a lender of last resort. Latterly the Five presidents report seeks to justify More Europe in ´´Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union´´

The Schmid Report does focus just on Terrorism and its various species connected to Migration, this excludes the civilian aspects of trade liberalization , Debt and Political Economy of the Petro Dollar hegemony which necessitates alliance of the US to Saudi Arabia and Also to The Interests of the state of Israel and its current Arch Neo Con regime under Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Real Politik and Geo Political / Geo/Political/Economic aspects of Global Capital become further confused in the distinctions between Globalisation and Internationalism and how Internationalism as a Benign Ideal can honour subsidiarity down to regional cultural sub divisions rather than the Globalist Highly Centralised Fascist Tyranny which has evolved over the past 40 years but really took root after the Fall of the soviet union , with the first Iraq war and the rise and rise of Neo Liberalism accelerated by the supposedly Leftist, Clinton and Blair regimes and of course the hugely over rated Obama Regime which Out Bushed Bush the second for extra judicial murders by drone and other Foreign policy howlers in Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

With Trumps about turn on Afghanistan and The previous Tomahawk attack on Syria President Trump appears now to have completely caved to the Post 1990 Neo Con project for a new American century Agenda As Luke of We are change says in the last but one video this is very very bad news.

Some snippets from suggested reading and also from some sources for the wider context and arguments in geo politics, Political Economy and Globalist liberalisation as a force to undercut the Social Contracts and Political settlements in national boundaries, which make the extreme Nations are the root of all conflict line which Angus argues and which I find un convincing.(YMMV)“Fascism is not something that lies dormant in a population, fascism is simple the logical conclusion of the Nation State, of all nation states.”

The blind eye of many governments to state terrorism of allied regimes, combined with the general state fixation on non-state terrorist actors, has contributed to overlooking one of the most powerful drivers of forced migration – regime or state terrorism. Partly this has to do with the fact that countries experiencing state terrorism are also experiencing terrorism by non-state actors. In such cases cause and effect, action and reaction, are difficult to separate the longer the spiral of tit-for-tat violence continues, with false flag operations complicating matters further p.20

For countries receiving large numbers of refugees, the risk of terrorist attacks by “refugee warriors” and, on the opposite side, by native xenophobic vigilantes targeting on refugee populations increases. A cross-national, time-series data analysis of 154 countries covering the period 1970–2007 found that countries with many refugees are more likely to experience both domestic and international terrorism.136 Another study found that “Refugee flows significantly increase the likelihood and counts of transnational terrorist attacks that occur in the host country, even when controlling for other variables”.137 p.37
Many jihadists were groomed in London, so much so that the British capital was dubbed “Londonistan”. To quote from Petter Nesser’s history of Islamist Terrorism in Europe:
London was at the heart of the jihadis sub-culture in Europe. From the British capital, a critical mass of radical preachers who had spent time in Af-Pak [Afghanistan-Pakistan], Bosnia and other conflict zones acted as leaders and recruiters within a growing jihadi scene. These veteran militants also acted as religious guides for foreign armed groups. French security officials invented the name “Londonistan” in part because of the many jihadis in London, and partly because the city became a transit station for recruits heading for training camps in Afghanistan.
Londonistan “ became slang for the tendency of the British authorities to turn a blind eye to extremism and to offer sanctuary to terrorists. (…) However, while the significance of London cannot be overstated, jihadi networks also emerged all over Britain and the rest of Europe.141 p.39

Neo Liberalism, Globalisation and undermining the collective bargaining and social contract settlement of Labour.

