Mr Farage replied: “I would do a deal with the devil to get a proper Brexit.” The Secret City. The Three City States.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage after delivering a letter addressed to Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May

Mr Stewart, who is ranked a 16-1 outsider to be crowned leader, behind Jeremy Hunt (12-1) and Mr Johnson (1-5), said that he wanted to “use the Brexit Party’s success to put an electric shock through Parliament and get it through”.

He told Mr Farage on LBC radio: “We need to find a way, as a party, of reaching out to you and bring you in to try to work out how we crack this, how do we get this (Brexit) through parliament.”

Mr Farage replied:

“I would do a deal with the devil to get a proper Brexit.”

Another elitist stitch-up of the People and our democracy.
Farage says he will do a deal with the devil to get Brexit.

The Devils Brexit in the ‘Marmite Farage’ plan is a Unipolar one world government under UN with a USA dictator,

The other Devils Brexit which is also the Remaining in the UK scenario A sort of BremoanerBrino Brexit/Smexit is a Multi-Polar NWO under UN /Nato/Atlantic Council Auspices, but with more federated distributed power feudalism with Federal ( feudal lords )

First among equals rather than outright Tyranny of the Divine right of a US Emperor.

Alex Thompson introduces a Clip of Lord Glassman explaining the realities of STate Monopoly Financialised capitalism and Fuedalism.


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Secret City Trailer from Michael Chanan on Vimeo.

What these agreements actually were – are agreements for “international co-operation” exactly according to the plan of the Merchants – global businesses.

Recall that after World War II, Europe was divided into two sections:  Western Europe was under the administration of a capitalist regime.  Eastern Europe was under a communist regime (so we were told).

[Side Note:  communism is the economic system for a fascist political system. Socialism is a methodology for conversion to a fascist-led system of communism. Capitalism becomes Fascism when businesses have more money and power than the government and that can only happen through subversion of the government…]

About Me and this Website 

This is the website of Vicky Davis.  When I first started this research, the cognitive dissonance was almost overwhelming.  On the internet, I was reading and seeing things that indicated something had gone terribly wrong in America but in the small town where I was living, everything seemed perfectly normal.  Through my computer screen, I saw nightmares while outside, I could hear lawn mowers, children laughing, dogs barking – all of the normal sounds that indicate all is well.   When I would go to the store or other public places, I would search people’s faces looking for some sign that they knew things weren’t right but I didn’t see any signs.  I was completely alone with my terror – except for the faceless and nameless few friends I found on the internet who were as concerned as I was.


6 thoughts on “Mr Farage replied: “I would do a deal with the devil to get a proper Brexit.” The Secret City. The Three City States.

  1. Traitorous Trade Policy
    In 1967, a hearing of the Foreign Policy Subcommittee of the Joint Economic Committee, chaired by Senator William Proxmire was held. It was the beginning of a reassessment and reorientation of U.S. Trade Policy against the interests of the American people as described above. An article written by Matthew Stoller titled, NAFTA Origins, Part One: The Original NAFTA Included Great Britain has the story and a link to the full hearing.

    Aurelio Peccei was invited to testify at that hearing. There was no mention of the fact that Aurelio Peccei’s degree was in economics and his master’s thesis was on Vladimir Lenin’s New Economic Policy. Excerpts from Peccei’s testimony to the Committee:


  2. In March of 1987, William Brock was the invited speaker at a National Press Club event. This is a very important event to watch because William Brock was the traitor – the betrayer of the American people because he initiated the Uruguay Round of trade that included putting American jobs on the global market for the lowest bidders. (Trade in Services). Brock said in his talk, “we’ll either have to export jobs or import people”. And that’s precisely what they did despite all the happy horse “talk” about a bright future for the American economy. They redesigned our schools for the bottom of intellectual pool – those who had NO CHANCE at the tech jobs of the future – while blowing up middle class through the importation of foreign workers.


  3. [Side Note: When I first started researching this subject, a young programmer committed suicide because he was replaced in his job – insult to injury, he had to train his replacement. That story hurt my heart because Kevin was a young man who did everything right. He made it though school. He went to college and he got his first job as a Programmer at the Bank of America. He loved his job and he was at the beginning of a life filled with promise – the American Dream but the corporate traitor elite blew up his life in favor of cheap, imported, commodity labor.

    VDARE: Today Letter: Reader Mourns An American Programmer Who Lost His Job – And Took His Life]


  4. Observations on Credit and Surveillance
    by @matthewstoller.
    NAFTA Origins, Part One: The Original NAFTA Included Great Britain
    I’m going to do a series on the origins of NAFTA, because it’s a weird ride that took happened over several decades.This hearing, in a 1967 discussion of what to do after the completion of a significant round of global tariff reductions, is the first place where NAFTA is mentioned in the Congressional record. Only, it is mentioned by Kenneth Younger, a British scholar, ex-intelligence official, and ex-MP. Younger speaks about NAFTA in the context of Britain choosing between the nascent European Union and a North Atlantic equivalent. Yes, in this case, NAFTA stood for North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, not North American Free Trade Agreement. But Canada would play a big part, and Mexico was also peripherally involved, as you’ll see.




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