Bernard Lietaer Has Died

Another Brilliant Article.

Poisitive money and MMT are really deomcratic socialist Fabians and Stalinist commisars perpetuating the status quo. In the same way Feders Monetary radicalism was hijacked and corrupted then forgotten by Schact so it is with Positive Money who have been Hijacked by Green NGO Fascism. #WrongKindofGreen
the whole campaign is pivoting with The Green New deal, #ExtinctionRebellion and other ruses to bring in CO2 trading schemes debt and Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. With all the nastiness of misanthropic eugenics and population control.
Then there is #8thwaytothink and DOughnutEconomics again an NGO funded apologist crew for Usury.
March 6, 2019

Then there’s energy-based economics and the vacuous definition of the monetary unit to contend with.

Real Currencies

Bernard Lietaer has died yesterday, or by now the day before yesterday, February 4th.


I only met him once, and know nothing of him personally, but his work has a special place in my heart.

When Bill Still’s Money Masters film suddenly shook me out of my political immaturity, the first real question I had was: ‘ok, when Bankers rule, they’ll rule through money. So I better find out what the hell money actually is.’

This was a quite pertinent question, and I remember that stage vividly. And within days, in a completely natural synchronicity, Bernard’s essential book, ‘Het Geld van de Toekomst’, ‘The Future of Money’ landed in my lap.

This book is brilliant, and quite groundbreaking. It lays out in detail what money is, what the current problems of money are. Including an introduction into the problems of Usury. And it provides one of the first (to…

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