Through interviews and on-the-spot reporting from both impoverished communities abroad and U.S. immigrant workplaces and neighborhoods, Bacon shows how the United States’ trade and economic policy creates conditions to displace communities and set migration into motion.
In developing countries such as Mexico and Guatemala, economic restructuring plans imposed by the International Monetary Fund and trade policies of NAFTA , FTAA, and GATT have led to unemployment rates of over 25% producing a migration to the U.S. In the current era, the economic forces of global neo-liberal capitalism, are unrestrained by governments. In Mexico neo-liberal policies have devastated the countryside. Federal subsidies for corn, sugar and produce were ended and development projects stopped. The policies of the governments in Mexico and Central America have driven thousands off of their lands, many come to the U.S. looking for work. The impoverishment of the vast majority, in pursuit of profit for the minority, has pushed millions to migrate in search of food, and employment. Then, after creating migration, we make the immigrant worker “illegal” in order to provide more profits for corporations. Bacon argues, “In the global economy, people are displaced because the economies of their countries of origin are transformed, to enable corporations and national elites to transfer wealth out” (p. 69).Global capitalism produces global migration and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism is Robert Pape‘s analysis of suicide terrorism from a strategic, social, and psychological point of view. It is based on a database he has compiled at the University of Chicago, where he directs the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism. The book’s conclusions are based on data from 315 suicide terrorism attacks around the world from 1980 through 2003. Of these, 301 were classified into 18 different campaigns by 11 different groups; the remaining 14 appear to have been isolated. Published in May 2005, Pape’s volume has been widely noticed by the press, the public, and policymakers alike, and has earned praise from the likes of Peter Bergen, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas),[1] and Michael Scheuer.[2]
Dying to Win is divided into three parts, analyzing the strategic, social, and psychological dimension of suicide terrorism.
Appendix III: Salafism in Major Sunni Muslim Majority Countries[edit]
Thirty-four countries with Sunni majority populations of 1 m or more and the importance of Salafism in these countries are the subjects of brief commentaries. Salafism is defined as “the belief that society should be organized according to the Quran and Sunna only” (269). Sunni Countries with Salafi-Influenced PopulationsAfghanistan (10 m Pashtuns); Algeria (19 m/31m Sunni Muslims); Bangladesh(14 m/114m); Egypt (23 m/62m); Indonesia (26 m/185m); Jordan (2 m/6m); Nigeria (37 m/68m); Oman (2 m/2m); Pakistan (43 m/149m); Saudi Arabia (18 m/18m); Somalia (5 m/10m); Sudan (21 m/21m); Tunisia (5 m/10m); Yemen (8 m/11m) (270–74). Non-Salafi Sunni Countries: AlbaniaBurkina FasoChadGuineaKuwaitKyrgyzstanLibyaMalaysiaMaliMauritaniaMoroccoNigerSenegalSierra LeoneSyriaTajikistanTurkeyTurkmenistanUnited Arab EmiratesUzbekistan (274–77).
Ch. 4: Targeting Democracies[edit]

Pape claims that his research reveals that not religion but “to compel democracies to withdraw military forces from the terrorists’ national homeland” is the key to understanding the phenomenon of suicide attacks (38). Patterns of timing (39–41), nationalist goals (42–44), and the targeting of democracies (44–45) reveal its logical, not irrational, nature. “At bottom, suicide terrorism is a strategy for national liberation from foreign military occupation by a democratic state” (45). Foreign occupation is defined in terms of control of territory (not military occupation alone) (46). The targets selected by suicide terrorists suggests nationalist, not religious, aims (46–47). Hamas (47–51) and Al-Qaeda (51–58) are analyzed in some detail. In general, the harshness of occupation does not strongly correlate with suicide terrorism (58–60).

So called Islamic State Daesh, formerly Al-Qaeda is a web of collective terrorist groups in which the CIA and MI6 have “assets”. These assets are of various types, sleepers, Double Agents, compromised or infiltrated cells
and so forth. AL Queda grew out of a joint MI6/CIA promotion of Islamicist resistance to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan the recently decease Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was the architect of this aspect of Regime change destabilisation policy.

Henry Kissinger, A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-1822 (1957)
Credit to A. Bradley Potter, Johns Hopkins University SAIS
 Meanwhile, Castlereagh was the “authentically tragic statesman” trying to get the best for his country abroad, but struggling all the same against timeless, confounding domestic forces (Ferguson 2015, 303). His long study of Metternich and Castlereagh must have affected Kissinger’s development as a policymaker, but what his dissertation really offered him was a laboratory to explore how these practitioners engaged in foreign policy realism. It would be as a realist that Kissinger would make his first-hand mark on the conduct of international affairs (Kaplan 1999).
Realism certainly became his creed. Its counterpoint, idealism, in his view had failed repeatedly throughout American history and served only to cause an “inefficient cycle of intense hope and activity abroad followed by morose withdrawal once it became apparent that hope and activity were unlikely to remake the world” (Kaplan 1999).
This is the original Post I did on Lance De Havens Work on State Crimes against democracy, they do happen and do get memory-holed. I make no comment on Sandy Hook, The murder of innocents is tragic and as an Allegory of the sickness of the political disrepute and moral degeneration of the political class within the Washington Consensus both sides of the Atlantic, Sandy Hook is a charge sheet against the failure of institutions much more than a reflection of the people. A fish rots from the head and the Picture of Sandy Hook which-ever way one wishes to interpret it paints how rotten the Head of our polity has become.
Lance Dehaven calls Government Conspiracies when they are to be investigated State Crimes against democracy, Or SCADS.
Article 21 of the United Nation’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that
“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.
No one has any business stealing elections. Shutting down minority voices or voices of dissent by the main Stream media is another not so subtle way of vote rigging. Rigging of the mechanical process and arithmetical integrity of votes actually cast has happened in recent US elections, it happened on a huge scale in the New York and California Democratic primaries this year, in the suppression of support for Bernie Sanders. If all is fair in love and war and if the Republican Tammany machine were at the disposal of Mr. Trump perhaps we could just enjoy the spectacle in World Wide Wrestlings best traditions of flouting the rules and blind siding the referee. Mr. Trump does not have the Republican machine in his corner, so has no one to tag? that’s, not a fair fight even a fight where the unwritten rule is that the rules are supposed to be broken?
Who Rules America? is a book by research psychologist and sociologist, G. William Domhoff, Ph.D., first published in 1967 as a best-seller (#12), with six subsequent editions including Who Rules America Now? (1983, #43), Who Rules America? Challenges to Corporate and Class Dominance (2009), Who Rules America? Power and Politics (2013), Who Rules America? The Triumph of the Corporate Rich (2013), and the forthcoming, Studying the Power Elite: Fifty Years of Who Rules America (2017).[1]
It is frequently assigned as a sociology textbook and argues against the concentration of power and wealth in the American upper class.[2] The 2010 edition[clarification needed] brings the discussion up to date and also includes the rise of Barack Obama, his campaign finance supporters, and the nature of his administration.
Domhoff argues in the book that a power elite wields power in America through its support of think-tanks, foundations, commissions, and academic departments.[3] Additionally, he argues that the elite controls institutions through overt authority, not through covert influence.[4]
In his introduction, Domhoff writes that the book was inspired by the work of four men: sociologists E. Digby BaltzellC. Wright Mills, economist Paul Sweezy, and political scientist Robert A. Dahl.[5]
The University of California, Santa Cruz hosts his online summary collection, also titled “Who Rules America?”[6] .
This is a very good report summarising the position of the so called insurgent anti-European Union, Anti Immigration parties in the EU area. Both from the left and the right of the political spectrum. Left and Right seems a weak measure these days the distinction, I would argue, is that of Centralised Globalist Command and control Corporate Fascism against a decentralised more federalist approach honoring the subsidiarity of National Social contracts and political settlements from the post Second World war era in Europe and the USA. The Horrors of Sykes Picot ( post 1st WW1 and the Stalin,  Roosevelt Churchill, carve ups of the world along colonial lines
4. Merkel’s ‘refugees welcome’ policy is not widely blamed as the cause of the migration crisis: only seven parties named it in their top two explanations for the Crisis. US strategy in the Middle East was the most popular answer, with President Assad’s regime sponsored violence in Syria in second place in the responses given.
7. There is scepticism around future European or US interventionism generally, particularly in the Middle East, from Sinn Fein in Ireland, to UKIP in the UK, to the Front National and the Communist Party in France, to AFD and Die Linke in Germany, to Jobbik in Hungary and the Five Star Movement in Italy.  These parties are likely to bolster the intervention fatigue trend in EU foreign policy over coming years, making it even more difficult for national governments to sell the idea of future military deployment to their populations.
8.  Despite differences between the parties, there was consensus in the external threats faced by the EU.  For 36 out of the 45 parties covered, the refugee crisis or the threat of terrorism and radical Islamism (these issues were inextricably linked in the responses that the majority of parties gave) represented the top or top two priorities for the EU. This response was not the preserve of the right wing: Die Linke in Germany; the French Communist Party, Podemos in Spain, and the Lithuanian Labour Party were also among those who voted in this way.
9. Suspicions among these parties about the transatlantic relationship are partly fuelled by opposition to the Transatlantic Trade Treaty (TTIP), with 26 out of the parties arguing that the EU should not conclude a TTIP with the US at all. But there were some notable exceptions including the Sweden Democrats; Danish People’s Party, the Finns Party, Estonia Party of People’s Unity, ALFA in Germany, Syriza and Independent Greeks who saw the potential for it to be positive under the right conditions.


Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a ‘major gift to the Right’

Many activists affiliated with the loosely organized Antifa movement consider themselves anarchists or socialists. They often wear black and take measures to conceal their identity.
Chomsky said, “what they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive.”
“When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is,” said Chomsky, a professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “That’s quite apart from the opportunity costs – the loss of the opportunity for education, organizing, and serious and constructive activism.”




Climate Change All Angles Booklet PDF. By This Blogs Writer.

P.50 of this climate change PDF on the Petro Dollar and the report drilling into Debt is very informative.

Robert Parker, CEO of Holborn Assets in Dubai

123 I´m not sure who is digging this hole? I think it is Angry Angus, as I try desperately not to fall into the pit of confusion.

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Angus Michael Mckenzie

Angus Michael Mckenzie The EU is a lot of things, Fascist, it is not. Neo-Liberal, yes. You are conflating attributes of Fascism with the thing itself, and in fact only include attributes which it shares with most Western countries before and after the rise of Fascism in the 30’s. The only thing you miss is what the fascists themselves self identified with, which is National Socialism. It is at bottom a nationalistic and racist ideology. That you miss out the fact that fascism and Fascists are on the whole racist is also a glaring massive crater sized hole in your opinion, that highlights the fact that you so embedded in white culture and a white privileged perspective I’m literally choking on the fact. 

It is amazing in fact to watch someone side step the issue of race and nationalism over and over again, ideology is a strong thing.

The insistence of populations being a category has nothing to do with Marxism, and Marxism hasn’t necessarily got anything to do with communism and I’m neither a Marxist or a Communist, though I appreciate the ideals of Communism and the analysis of Marx, flawed though it is. 

What that insistence on populations as analytical categories has to do with is the recognition that it is a term of governmentality, it is a term used by – and historically developed by – government institutions to understand large numbers of people at the same time. This is all I mean, there is no particularly political issue at stake, a little, in that I see it as an analytical tool that effects the thing that it studies. By this I mean that governments then use information they have developed with this analytical category to make policy decision. At bottom my point is that the understanding of and analysis of people as populations, no matter who does it – and this is my main problem with Marxism, though I notice that you do it too – assumes a uniformity that isn’t there and in turn produces, through coercion and normativity, this uniformity. In this sense it is simply an historical analysis of the term and a political analysis of its ramifications. It has nothing to do with Marxism, Marx used the concept for sure, but so do all political economists, it’s essential to epistemology of Political Economy to think in terms of populations; one of the many reasons why I am deeply suspicious of the concept. I believe this is the reason you use it and I would urge you to critically question the assumptions of that discipline, rather than using it to garner intellectual authority.

I don’t Understand how you can quote Bakunin – violent, amoral atheist – and Proudhon – pacifist devoutly Christian and moralising – at the same time is a little beyond me, especially as you are doing it quiet out of context and randomly in some effort to prove your credentials. To then criticize Marxism outright shows that you have an elementary sectarian relationship with Anarchism. I would suggest to you that this isn’t how anarchists proceed. I don’t particularly like either Proudhon or Bakunin, but Kropotkin is really great, and at bottom theory is nothing compared with what you learn when you begin to actually practice anarchism and introduce it into all aspects of your life. I would sincerely encourage you to do so, I see you’ve got kids, but spending vacation times and farming collectives and going to anarchist meeting groups in your area is definitely possible. 

I’d also advice you spend less time on the internet and only use your blog to post full articles rather than copying and pasting facebook posts, it really isn’t that important. 

I’d suggest you read me more carefully.

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Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Angus, You have shown yourself to be both a dishonest and objectionable person. 
You have failed to engage with Arguments and met contradictions of your strong claims with abuse against me, the arguer and not the argument.
You are clearly some sort of 
The EU you claim is not Fascist. I disagree.
National Socialism is a species of fascism but the definition I reference is Roosevelts, with Ecos and the List of metrics suggested on the things twice Blog.
You initiated this discussion, it is of course quite irrelevant what I seek to show in my Blog is the possibility of Dialogue and tolerance in discussion. Your highly prescriptive style of Adversarial hectoring debate is in my opinion only effective in generating a lot more heat than light.…/

The Eu falsifies your claim that All Nationalism is fascist eventually. And the claim you make that Nationalism is the root of all Fascism.
Further Plaid Cymru, The SNP the PLO and PKK Arab and Kurdish Nationalists would also have something to say about that.

Your analysis blames the People who make up the Communities or “populations” resident in geographic areas, your clumsy accusations of my attributing feelings to abstract constructs are just that lame rhetorical devices employed by an egotistical demagogue. In Short Angus I think you are a Fraud and you can save your condescending faux concern and suggestions on how I live my Life, I live according to my own Principles and quite frankly what your opinion is of absolutely no interest to me whatsoever.
What is of concern to me is that you seem to be claiming some sort of Anarchist purity in your life choices and seek to impose them
on to other people, this is a very big clue to the Deep fascist authoritarian streak lurking within your frantic seeking of meaning and status for your own dogmas, well that doesn´t wash with me you make poor arguments and the arguments you do make have been found wanting.







Roger Lewis
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Angus Michael Mckenzie
Angus Michael Mckenzie I started off responding to your post because you have a condescending attitude when talking to people, I now know that you don’t know what you are talking about and have the knowledge of somebody who studied analytical philosophy and spends too much too much time on the Internet...See More Also, you’ve still not mentioned race or racism, so I couldn’t give a flying fuck about anything that you say or any of your adored blog posts, I consider you to be tacitly racist and sharing more in common with the Alt-Right than with either anarchism or me. 

you need to: 

talk to actual people and get off the Internet. 
Meet people of a different ethnicity 
read some critical race theory … 
meat actually practicing Anarchists 

You can do what you like, I’m just giving you some advice, 

I am clearly fantastic thanks for saying so

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Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Angus, Have you read Cornel Wests Race matters, Cornell is actually my favourite living Philosopher. I do not suffer from the Middle-Class Public School boy guilt which you drag around so do not feel the need that you seem to state the bloody obvious about colonialism and institutional racism. As with all Zealots, you make the mistake of thinking you’re the only one that as ever heard of racism or colonialism .
This is a tune I wrote and set to Cornels monologue in his segment of the Examined Life.

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Angus Michael Mckenzie
Angus Michael Mckenzie Cornell West is okay…
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Roger Lewis
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Angus Michael Mckenzie
Angus Michael Mckenzie You didn’t mention the fact that Fascism and fascists are racist, what am I supposed to think? 7
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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis I was blown away by the appearance of Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matters on Democracy now yesterday following the Sanders win in the Michigan Primary. Professor Abdullah made a persuasive case for those interested in real change in the US not to become over invested in a democratic (sic) process simply not designed as democratic in the sense of By the people for the people. The process is corrupt how ever hard Sanders or in a charitable case Clinton and even Trump push back against. Its wider than that and the African American viewpoint is not something as A white Male expatriate white British Male in Sweden could ever understand let alone articulate so Reading Professors work as I have Dr Cornell Wests ( Race Matters for instance) will provide me something of a shadow in the Allegory of the Cave. Cornell West inspired my Track Blues Man in the life of the mind.… and when Professor Abdulllah mentioned and quite obviously referenced the Great Gil Scott Herons the revolution will not be televised I had to just edit that together along with some of the words of my Favorite living Philosopher Cornell West, and of Course the Dangerous Dude from the Brooklyn Hood Bernie Sanders. What happens in the US is more important to my Country of Birth The United Kingdom than the referendum to leave the EU, My blog on that can be found here.…/brexit…




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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis what am I supposed to think? It would help to listen and then to actually think.
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Angus Michael Mckenzie
Angus Michael Mckenzie So, are nationalism and and racism related?
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Angus Michael Mckenzie

Angus Michael Mckenzie I’ve listened, you talk this fucking tv host commentariate pap, patronise people with phrases like ‘I appreciate that you don’t like…. but … ‘ 

And then at the end of it you make all these definitions of fascism that do not even include racism, despite the immense historical proofs to the contrary. 

I will admit that the question of nationalism becomes more problematic when it comes to countries trying to wrestle themselves out of the yolk of colonialism, but this is a contingent necessity and generally, they have an internationalist outlook. However there is always the risk – one historically proven over and over again, that they indeed do become fascist after a while, this can be seen with the IRA in Ireland, with the Blue shirts after they gained control of their country.

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Angus Michael Mckenzie
Angus Michael Mckenzie I’ve taken this tone with you because i get annoyed at people who speak from an objective position of authority, like you blog post, where you get to cut and past conversations to suit yourself,, it is the hight of narcissism… at least here you have the opportunity to have you position questioned, not that you seem to take it.
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Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Angus, Some Nationalists are Racist and Xenophobic that is empirically provable. Nationalism as an Ideology or Nationalism as a geographic designation takes rather a lot of unpacking. 
Colonialism is very much racist and again empirically demonstrable 
the Idea of Nation and the existence of Nations qua nations is not logically, in my opinion, an a priori consequence. 
My Welsh NAtionalist and Welsh Speaking god daughters in Cardiff, for instance, are not Racist and the same goes for our Bretagne and Basque and Cornish speaking fellow Celts.
Perhaps Nationalism or the idea of Nation has been linguistically condensed into a meaning which I do not recognise and that may be the sense in which you use the term. The Same cases exist for say the PLO and The PKK , a point made by David Malone in his Culture Matters blog I linked to above, Culture and Belonging grows from an attachment to the geographical space people cleave to and to cultural norms and conventions which provide a coherence and meaning to kinship groups. 
The whole question is served very badly I think in the huge generalisation that Nationalism is always and necessarily Racist I do not think that stands up as an argument.
I love this poem by the way. Which fits very well with the Experience of Minority Language Speakers in the UNited Kingdom and of course these forms of discrimination lie throughout Europe as well as the rest of the former British empire. My own Grand Parents were flogged as Children for speaking Welsh in School which was banned by the English.…



Sujata Bhatt is an Indian poet and native speaker of Gujarati (the language native to…



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Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Angus, You admitted yourself you started this conversation behaving like a Cunt, and you have continued in that vein right up to your last Post.
My Blog is my Notebook on my own programme of Auto Didactic studies in areas of Political Economy and cultu
re that interest me.
The Nature of Writing and Blogging is I suppose possibly Narcissistic as is having a You Tube Channel and posting ones own Songs and Poetry and Music. 
I have since reading Osho’s essay on Ego the False Centre to wait for my own Ego to fall away like the skin from a snake. I am still Waiting.…/ego…

When I write I am aware that some people think I come across as somewhat stiff necked and Formal, that is perhaps an artefact from my up bringing and perhaps ages me, I was born in 1964 and am distinct of my own Late Baby Boomer generation.…/david-malone-ungarbled…/

First of all, I’d like to introduce the interviewer Roger Lewis (left) who was, to me, most unexpected in his approach, the interview was no love in and he was not afraid to challenge David on the basis of his own views and outlook, for example on Brexit. I only know Roger through the blogosphere and the first surprise to me was his appearance. I’d imagined him as the type who went to bed in a suit and tie and only slightly loosened his collar when the temperature exceeded 35 degrees celsius. Instead I was confronted by a sanitised version of Catweasle! Long flowing locks and moustache, I hope he’ll forgive the Catweasle reference, casual clothes but a razor-sharp mind. There was an obvious chemistry between the two so even in times of disagreement there was no shouting across each other, both were able to make their points informatively.

’O wad some Power the giftie gie us 
To see oursels as ithers see us! 
It wad frae mony a blunder free us, 
An’ foolish notion: 
What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us, 
An’ ev’n devotion!’’
Robert Burns Country: To A Louse: On Seeing One On A Lady’s Bonnet, At Church


One thought on “Six Ways to Sunday. Trump Sells out and why the Left still shoots wide of the target!

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